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GE Monogram ZIW30GNZAII Owner's Manual

Wine reserve
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Wine Reserve


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  • Page 1 er's Wine Reserve 197D8243P002 149-606!6 08-10 monogram.corn...
  • Page 2 Consumer Information Wine Reserve Introduction Your new Monogram wine reserve makes an eloquent statement of stgle, convenience and kitchen planning flexibilitg. Whether gou chose it for its puritg of design or the assiduous details, gou will find that gout Monogram wine reserve's superior blend of form and function will delight gou for gears to come.
  • Page 3 FIRST,contact the people who serviced your appliance. Explain why you are not pleased. In most cases, this will solve the problem. NEXT,if you are still not pleased, write all the details-including your phone number-to: Manager, Customer Relations GE Appliances Appliance Park Louisville, KV/40225...
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND SA VE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Your freezer has an automatic icemaker WARN I NG-when using t his in the freezer drawer--avoid contact with the appliance, alwags exercise basic safetg precautions, moving parts of the ejector mechanism, or with including the following: the heating element located on the bottom of the icemaker.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO CONNECT ELECTRICITY Do not, under any circumstances, This provides the best performance and also cut or remove the third {ground) prong prevents overloading house wiring circuits, which could cause u fire hazard from overheated wires. from the power cord.
  • Page 6 Temperoture Controls Wine Reserve UpperWine Reserve LowerWine Reserve Full Extension Drawers Freezer D rawer Wine Display Shelf Icemaker Customizable Drawer...
  • Page 7 Temperature Controls Wine Reserve +)....u_Q HJ.&S I---If El' - Wine - UpperCompartment UpperDrawer- Freezer U ( ss' - +) ..... 0 _F - ..LowerDrawer- Customizabb Wine - LowerCompartment The temperature display shows the actual To change the temperature settings, press Temperature temperature...
  • Page 8 Press the ICEicon to the right. The line under ICEwill NOTE:In homes with Iower-th(]n-(]ver(]ge dis(]ppe(]r (]nd the word OFF will show under ICE. w(]ter pressure, gou m(]g he(]r the icem(]ker w(]ter v(]lve cgcle on sever(]l times when Throw (]w(]g the first full bucket of ice.
  • Page 9 The filter To order additional filter cartridges, visit our cartridge should be replaced when the word Website at, or call GE Parts and REPLACE appears beneath FILTER on the control Accessories, 800.626.2002. panel.
  • Page 10 Drawers/Shelves Wine Reserve Wine bottle Full-Extension Drawers The top 6 drawers are full-extension drawers, with arrangement each drawer holding up to 10 bottles. The bottles will be stored with necks alternating from front to back. Wine Display Shelf Peg ,, The wine displag shelf can either be in a horizontal position or an angled position.
  • Page 11 Customizable Drawer Wine Reserve Customizable RemovableSliding Bin The customizable drawer can be used as drawer a freezer, as a fresh-food refrigerator or as TabHole a wine/beverage drawer. To customize your drawer: Press the ZONE indicator on the control pad to select the customizable drawer.
  • Page 12 External Moisture Control/LED Lighting Wine Reserve External This product is equipped with an external moisture control feature. The wine reserve is shipped with moisture the external moisture control feature off. control In some humid environments, moisture can form on the front surface of the wine reserve cabinet. If moisture does appear on the front surface of the wine reserve cabinet, turn on the external moisture control feature bg...
  • Page 13 Sabbath Mode Wine Reserve Sabbath DISPLAYS, A LARMS and LIGHTS--The main The Sabbath Mode was designed for use on the Jewish Sabbath and Holidags. The Sabbath Mode temperature control displags will be deactivated, Node feature makes it possible for observant Jews to therefore theg will not be lit, sound a tone or refrigerate and freeze food during the duration operate when touched.
  • Page 14 Care and Cleaning Wine Reserve Door handles and trim-Clean with a cloth Cleaning Stainless steeI--Regularlg clean and polish the StainlessSteelDoor Panelsand Handles dampened with soapg water. Drg with a soft cloth. outside (on some models)with a commerciallg available Keep the outside clean. Wipe with a clean stainless steel cleaner such as StainlessSteelMagic cloth lightlg dampened with mild liquid dish to preserve and protect the fine finish.
  • Page 15 Care and Cleaning Wine Reserve Preparing For long vacations or absences, remove food For shorter vacations, remove perishable foods from the drawers. Adjust the temperature up (+) and leave the control at the regular setting. for vacation until the unit turns off. Clean the interior with a However, if the room temperature is expected baking soda solution of one tablespoon (15 ml) to drop below 60% (!6°C), follow the same...
  • Page 16 Preparation Wine Reserve wine reserve Do not install the wine reserve where For proper installation, the wine reserve must location temperatures will be below 60°F (16°C}because be placed on a level surface of hard material it will not maintain proper temperatures, and the the same height as the rest of the flooring.
  • Page 17 The Problem Solver Wine Reserve PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE Ouestions? WINE RESERVE DOES . Hay be in defrost cycle when refrigerating system does not operate Use this for about 45 minutes. NOT OPERATE problem . Temperature control in the OFF position. solver! .
  • Page 18 The Problem Solver Wine Reserve PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE DOOR NOT CLOSING . Package or bottle mag be holding door open. PROPERLY . Check the door gasket; it mag be out of position . Wine Reserve is not level. See Installation Instructions. Hinge springs deactived.
  • Page 19 Performance Data Sheet SmartWater Filtration System GSWF Cartridge This system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 42/53 for reduction of the substances listed below. The concentration of the indicated substances in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 42/53.* (!00% safety factors built in for unmetered usage) Standard...
  • Page 20 State of California Department of Health Services Water Treatment Device Certificate Number 03- 1559 Date Issued: April 28, 2003 Trademark/Model Designation ......:: Repiacement Elements GEGSWF ............Manufacturer: .._z_ ....The water treatment pursuant to Section 116830 of the He_ ;:@, dnants and Turbidity...
  • Page 21 Notes Wine Reserve...
  • Page 22 Notes Wine Reserve...
  • Page 23 (]ppli(]nce inside (]nd out-so most rep(]irs c(]n be h(]ndled in just one visit. For Customers GE offers Br(]ille controls for (] variety of GEappliances, and (] brochure to assist in planning (] barrier-free kitchen for persons with limited mobility. With Special Consumers with impoired hearing or speech who hdve (]ccess to a TDD or (] conventional Needs...
  • Page 24 To know what your legal rights are in your state, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state's Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company, GE Consumer & Industrial 197D8243PO021...