GE GSD4500 GSD4800 Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE GSD4500 GSD4800

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents Safety Instructions ..2, 3 Operating Instructions (;51)4500 Care and Cleaning ... GSD4800 Control Panels ....Control Settings ..... Flashing Display i,ights ..Loading Dishwasher Racks ..8, 9 Optional Accessories ..Using the Dishwasher ..6, 7 Troubleshooting Tips ..
  • Page 2 IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONSBEFORE USING. A WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death. WATER HEATER SAFETY Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in a water heater that has not been used for two weeks or more.
  • Page 3 _:rinse agent have • Do not touch the heating element during or been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. immediately after use. • I,ocate sharp items so that they are not likely • Do not operate your dishwasher...
  • Page 4: Control Panels

    About the dishwasher controlpanel You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Models GSD4500 CYCLE SELECTIONS OPTIONS Model GSD4800 CYCLE SELECTIONS OPTIONS CLEAN Cycle Chart Model Cycle...
  • Page 5: Control Settings Control S ettings Cycle Selections Thelight above the selected pad will be ONto indicate which CYCLE SELECTION has been selected. POTS& PANS Forheavilysoileddishesor cookware with dried-on or baked-on soils.Everyday dishes may be included. This cyclewill not removeburned-onfoods. NORMAL Forloadsof everydaydishes,glassesand cookwarewith mediumsoils. NOTE:Many disheshave lightersoil than normal. Choosing a cycle other than NORMAL will save energyand water.
  • Page 6: Flashing Display I,Ights

    Flashing displaylights. Lights What It Means What ToDo This is hernial. Allow the dishwasher to drain and reset before you start a new w_tsh cycle. SrARr/nESET has been pressed. Control Error Press the START/RESETpad t o turn off the beepe_. If the CLEANlight continues CLEAN to flash, c_dlfor service.
  • Page 7 Dishw;Mling Detergents have _hsh cy'cleswith two washes will also use the open been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. Keep cup. When using automatic dishwashing detergent your detergent fresh and dry. Don't put p(swder robs, simply place one mb in the main cup and...
  • Page 8: Loadingthedishwasherracks

    Loadingthedishwasherracks. For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model Upper Rack The upper rack is for glasses, cups and saucers. (;ups and glasses fit best along the sides.
  • Page 9 Silverware Basket Put flatware in the removable basket wifll fork and knife handles up m promct your hands. Place spoons in the basket with handles down. Mix knives, forks and spoons so they don't nest together. Distribum evenly. Small plastic imms, such as measuring spoons and lids flom small containers, should go in the bottom of the sikerware basket with sikerware on rap.
  • Page 10 Caringfor the dishwasher. To clean the control _anel use a lightly dampened cloth then dry thoroughly. To clean the exterior use a good appliance polish. Never use sharp object, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher. Protect Against Freezing ? Drain water flom the inlet line and water If your...
  • Page 11: Optional Accessories

    About optional accessories. These accessories are available at extra cost You can change the door and lower access panel appearance of your dishwasher by (VISA, MasterCard or Discover cards accepted) ordering one of these optional accessories: by calling 800.626.2002. _ 1/4"...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Tips

    Cascade _':, C ascade _': C omplem and Electrasol _': Automatic Dishwashing Demrgents have been approved for use in all GE dishwashe,_. * To remove suds flom the rob, open the dishw_ksher and let suds evaporate. Add 1 gallon of cold wamr to the rob. Close and latch the Pump out water by pressing the START/RESETpad;...
  • Page 13 Wear rubber gloves. Do not use any type of cleanser other than dishwasher demIgent because it may cause foaming or sudsing. Cascade <:,C_tscade : Complem and Elecm_sol < Dishwashing Detergents have been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. cuplid Detergent •...
  • Page 14 Notes.
  • Page 15 During Fromthe date of the this full one-year warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home sexMce original purchase to replace the defective part. SecondYear Distribution System...
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    ContactUs If you are not satisfied wifll die service you receive flom GE, contact us on our Websim wifll till die derails including your phone numbe_; or w_im m: General Manage_; Customer Relations GE Appliances, Appliance Park Louisville, KY 40225 RegisterYourApplbnce

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