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Blaupunkt 520 Handbook

Audio system handbook
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Audio System Handbook
Blaupunkt 520



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  Summary of Contents for Blaupunkt 520

  • Page 1 Audio System Handbook Blaupunkt 520...
  • Page 3: Product View

    > <...
  • Page 4: Remote Controls

    LHS Steering Remote Control RHS Steering Remote Control...
  • Page 5: Security Code

    Security Code The PIN code should also be written down Example: and kept with other important documents. If the PIN code belonging to the radio is Your radio includes an electronically coded If your card is lost, and the PIN code is not 3650.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    In Car Contents Entertainment Security Code ..........1 In Car This handbook contains all the information Entertainment ..........2 you will need to operate the in-car entertainment equipment fitted in your Contents ............ 2 Holden car. It is recommended that you read Overview ............
  • Page 7: Overview

    = [1] - [6] Overview Steering Wheel Mounted Memory Preset stations Remote Controls (if fitted) 1 to 6 Controls > - No. Symbol Function Volume control: Turn No. Symbol Function Audio menu: Push (Bass / Radio mode: Treble / Fader / Balance Seek tuning upwards CD eject selector)
  • Page 8: Switching On/Off

    Switching on/off Volume Control Balance To shift the sound towards the right or the On/Off (using ignition key) Volume left press the audio selector (Volume knob) Turning the knob > clockwise will increase four times, to select the Balance mode. When the car's ignition is switched off and the key removed, the radio (if operating) will the level, turning it anticlockwise will...
  • Page 9: Radio

    Radio Treble Automatic Seek Tuning Press the audio selector (Volume knob) This function seeks radio stations Selecting Waveband automatically. Press button SEEK>> < twice, to select the Treble mode. This will be confirmed on the display by 'TREBLE' with to automatically select the next higher AM Band: the current setting.
  • Page 10: Storing Stations

    Manual tuning 3. Press and hold the desired preset Programming by Automatic Storing buttons 1 to 6 (=) until the radio is To tune-in stations of which the frequency is Select the desired waveband with the AM/ briefly muted or beep is heard (if beeps FM button 9.
  • Page 11: Radio Reception

    You can also store stations manually on the Range: especially in areas without a direct line of AM broadcasts tend to follow the earth's sight to the transmitter. AS storage locations (see 'Storing a Radio curvature and also reflect from the upper Station into a Preset' elsewhere in this Your radio is also equipped with a soft mute atmosphere, in which enables long range...
  • Page 12: Cd Operation

    CD Operation CD Pausing To reduce the effects of interference and/or poor signal strength, several features have Pressing the CD button 2 while playing a CD Loading been included within the radio which work disc will pause the CD. Ensure that the CD entry slot 6 is clear. automatically when needed: The display will show: Insert the CD (lettered side up) into the slot...
  • Page 13 Track Scan Random Play Please note: It is possible to eject the CD when the car's Press the TR SCN button 3 to sequentially When this feature is selected, all tracks on ignition is turned off. sample the first 10 seconds of all tracks on the CD will be played randomly.
  • Page 14 Notes on Compact Discs 4. 'CD ERROR' (after CD loading): CD • Before inserting into the radio, clean the cannot be read anymore; after displaying CD with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the CD • Handle the CD by its edge and avoid 'CD ERROR' the radio ejects the CD.
  • Page 15: Steering Wheel Mounted Remote Controls

    A on the Steering Wheel Source select: Briefly pressing the button FM1 - FM2 - AM - CD - FM1 steering wheel remote will perform the Mounted Remote etc. (or FM AS - AM AS - CD - following functions: FM AS etc.
  • Page 16: Additional Features

    1. Press button LOC 7 for at least 3 Audio Menu Adjustment Additional Features seconds until you hear a confirmation Press the volume control > to activate and beep (no beep if 'BEEP OFF' previously Speed dependent volume control select audio menu. set).
  • Page 17: Car Telephone

    Please contact your Holden Retailer or seconds until you hear a confirmation ignition, the radio will remain turned on in Blaupunkt for further information. beep. Telephone mode until the phone call is completed, i.e. does not interrupt your BEEP ON phone conversation.
  • Page 18: Master Reset

    Master Reset The radio has a reset function built in to enable you to instantly reset all adjustment to the factory standard. This feature is most useful when adjustments have been made that affect the sound quality or operation of the radio and you are unsure of how to return the original neutral settings.
  • Page 19 NOTES:...
  • Page 20 NOTES:...
  • Page 21 Please note, that all information, illustrations and specifications in this Handbook are based on the latest production information available at the time of printing. Holden reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. ©...
  • Page 22 Holden Part No: 92057925 Bosch Part No: 8 622 403 494...