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• Day and Night Security Camera 
• Three Passive Infra Red Sensors for Tracking Movement 
• Rotates 210 Degrees following Movement 
• Clear Picture with 2.4 GHz. Digital Transmission with Extended Range 
• Digital Transmission Technology using Frequency Hopping for Secure Transmission 
• Covers the area of 3 Standard Fixed camera's 
• Bright 150 Watt Halogen Lamp 
• Records Manually or Automatically, Still or Video Images 
• Audible Alarm Programming  
NG‐100  "Night Guard" By AP Inc. 
Home Security Monitoring System 
For Microsoft Windows 
Installation and Users manual 
Read all instructions before proceeding with the installation


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      NG‐100  “Night Guard” By AP Inc.  Home Security Monitoring System  For Microsoft Windows    Installation and Users manual  Read all instructions before proceeding with the installation                           • Day and Night Security Camera  • Three Passive Infra Red Sensors for Tracking Movement  • Rotates 210 Degrees following Movement  • Clear Picture with 2.4 GHz. Digital Transmission with Extended Range  • Digital Transmission Technology using Frequency Hopping for Secure Transmission  • Covers the area of 3 Standard Fixed camera’s  • Bright 150 Watt Halogen Lamp  •...

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        Table of Contents:   A)  Contents of box                                   Page  Parts list                  2  Manuals                  2  c.              Disc Content (drivers and install program)     ...

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        All Dimensions in Millimeters                                             WARNINGS:   Though the Night Guard is no harder to install than any outdoor replacement lamp there are some  things that need to be considered before attempting to install this unit yourself.  If you feel that you  are not comfortable and do not have a basic knowledge of with working with Electrical circuits we  highly recommend you contact a local licensed electrician to complete this installation.  A licensed  Electrician can be found in your local yellow pages.    If you are going to install the unit yourself, please read and understand all of the materials in this  manual before proceeding with the installation.      3   ...

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      Local Laws:   Please check for local laws or ordinances in your area that may require extra steps or special permits  to be granted before you install this product.  Many areas have specific laws or requirements for the  replacement or addition of new lighting fixtures.     Power OFF Considerations:   The first and most important step is safety. You should always make sure  the power to the electrical box you are working on is turned OFF. Do this by  locating the home’s breaker box and turning off the appropriate breaker.     Never assume that the labels in the breaker box are correct; they could  have been changed over the years.     The best method would be to turn the light fixture to be replaced ON and  then to turn off breakers one at a time until the light goes out.      DO NOT just turn OFF the switch for the light as power is still present in  these wires!  If the fixture is broken and will not work, you will need to use  the voltage meter to determine if the electricity is actually off.    Tips & Warnings Perform this task with a partner who can hold the fixture in place as you connect wires and use •...

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    Installation In Existing Location:   This section will cover the installation of the Night Guard with an existing electrical box.  This should  be used if you are replacing your current exterior light with the NG‐100 Night Guard system.    • Please refer to the prior page to insure that the power has been turned OFF and the electrical  box is safe to work on.    Considerations:    The sensor light has a passive infra red system with three sensors. One sensor points straight out, one to the right and one to the left. These sensors detect movement from a heat signature given off from all forms of life and moving objects.

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      Existing Fixture Removal:     TOOLS & MATERIALS   Insulated screwdrivers, Flat and Philips Utility knife Electrical tape Wire connectors Voltage tester if necessary Ladder if necessary Rectangular weatherproof (external mount) light-fixture box (mounted on wall) In the following text you will learn the basic steps to install a light fixture. For this example we will assume that you are replacing an existing light fixture.

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    being careful not to touch the bare end of the wires or allowing them to touch each other. The old light fixture should be free of the outlet box and can be discarded. You are now ready to install your sensor light. Remove the fixture from its packaging and lay the contents out in an orderly fashion.

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    IMPORTANT: IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE INSTALLATION OF THIS SYSTEM MUST BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN.   The sensor light must be grounded. Do not mount the lighting head against any flammable surfaces. The motion detector will not operate correctly if it is installed: •...

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    Using new supplied wire nuts connect the black wire of the fixture to the black or wire of the electrical box, the white wire to the white wire and the green ground wire to the green ground or bare wire. Before attaching the light fixture to the electrical box inspect the wires making sure there is not any bare spots showing that could short out.

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          SENSOR LIGHT OPERATION:     TOTAL DETECTION RANGE   o In night time operation the light will switch ON for 60 seconds and off automatically when heat/ movement is detected. o The factory default mode is “Auto mode”, the light only works at night, the camera works always.

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    LAMP REPLACEMENT First insure the power has been turned OFF at the main breaker. Allow bulb to cool before attempting to remove it. Unscrew the lamp cover and take the old lamp out and replace with new one. Always use gloves or a cloth rag to insert the new bulb as oils from your skin will cause the bulb to burn out prematurely.

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      Installing Night Guard Software on your computer       Insert the provided Night Guard CD-ROM into your computer. Chose the software folder Begin the install process by clicking the EXE file.   12   ...

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    Follow the instructions on the installation screen Click the EXE file to begin (fig. 1)→ Next Fig. 2)→ Next (Fig. 3)→ Install (Fig. 4)→ (Fig. 5)→ Install this devise driver (Fig. 6) → Click Finish (Fig. 7)→ Finish Next Restart windows. If your computer doesn’t run the installation program automatically, please click the “Start”...

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                                         Fig. 5  Fig. 6                                  Fig. 7  Once your system has restarted you will need to choose the USB slot the receiver will remain in. This will determine the USB address for the devise.

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            Correct Installation: No exclamation point. Your installation has been completed successfully.                                                   Incorrect Driver Installation:  ...

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        If there is an exclamation point next to the “digital Wireless camera”, please do the following. Select digital Wireless Camera and right click with your mouse. Select properties. Reinstall Driver Select Search automatically or select install from a specific location. Please select your CD drive and then select the Drivers folder.

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    Your computer will continue the installation and the driver should install normally. If the computer does not find the driver, insure the USB receiver in the same slot that it was in when the program was installed. You can also choose to install the driver manually.

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    Desktop with Icon Night Guard program open Setup and device setup Device set up screen 18   ...

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    In the device setup screen you will chose the camera you wish to program. Once this is clicked, you will have 10 seconds to synchronize the camera. You should communicate with the person by the camera light to get ready. When the camera Icon is clicked, the person at the light will depress and hold in the DIP switch programming button on the top of the light until it is registered with the program.

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    Software Operation: Legend of Icons 20   ...

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    A: Single file save. Manually save a file to C:\Video All files saved will be recorded in a folder called C:\video. You can move these files later to any location. Still images recorded with be in JPG format and can be viewed by any picture viewer.

  • Page 22: Specifications

    J: Detection alert. The background of any triggered sensor will illuminate RED when the sensor is triggered. Sample of Quad View         Bulb replacement ( Halogen lamp 150w, J short type, length: 78mm, cap: R7s)    1. Turn OFF power at the breaker box.   2. Take-off the water-proof cap and remove screws, frame and glass. 3.

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      Please register your product at: For technical support Monday through Saturday 8:00-5:00 PST call 800-945-2527 ext: 461 NIGHT GUARD WARRANTY PROVISIONS (U.S., Continental U.S. and Canada Only)    Night Guard: AP, Inc. WARRANTS that this new unit has been thoroughly inspected and tested at the factory prior to  delivery.    Your  Night  Guard  system  is  warranted  for  one  (1)  year  to  the  original  purchaser/user  of  the  equipment  under ...

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            AP Inc. 960 Knox Street Unit - B Torrance CA 90502 800-262-2527   24   ...

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