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Changing Over The Door Handle - Miele FN 12020 S Operating And Installation Manual

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Changing the door hinging

Changing over the door handle

^ Carefully remove cover a and
stoppers b from the sides using a
flatheaded screwdriver.
^ Push cover c to the left by placing a
suitable wooden or plastic tool d in
the groove on the right hand side.
^ Carefully remove cover c.
Be careful not to let the tool slip,
causing damage to the appliance.
^ Loosen screws e on the handle side
and in the middle, and remove
handle f.
^ Turn the handle 180° and fit to the
opposite side.
^ First screw it at the side and then in
the middle g.
^ In the same way, replace cover a
and stoppers b on the opposite
^ Replace centre cover c by clipping
it in first on the left and then on the
right hand side.

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