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Operator's manual
K 1260
K 1260 Rail
Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure you
E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h
understand the instructions before using the machine.


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  • Page 1

    Operator′s manual K 1260 K 1260 Rail Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h...

  • Page 2: Key To Symbols

    KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbols on the machine Explanation of warning levels The warnings are graded in three levels. WARNING! The machine can be a dangerous tool if used incorrectly or WARNING! carelessly, which can cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. WARNING! Used if there is a risk of serious Please read the operator’s manual injury or death for the operator or damage to...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Features ............... WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the power cutter - K 1260? ....WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the power cutter - K 1260 Rail? ..MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT General ................ CUTTING BLADES General ................

  • Page 4: Presentation

    Efficient vibration dampers spare arms and hands. User responsibility Rail fixture - RA 10, RA 10 S (K 1260 Rail) It is the owner’s/employer’s responsibility that the operator Is attached to the rail and drives the cut perpendicular to the has sufficient knowledge about how to use the machine...

  • Page 5: What Is What

    WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the power cutter - K 1260? 1 Front handle 14 Adjustment handle for guard 2 Water tap 15 Guard for the blade 3 Information and warning decal 16 Cutting blade 4 Air filter cover...

  • Page 6: What Is What

    WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the power cutter - K 1260 Rail? 1 Mounting for rail fixture 15 Adjustment handle for guard 2 Information and warning decal 16 Guard for the blade 3 Air filter cover 17 Cutting blade 4 Cylinder cover 18 Rail fixture...

  • Page 7: Machine´s Safety Equipment

    MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT General • Start the power cutter and apply full throttle. Release the throttle control and check that the cutting blade stops and remains stationary. If the cutting blade rotates when the throttle is in the idle position you should check the WARNING! Never use a machine that has carburettor’s idle adjustment.

  • Page 8

    MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT Vibration damping system Muffler WARNING! Overexposure to vibration can WARNING! Never use a machine without a lead to circulatory damage or nerve damage muffler, or with a faulty muffler. A damaged in people who have impaired circulation. muffler may substantially increase the noise Contact your doctor if you experience level and the fire hazard.

  • Page 9: Cutting Blades

    Suitable cutting blades • A lower feed pressure can stop the vibration. Otherwise replace the blade. Cutting blades K 1260 K 1260 Rail Abrasive blades Yes* Yes* Abrasive blades Abrasive blades for rail cutting Diamond blades Yes** •...

  • Page 10: Diamond Blades

    CUTTING BLADES Abrasive blades for different materials Diamond blades for different materials • Diamond blades are ideal for masonry, reinforced concrete and other composite materials. WARNING! Do not use abrasive blades with water. The strength is impaired when • Diamond blades are available in several hardness abrasive blades are exposed to water or classes.

  • Page 11: Assembling And Adjustments

    Mount the rail fixture onto the rail. Screw the lock handle tight. Fitting the cutting blade • Husqvarna’s blades are approved for hand-held power cutters. • Bushings can be fitted on the machine axle to adjust the machine to the centre hole of the blade. Use a bushing with the correct diameter! The blades are marked with the diameter of the centre hole.

  • Page 12: Fuel Handling

    Mixing ratio ditches deeper than one meter. • 1:50 (2%) with HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil or equivalent. Fuel and fuel fumes are highly inflammable and can cause serious injury when inhaled • 1:33 (3%) with oils class JASO FB or ISO EGB formulated or allowed to come in contact with the skin.

  • Page 13: Operating

    OPERATING Protective equipment • Keep in mind that it is you, the operator that is responsible for not exposing people or their property to accidents or hazards. General • The machine must be kept clean. Signs and stickers must • Do not use the machine unless you are able to call for help be fully legible.

  • Page 14: Basic Working Techniques

    OPERATING Work area safety up by the guard and led away from the user. The guards for the cutting equipment must always be fitted when the machine is running. WARNING! The safety distance for the power cutter is 15 metres. You are responsible to ensure that animals and onlookers are not within the working area.

  • Page 15

    OPERATING • Move the blade slowly forwards and backwards to achieve • When you have cut through the head (A), you continue cutting the rib (B) and foot (C). a small contact area between the blade and the material to be cut. This reduces the temperature of the blade and ensures effective cutting.

  • Page 16: Transport And Storage

    OPERATING Kickback Pinching kickback Pinching is when the cut closes and pinches the blade. If the WARNING! Kickbacks are sudden and can blade is pinched or stalled the reactive force will be strong and be very violent. The power cutter can be you might not be able to control the power cutter.

  • Page 17: Starting And Stopping

    STARTING AND STOPPING Before starting Start the engine WARNING! Please read the operator’s WARNING! The cutting blade rotates when manual carefully and make sure you the engine is started. Make sure it can rotate understand the instructions before using the freely.

  • Page 18: Maintenance

    • Let your Husqvarna dealer regularly check the machine and make essential adjustments and repairs. Maintenance schedule In the maintenance schedule you can see which parts of your machine that require maintenance, and with which intervals it should take place.

  • Page 19: Cleaning

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning Functional inspection External cleaning General inspection • Clean the machine daily by rinsing it with clean water after • Check that nuts and screws are tight. the work is finished. Drive belt Cooling air intake Check the tension of the drive belt •...

  • Page 20

    MAINTENANCE Carburettor Replacing the drive belt The carburettor is equipped with fixed needles to ensure the WARNING! Never start the engine when the machine always receives the correct mixture of fuel and air. belt pulley and clutch are removed for When the engine lacks power or accelerates poorly, do the maintenance.

  • Page 21

    MAINTENANCE Starter Tensioning the recoil spring • Guide the cord through the cut-out in the periphery of the Checking the starter cord pulley and wind the cord 3 times clockwise around the centre of the starter pulley. • Loosen the screws that hold the starter against the crankcase and remove the starter.

  • Page 22: Fuel System

    MAINTENANCE Air filter • Lubricate the recoil spring with light oil. Fit the pulley and tension the recoil spring. The air filter only needs to be checked if the engine drops in power. Fitting the starter • Loosen the screws. Remove the air filter cover. •...

  • Page 23: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Technical data Engine K 1260 K 1260 Rail Cylinder displacement, cm Cylinder bore, mm Stroke, mm Idle speed, rpm 2700 2700 Recommended max. speed, rpm 9300 (+/- 150) 9300 (+/- 150) Power, kW/ rpm 5,8/9000 5,8/9000 Ignition system...

  • Page 24: Ec-declaration Of Conformity

    Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel +46-36-146500, declares under sole responsibility that the power cutters Husqvarna K 1260, K 1260 Rail from 2010’s serial numbers and onwards (the year is clearly stated in plain text on the rating plate with subsequent serial number), complies with the requirements of the COUNCIL’S DIRECTIVES:...

  • Page 26

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  • Page 28

    Original instructions 1152469-26 ´®z+TN|¶64¨ ´®z+TN|¶64¨ 2010-10-08...

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