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GE PDW1800 Series Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE PDW1800 Series

  • Page 1 Safety Instructions ..2, s Operating Instructions PDW1800 Series Control Panels and Settings ..4, S PDW1860 Series Loading Dishwasher Racks ....Using the Dishwasher ..6, 7 Care Instructions Care and Cleaning .... 9, 10 Troubleshooting Tips ... !!-!:s...
  • Page 2: Water Heater Safety

    If you did not receive an Installation Instructions sheet with your dishwasher, you can receive one by visiting our website at • Connect to a grounded metal, permanent wiring • Do not attempt to repair or replace any part system;...
  • Page 3 _k WARNING! RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT PROPER DISPOSAL OF THE DISHWASHER Junked or (]b(]ndoned dishw(]shers ore topof dishwasher Hold nut at d(]ngerous.., even if they will sit for "just (] few d(]ys." If you ore getting rid of your old...
  • Page 4: About The Dishwasher Control Panel

    About the dishwasher control panel. ® .EAVV"OR"AL "O.T OLASSES@ m LOW RINSE CLEAN -24H_ Control Settings ON/OFF Withdoor open,pressON/OFF buttonto turnthe unitONto beginoperationandOFFat the endof a wash cycle. TheON/OFF lightisdisplayedwhenthe dishwasher i sON. ash Cgcle Selections Press CYCLE S ELECT button to choosewash cycle.Thelightunderthe cyclenamewill displayto indicatewhichcycle hasbeenselected.
  • Page 5 Delay Hour Option Thisoptionallowsyouto delaythe start of a washcyclefor up to 2/4hours. Withthe door open,turn the dishwasher O Nby pressing the ON/OFF button;then pressDELAY HOURS buttonto choosethe numberof hoursyou wantto delaythe startof the washcycle.Thehourswill showin the display window. NOTE: T ocancelthe DELAY HOURS optionbeforethe startof the cycle,repeatedly pressthe DELAY HOURS button untilthe displayisblankor reads"00"...
  • Page 6 Using the dishwasher. Check the Water Tern Turn on the hot water faucet nearest the The entering water should be at least I20°F and not more than 150°Ffor effective cleaning and dishwasher, place the thermometer in a glass and to prevent dish damage. Check the water let the water run continuously into the glass until temperature with a candy or meat thermometer.
  • Page 7: Proper Use Of Detergent

    Proper Use of Detergent Use only detergent specifically made for use in dishwashers. Cascade ®and Electrasol ® Open "_ Automatic Dishwashing Detergents have been cupi'--,,¢_/p. approved. Keep your detergent fresh and dry. Don't put detergent into the dispenser until you're ready to wash dishes.
  • Page 8: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Loading the dishwasher racks. For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets ma_l var_l from _lour model. Upper Rack The upper rock is for glosses,cups and saucers. This is also a secure place for dishwasher-safe plastics.A cup shelf may be placed in the up or down position to add flexibility.
  • Page 9: Caring For The Dishwasher

    Steel doors. with SS,then you have a Stainless Steel You can order Stainless Steel Magic Door panel. #WXlOX15 through GE Parts by calling Follow the instructions below for cleaning 800.626.2002. the door panel for your specific model. Do not wipe the dishwasher with o soiled Painted Door Panel (model numbers dish cloth or wet towel.
  • Page 10: General Care Instructions

    Caring for the dishwasher. Cleaning the Spray Arms and the Filters The dishwasher will flush away all normal food soils. However, objects (fruit pits, bones, etc.) may collect in openings and should be removed occasionally to avoid clogging the drain system. CAUTION Personal injury hazard.
  • Page 11 Before you call for service... Troubleshooting Tips Save time and moneg! Review the charts on the following pages, or visit You mabl not need to call for service. Problem Possible Causes What To Do Noise Someof the sounds you'll •...
  • Page 12 Before gou call for service... Problem Possible Causes What To Do Dishesand flatware Lowinlet water temperature • Hakesureinletwatertemperatureiscorrect(seepage6). not clean Water pressureistemporarily low • Turnona faucet.Is watercoming outmoreslowlythan usual? if so,wait untilpressure is normalbeforeusingyourdishwasher. Air gap isclogged • Cleanthe air gap. Improperrack loading •...
  • Page 13 Problem Possible Causes What To Do Dishwasherwon't run Fuseis blown,or the • Replace fuseor resetcircuitbreaker. R emove any otherappliances circuit breakertripped from the circuit. Poweristurned off • In someinstallations, the powerto the dishwasher i s provedthrougha wallswitch,often locatednext to the disposer switch.Hakesureit ison.
  • Page 14 Notes.
  • Page 15 USA. If the product is located in on area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to on Authorized GE Service location for service.
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    Contact Us If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from GE,contact us on our Website with all the details including your phone number, or write to: General Manager, Customer Relations GEAppliances,Appliance Park Louisville,KY40225

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