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Miele T 4322 Operating Instructions Manual

Vented tumble dryer
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Operating instructions

for vented tumble dryer
T 4322
To avoid the risk of accidents
or damage to the machine
it is
to read these
Operating instructions before
it is installed or used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 06 067 740



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  Summary of Contents for Miele T 4322

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions for vented tumble dryer T 4322 To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine it is to read these Operating instructions before it is installed or used for the first time. M.-Nr. 06 067 740...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ........4 ......... . 7 Disposal of the packing material .
  • Page 3 After sales service ..........30 Repairs .
  • Page 4 This machine is not a toy! To avoid liability. Repairs should only be the risk of injury, do not allow undertaken by a Miele approved children to play on or near it, or to technician. play with the controls. Supervise its Ensure current is not supplied to the use by the elderly or infirm.
  • Page 5 If the connection cable is faulty it Adequate ventilation is essential, must only be replaced by a Miele especially where another approved service technician to protect appliance which also uses the room air the user from danger. (e.g. gas, oil or coal fired heater,...
  • Page 6: Material

    Always close the door after use. This way you will avoid the danger Accessory parts may only be fitted when expressly approved by Miele. – children climbing onto or into the If other parts are used, guarantee, dryer or hiding things in it.
  • Page 7: Energy Save

    ^ Make sure that your laundry is thoroughly spun before drying. The transport and protective packing has been selected from materials which The higher the spin, the greater the are environmentally friendly for disposal savings that can be made in energy and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 8 a Delay Start button The start of a programme can be The programme selector can be delayed by up to 24 hours. turned clockwise or anti-clockwise. The light ring around the programme b Start button selector comes on during a pro- Press the Start button to start a gramme and goes out a few minutes programme.
  • Page 9 flashing bars in front of it, this indicates that the programme is about to enter The display shows a variety of func- the cooling down phase and is not tions: indicative of a fault. – it displays how long a programme The time remaining displayed should has to run in hours and minutes;...
  • Page 10: Low Temperature

    Items filled with down. The fabric lining on these garments Before drying check the drying may shrink depending on the quality. symbol on the wash care label. They can be partially dried using the Smoothing programme. Significance of symbols: Pure linen should only be machine q Dry at normal temperature dried if specified as suitable by the r Dry at low temperature...
  • Page 11 Drying levels maximum load: 5 kg Multi-layered fabrics, which Do not dry jersey wear in the would not be thoroughly Extra dry programme - dried using the "Normal +" tendency to shrink. programme. Single and multi-layered fabrics, e.g. mixed load of cotton fabrics (e.g.
  • Page 12 Drying levels maximum load: 2.5 kg Minimum iron items which are Spin minimum iron fabrics for made of synthetic or blended at least 30 seconds in the fabrics (e.g. pullovers, washing machine before dresses, trousers) which are drying. not dried adequately in the "Normal"...
  • Page 13: Buzzer

    maximum load: 2 kg Woollen fabrics To refresh and fluff up woollen garments quickly. Remove garments immediately at the end of the programme. Do not repeat. Woollen fabrics are not dried completely by this programme. maximum load: 2.5 kg Cottons and linen fabrics. Smooths out creasing caused during Minimum iron items made the spin cycle in the washing...
  • Page 14 Do not overload the drum. ^ As far as possible, sort laundry for: Overloading can cause unnecessary - the type of fibre or weave, wear and tear to the laundry and - the degree of dryness required, give a disappointing drying result. - similar size of items, - the moisture content after See the "Programme chart"...
  • Page 15 ^ Turn the programme selector to the ^ Additional options are selected programme required. before starting a programme by pressing the relevant buttons. COTTONS and MINIMUM IRON The length of the programme is It is not possible to activate additional electronically calculated according to options which are incompatible with the the residual moisture content of the...
  • Page 16 For drying fabrics which can Once a programme has been withstand high temperatures, e.g. selected, the start can be delayed by pure linens and cottons. Do not use 30 minutes (30) up to 24 hours (24^). on minimum iron or delicate fabrics. –...
  • Page 17 ^ After every cycle remove the fluff from the fluff filter in the door (see ^ Press the Start button. "Cleaning and Care"). The drying cycle begins. ^ After each use, switch the dryer off The drying stage reached is shown by by pressing the l-On / 0-Off button.
  • Page 18 ^ Press the Start button These instructions are designed as a brief guide only. Please make sure that you also read the detailed instructions at the beginning of this section. – The Anti-crease / Finish indicator lights up. – 0 appears in the display. ^ Open the door and remove the ^ Press the Door button to open the laundry.
  • Page 19: Adding Or Removing Items

    ^ Press the Start button. Programmes cannot be changed after the start button has been pressed. If ^ Press the Door button and open the the programme selector is turned to a different programme after a programme door. has begun, this will not affect the programme.
  • Page 20 The system lock prevents anyone ^ Repeat steps A-G. from interfering with the dryer. The Locked indicator lamp will go out If the system lock has been activated it after step F. is not possible to start a programme. The following (A,B,C...) must be carried out in the Please proceed step by step:...
  • Page 21 A cleaning brush is available as an optional extra from your Miele dealer The fluff which is created by the or the Miele Spare Parts Department. drying process is collected in the fluff You can also use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 22 ^ Dry all parts with a soft cloth. A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available from the Miele UK Spare Parts Department, which is suitable for cleaning surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and chrome without the use of...
  • Page 23 With the help of the following notes minor faults in the performance of the machine, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be put right without contacting the Service Department. Repair work to electrical equipment should only be carried out by a suitably qualified person in accordance with local and national safety regulations.
  • Page 24 Fluff is principally the result Fluff is collected by the fluff of friction when garments filters and can be easily are being worn and washed. removed (see "Cleaning and Machine drying hardly Care"). causes any fluff to form and has been established by research institutes to have no effect on the lifetime of fabric.
  • Page 25: Tumble Dryer

    : Before attempting to remedy one of the following causes, switch the dryer off and switch on again to start the programme again. Ventilation to the dryer is Open a door or window while insufficient (e.g because it is the machine is in operation installed in a room which is for increased air flow.
  • Page 26 The system lock is If you wish to use the dryer, activated. the system lock must be deactivated (see "Electronic system lock"). The fluff filter in the door is Clean the fluff filter (see blocked. "Cleaning and care"). The vent ducting or the Check all parts of the ventilation outlet (e.g.
  • Page 27 If the programme stops again and the "Clean out airways" indicator lamp flashes, there is a fault. Contact the Miele Service Department. The programme selector Turn the selector back to was moved after the the original position and beginning of a the lamp will go out.
  • Page 28 This is not a fault. The electronic unit is calculating the drying time for the programme (see “Guide to the appliance”). This is not a fault. Use the "Timed drying - Warm air" programme to The electronic unit has Anti-crease/Finish dry individual items.
  • Page 29 ^ Turn your wrist to make the cover open downwards. The temperature resistant lamp should only be ordered from your Miele dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. The lamp must not exceed the maximum wattage quoted on the data plate and on the lamp cover.
  • Page 30: Optional Accessories

    Department, please quote the Model Optional accessories for these dryers and Serial numbers both of which are are available from your Miele Dealer or located on the data plate situated on from the Miele Spare Parts Department. the right hand side below the drum aperture.
  • Page 31 a Venting connection: rear, right or left (supplied with the rear socket open) b Supply cable for electrical connection c Control panel d Door e Four height-adjustable screw feet...
  • Page 32: Installation Site

    * Available as an optional accessory from your Miele dealer or the Miele Make sure the dryer door can be Spare Parts Department. opened without hindrance after The building under kit is supplied with installation. its own installation instructions. N.B. When built under drying times may be longer.
  • Page 33: Washer-Dryer Stack

    The machine must be perfectly level to * Available as an optional accessory ensure safe and proper operation. from your Miele dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. Stacking kits must only be installed by suitably qualified fitters. ^ The screw feet can be adjusted to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.
  • Page 34 All electrical work should be carried out only by a suitably qualified and If this machine is fitted with a competent person, in strict accordance non-rewireable plug and the socket with national and local safety outlets are not suitable for the plug regulations.
  • Page 35 If the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this machine do not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals of your plug, proceed as follows: ^ The wire which is coloured green and yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol z or coloured green, or...
  • Page 36 * Available from your Miele dealer or the – The ducting outlet (e.g. wall pipe) Miele Spare Parts Department. should be installed in such a way that the moist expelled air .
  • Page 37 ^ First measure the distance which will 1.0 m require straight ducting. Multiply this amount by the corresponding *optional accessory from Miele additional duct length factor in ^ Establish the number of angles, bends etc. necessary and add their additional duct length factors...
  • Page 38: Venting Systems

    The connection is opened at the factory. ^ Fit one of the venting systems described on the following pages. = 1 x 3.8 m Additional duct = 3.8 m length = 2 x 0.8 m Additional duct = 1.6 m length = 0.5 x 1 m Additional duct = 0.5 m...
  • Page 39: Flexible Ducting Hose

    Connecting directly to the wall vent ... flexible ducting hose ... a wall vent kit* or window vent kit*. * (Miele optional accessory). ^ Fit adapter (1) into the vent opening on the dryer ^ Connect vent hose (2).
  • Page 40 Connection to an exhaust flue Window vent 1. Pipe with connection piece (= supplied with the Miele wall vent kit) 1. Window vent kit (fitted in a 2. Adapter for flexible hose "plexiglass" pane) (separate fitting instructions are 3. Exhaust flue insulated against damp...
  • Page 41 1. Wall vent kit available from your dealer or builders (Separate fitting instructions are merchants. Where the pipe diameter supplied with the Miele wall vent kit). is more than 100 mm, an adapter is necessary (e.g. from C 100 to 125 2. Adapter 3.
  • Page 42 (* Miele optional accessories). A Before drilling into the wall, ..please read the installation instructions supplied with the Miele wall vent kit. 1. Wall pipe . . . and study the following 2.
  • Page 43 Miele washing machine with Comfort line angled fascia Miele washing machine with straight or sloping fascia Stacking kit* without worktop: C = 94.2 cm D = 170.0 cm Stacking kit* without worktop: Stacking kit* with worktop: A = 94.2 cm C = 96.0 cm...
  • Page 44 Minutes 1200 3.15 1400 3.00 1600 2.75 1800 2.70 1200 2.70 1400 2.60 1600 2.30 1800 2.25 800 (70 % residual moisture) 3.30 1200 2.60 1400 2.45 1600 2.20 1800 2.15 800 (70 % residual moisture) 2.60 1200 1.90 1400 1.80 1600 1.50...
  • Page 45 Height 85 cm (adjustable +0.7/-0.7 cm) Height without lid 82 cm Depth with door open 106 cm Width 59.5 cm Depth 58 cm Weight 48 kg Drum volume 100 litres Maximum capacity 5 kg dry weight Length of connection cable 1.60 m Voltage see data plate...
  • Page 47 Programmable functions for changing standard settings...
  • Page 48: Increased Drying Level

    D Turn the programme selector to Extra dry. The Sensitive System aims to dry E The number of the programmable using as little energy as possible. function will flash alternately with the However, if you require the laundry to "P" on the left of the display - be drier, it is possible to reduce the P: P...1...P...
  • Page 49 D Turn the programme selector to Normal. The additional options selected E The number of the programmable previously for specific programmes function will flash alternately with the are stored in the machine’s memory. "P" on the left of the display - P: P...3...P...
  • Page 50: Anti-Crease

    C Let go of all these buttons. – "P" will appear in the display. Once a programme has ended, the drum will turn at regular intervals for – The Drying and Cool air indicator approx. 60 minutes to prevent the lights will flash.
  • Page 52 Alteration rights reserved/0504 M.-Nr. 06 067 740 / 00 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.

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