Precautions; Volume Control - Sharp DK-AP7N Operation Manual

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■ General
Please ensure that the equipment is
positioned in a well-ventilated area
and ensure that there is at least
10 cm (4") of free space along the
sides, top and back of the equipment.
Use the unit on a firm, level surface
free from vibration.
Keep the unit away from direct
sunlight, strong magnetic
fields, excessive dust, humidity
and electronic/electrical
equipment (home computers,
facsimiles, etc.) which
generate electrical noise.
Do not place anything on top of the unit.
Do not expose the unit to moisture, to temperatures higher
than 60˚C (140˚F) or to extremely low temperatures.
If your system does not work properly, disconnect the AC/DC
adaptor from the wall socket. Plug the AC/DC adaptor back in,
and then turn on your system.
In case of an electrical storm,
unplug the unit for safety.
Do not use an external power
supply other than the 6V DC
supplied with this unit as it
may be damaged.
SHARP is not responsible for damage due to improper use.
Refer all servicing to a SHARP authorised service centre.
10 cm (4")
10 cm (4")
The voltage used must be the same as that specified on this unit.
Using this product with a higher voltage other than that which is
specified is dangerous and may result in a fire or other type of
accident causing damage. SHARP will not be held responsible
for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage
other than that which is specified.

■ Volume control

The sound level at a given volume setting depends on speaker
efficiency, location and various other factors. It is advisable to
avoid exposure to high volume levels. Do not turn the volume on
to full at switch on. Listen to music at moderate levels.
Hold the AC/DC adaptor by the
head when removing it from the
wall socket, as pulling the lead can
damage internal wires.
The AC/DC adaptor is used as a
disconnect device and shall
always remain readily operable.
Do not remove the outer
cover, as this may result in
electric shock. Refer internal
service to your local SHARP
service facility.
The ventilation should not be impeded
by covering the ventilation openings
with items, such as newspapers,
tablecloths, curtains, etc.
No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be
placed on the apparatus.
Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of
battery disposal.
The apparatus is designed for use in moderate climates.
This unit should only be used within the range of 5˚C - 35˚C
(41˚F - 95˚F).



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