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Pullman Holt Evacuator Series Operation & Care Instructions page 5

15 & 20 gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner
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Evacuator Vacuum Squeegee Installation
1. Remove the motor head.
2. Turn the can upside down.
3. Place the squeegee lift assembly on the can with the two forks facing toward the
front of the can. The round tube on the mounting place should be firmly engaged
with the pocket near the front of the can.
4. Place a flat washer on each of the mounting bolts, and install the mounting bolt
through the squeegee mounting plate and thread into the inserts in the bottom of
the can.
5. Use a half-inch socket or wrench to tighten the two mounting bolts. When
tightening the mounting bolts make sure that the mounting plate is firmly held
against the bottom of the can.
6. Mount the squeegee lift lever, using the enclosed screws and nuts, on the
outside of the handle with the lever facing the front of the vacuum cleaner.
7. Loosen the two black mounting knobs on the top of the squeegee assembly.
Slide the two forks of the squeegee-mounting bracket (mounted on the bottom of
the can) under the two black mounting knobs and tighten.
8. Pull the squeegee lift lever toward the rear until a click is heard. The squeegee
will now be locked in the up (transport) position. Push the red bottom and ease
the lever forward to lower the squeegee to the floor.
9. Install hose.



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