Fluke 51 Service Manual

Fluke thermometer user manual.
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51, 52, 53, 54 Series II
Service Manual
PN 1276123
October 1999
© 1999 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in USA
All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.


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  • Page 1

    ® 51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Thermometer Service Manual PN 1276123 October 1999 © 1999 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in USA All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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    Fluke authorized resellers shall extend this warranty on new and unused products to end-user customers only but have no authority to extend a greater or different warranty on behalf of Fluke. Warranty support is available if product is purchased through a Fluke authorized sales outlet or Buyer has paid the applicable international price.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Wide Range Performance Test Procedure ... 6 Ice Bath Construction ... 6 Ice Bath Test ... 7 Verification of IR Communications Port (Fluke 53 and 54)... 8 Calibration and Offset Adjustment... 9 A/D Calibration... 9 Reference Junction Calibration ... 11 Using the Offset to Adjust for Variation Between Thermocouples ...

  • Page 4

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual...

  • Page 5: List Of Tables

    Table International Electrical Symbols Used in this Manual... 2 Recommended Test Equipment ... 5 Performance Test Values (K-Type Thermocouple)... 8 Replaceable Parts ... 15 List of Tables Title Page...

  • Page 6

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual...

  • Page 7: List Of Figures

    Figure Display Segments ... 6 Ice Bath Test Equipment Connections... 7 Calibration Connections ... 9 Calibration Button Access ... 10 Battery Access ... 13 Exploded View (Model 54 is Shown)... 17 List of Figures Title Page...

  • Page 8

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual...

  • Page 9: Introduction

    Follow the standard practices for handling static sensitive devices. Introduction This manual provides the following service information for the 51, 52, 53, and 54 Series II Thermometers, hereafter referred to as “the thermometer”. Precautions and safety information Specifications...

  • Page 10: Service Centers, International Symbols, Precautions And Safety Information

    Association directives Precautions and Safety Information Use the thermometer only in the ways specified in the 51/52 Series II Users Manual and the 53/54 Series II Users Manual. If the thermometer is used in ways not specified, the thermometer may be damaged.

  • Page 11: Safety Information

    Safety Information To avoid electrical shock or personal injury, follow these guidelines: Before using the thermometer, inspect the case. Do not use the thermometer if it appears damaged. Look for cracks or missing plastic. Pay particular attention to the insulation around the connectors. Disconnect the thermocouple(s) from the thermometer before opening the case.

  • Page 12: General Specifications, Environmental, Electrical

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual Specifications General Specifications Weight Dimensions (without holster) Battery Certification Safety CAT I * Refers to the level of Impulse Withstand Voltage protection provided. Equipment of OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY I is equipment for connection to circuits in which measures are taken to limit the transient over voltages to an appropriate low level.

  • Page 13: Performance Test And Calibration Required Test Equipment, Performance Tests, Display Test

    0.02 C Resolution 0.05 F Resolution button. All display segments are button is released. Confirm that all the display segments are Thermometer Recommended Model Fluke 5700A or equivalent Fluke 80CK-M Fluke P/N 779942 Fluke P/N 601747 Omega Thermos Princo Model ASTM56C...

  • Page 14: Keypad Test, Wide Range Performance Test Procedure, Ice Bath Construction

    Wide Range Performance Test Procedure This test verifies the instrument specifications. If the instrument fails this test, perform the calibration procedure. If the unit continues to fail, it should be taken to a Fluke service center. Ice Bath Construction To begin the performance test, first construct an ice bath as follows: 1.

  • Page 15: Ice Bath Test

    If any step fails, perform the calibration procedure located later in this section. 9. Disconnect the thermocouple from the input terminals. This completes the ice bath test. K-Type Thermocouple wire Mercury Thermometer 51, 52, 53, or 54 Series II Thermometer Ice bath C 0.06 C on the Mercury C 0.3...

  • Page 16: Verification Of Ir Communications Port (fluke 53 And 54)

    3. Click on 4. Type in "ID" followed by the 5. The display of the thermometer now shows the thermometer name (Fluke 53-II or Fluke 54-II), and the units operating software version (e.g. Fluke 54-II, V1.01). Table 3. Performance Test Values (K-Type Thermocouple)

  • Page 17: Calibration And Offset Adjustment, A/d Calibration

    2. Turn the thermometer on, with a small, blunt probe, press the calibration button located on the back and in the center of the thermometer. Refer to Figure 4. 5700A Calibrator Figure 3. Calibration Connections Calibration and Offset Adjustment 51, 52, 53, or 54 Series II Thermometer Copper wire Thermometer...

  • Page 18

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual 3. The menu on the display changes to “ Within CAL A-d CAL rEF known temperature. CAL donE CAL Abrt while in 4. Press K or N to select different menu options.

  • Page 19: Reference Junction Calibration, Using The Offset To Adjust For Variation Between Thermocouples

    3. Allow the readings to stabilize. 4. In SETUP, change the offset until the primary display reading matches the bath temperature. (See "Changing Setup Options” in the 51/52 Series II Users Manual, and the 53/54 Series II Users Manual.) Note Note and press E.

  • Page 20: Basic Maintenance, Cleaning The Thermometer, Changing The Batteries

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual Basic Maintenance Basic maintenance required by the thermometer is discussed in this section. Cleaning the Thermometer To avoid damaging the thermometer, do not use aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorinated solvents for cleaning. These solutions react with the plastics used in the thermometer.

  • Page 21: Disassembly And Reassembly, Disassembly

    Disassembly and Reassembly Disassembly and reassembly of the thermometer may be necessary to replace interior parts. Refer to Figure 6 when disassembling and reassembling the thermometer. Disassembly To disassemble the thermometer, follow these steps: 1. Remove the batteries (see “Changing the Batteries” section). 2.

  • Page 22: Reassembly, Reinstalling The Lcd Assembly, Rebuilding The Main Pca

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual 6. The LCD decal is now exposed and may be removed. 7. To remove the main switch pad, first remove the small elastomeric connector at the top of the switch pad, and then lift out the entire switch pad.

  • Page 23: Reinstalling The Main Pca, Replaceable Parts

    Refer to Table 4 for all replacement part numbers and Figure 6 for part locations. Unless specified in the “Model Number” column, all parts are for all units. To order replaceable parts, see the “Service Centers” section of this manual. Item Fluke Part Number Qty. Number 376756 BATTERY, PRIMARY, 1.5V, 0-150MA, AA ALKALINE...

  • Page 24

    KEYPAD KEYPAD CONNECTOR, ELASTOMERIC, SWITCH TO PWB, 1.200 L LCD, MULTIPLEXED CD ROM, CD ROM FLUKE 50 SERIES II CD ROM contains: 51/52 Series II Users Manual (16 Languages) 53/54 Series II Users Manual (16 Languages) FLUKE 51-54 SERIES II PRODUCT OVERVIEW...

  • Page 25

    Thermometer Replaceable Parts zb07f.eps Figure 6. Exploded View (Model 54 is Shown)

  • Page 26

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual...

  • Page 27

    —A— assembly, 13 —B— batteries access to, 13 changing, 12 —C— calibration, 9 A/D, 9 A/D connections, 9 button access, 10 CAL Abrt, 10 CAL A-d, 10 CAL donE, 10 CAL rEF, 10 offset, 9 reference junction, 11 variations between thermocouples, 11 caution, 12, 13 CD ROM, 1 —D—...

  • Page 28

    51, 52, 53, 54 Series II Service Manual —S— safety, 2 cautions and warnings, 3 service centers phone numbers, world wide web address, 2 specifications electrical, 4 environmental, 4 general, 4 —T— test equipment performance testing and calibration, 5 —U—...

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