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    The Reliability you need for demanding, continuous operation The Quality you've come to expect from Shure CONTENTS Introduction........

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    Protected against damage from open- or short- easily be added. And it's all backed by Shure's tra- circuits on inputs or outputs ditional quality and reliability. It's the sound you need .when you need it..

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    BAL LO IMP Also may be used to power most condenser Provides for connection of low-impedance microphones such as the Shure SM81; built-in dynamic, ribbon or condenser microphones +24 ~ d c simplex power supply voltage and other low-level inputs to channel input.

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    These inputs can also be used for the return signal from an external effects dev~ce (delay, echo, etc.) driven by the EFFECTS OUTPUT When an additional mixer (such as the Shure M68, M67 or SRIOI) is connected to channel 7 or 8, the aux channel volume control becomes a...

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    It is preferable to use acommerc~ally ally be corrected by turnlng down the MASTER VOLUME control If available equalization analysls system such as the Shure M615AS the lndlcator remains on the speaker load may be Improper or a...

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    m ~ a s t c r Controls In addition Basically.. Master Monitor Master Monitor Control precedes VOLUME and other channel Controls monltor mlx level to MONITOR controls. Only affected by INPUT ATTEN and OUTPUT lack. channel MONITOR controls. Reverb Return Reverb Return Th~s control follows the INPUT ATTEN, input Controls reverb level to channel signal mix.

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    ~ z i and type ' 4 k , 250Y type 3AG.) OSpeoker Outputs Jock (2) Connect to speaker systems such as the Shure 701 or 709. Suggested speaker loads for the console include: 2-Shure Model 701 or 709 PRO MASTERTM Speaker...

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    PRTCH OLOCH'" Rear Panel affected by any PRO MASTER console controls, so console e ~ i m p l e x 24V Switch .Reverb Switch Jack @€Q lnput Jack should be turned off when connecting external equipment to Provides for connection of remote reverb footswitch; reverb Provides for insertion of sianais from MONITOR or EFFECTS this jack.

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    Setups The versatility of the PRO MASTERTM is in part achieved by the many PATCH BLOCKTM (rear panel) inputs and outputs which permit its use in a wide variety of applications. The setups described in this section offer some idea of the varied applications of the PRO MASTER. Use only high-quality, shielded patch cords for patching.

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    Stage Monitor and "House" Sound System (See Setup 3.) When a "house" system is to be used as the prime sound system, the PRO MASTER can be used as the OUTPUT system mixer, and also provide a monitor output as follows.

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    MONITOR OUTPUT desired, connect the MONITOR OUTPUT jack to the input of a separate equalizer (such as a Shure SR107). SPEA OUTF, Connect the equalizer output to a separate power amplifier (such as a Shure SR105B) and connect monitor speakers.

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    "touched up" for impedance microphones through a line most pleasing sound. matching transformer (Shure A95UF) to a HI IMP INPUT: 12. During operation, observe the various LED indicators for possible setting corrections: A.

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    Troubleshooting Symptom Probable Cause or Correction Console "dead" (no output, POWER LED off) 1. Check that ac power source is "live" and that console is plugged in. 2. Check that power ON-OFF switch is on. 3. Check that rear-panel fuse (4A, 250V) is good. Console appears to be overheating (TEMP WARNING Check air louvers for blockage.

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    Type: Solid-state power console using discrete Levels and Impedances: components and integrated circuits Nominal Maximum Actual Working Circuit Level Level Impedance Impedance Inputs: Eight input channels: six high- and/or balanced BAL LO IMP INPUT 5 mV 700 mV 1 k 19-300 ohms low-impedance mic inputs, plus two aux inputs HI IMP INPUT...

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    Speaker Systems Recommended for your PRO MRST€RTM Model 703 PRO MASTER Stage Monitor Th~s a profess~onal two-way mon~tor system des~gned for years of rugged on-stage use It has two 8-~nch speakers and a h~gh-frequency dr~ver coupled to a 120" radial horn Horn d~spers~on angle may be reduced to 60"...

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    Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004 inc~dental damages. If outside the United States, return the unit to your dealer or Authorized Shure Service Center for repair. The unit will be returned to you prepaid. For more information on Shure speakers and speaker accessories, write:...

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