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Weider PRO 290 W User Manual

Weight bench
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Sears Model Non 831o1589t .1
Kmart Model No, WEBE0938J
Serial No,
Write the serial number in the
space above for future reference,,
If you have questions, or if parts are
STORE; please contact Customer
IMPORTANT:Please register this
product (see the limited warranty
on the back cover of this manual)
before contacting Customer Care°
1-800-4-1VlY-HOME c_
Mon,,-FrL,6 aom.-6 p.m, MT
Sat. 8 a,m.-4 p.m, MT
: ::_ L
•: ,¸ • : : : •_:/:
: _/i
L ¸: ::L
:ttons in this manual before using :: ::
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  Summary of Contents for Weider PRO 290 W

  • Page 1 www,weiderfltnessocom Sears Model Non 831o1589t .1 Kmart Model No, WEBE0938J USER'S MANUAL Serial No, Write the serial number in the space above for future reference,, Decal QUESTIONS? If you have questions, or if parts are missing, DO NOT CONTACT THE STORE;...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS WARNING DECAL PLACEMENT ................ IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS ..............BEFORE YOU BEGIN ..................... PART IDENTIFICATION CHART ..............ASSEMBLY ....................ADJUSTMENT ..................EXERC ISE GUIDELINES ..................PART LIST ..................EXPLODED DRAWING ................ORDERING REPLACEMENT PARTS ............Back Cover LIMITED WARRANTY ..............
  • Page 3: Important Precautions

    iMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS :, WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious injury, read all important precautions and instructions In this manual and all warnings on your weight bench before using your weight bench. ICON assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use Ofthts product.
  • Page 4: Before You Begin

    BEFORE YOU BEGIN Thank you for selecting the WELDER PRO 290 W reading this manual, please see the front cover of this weight bench, The versatiEe 2,90 W weigh! bench is manual To help us assist you, note the product model number and serial number before contacting us.
  • Page 5: Part Identification Chart

    PART IDENTIFICATION CHART This chart is provided to he_p you identity the small paris used in assembly,, The number in parentheses below each part refers to the key number of the part from lhe PART LIST near the end of this manual Note: if a part is not in the hardware kit, check to see if it has been preatlached.
  • Page 6: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY The included grease and the fotfowing tools (not To make assembly easier, carefully read the • following assembly tips: included) may be required for assembly: , Assembly requires two persons. Two adjustable wrenches One hammer , Because of its weight and size. the weight bench should be assembled in the location where it will One standard screwdriver be used.
  • Page 7 Altach t he Front Leg (8) to the Frame (2) with two M8 x 40mm Bolts (39), two M8 Washers (I6), and two M8 Locknuts (17); do not tighten the Locknuts yet, Attach lhe Frame (2) to the Crossbar (3) witlt three M8 x 55mm Botts (t8), two Me Washers (t6), and "_..
  • Page 8 Orient the Backrest Tubes (5) and the Backrest (6) as shown, Attach the Backrest Tubes [5) Io the Backrest (6) with four M6 x 38ram Screws (30) and four M6 Washers (26); do not lighten the Screws yet. Holes Insert the Backrest Support (7) inlo a set of holes in the Uprights (1), Rotale the Backrest Support to the locked position, with the locking pin wrapped around the left Upright,...
  • Page 9 10, A llach l heCurl Pad (45) tothe Curl Post (27) w ith two M6 x 16mm S crews (29)., Route the Cable (t9) through the Lal Tower (14) Lat Bar and over the Pulley (25) Make sure that the Cable is under the lat bar rest, 33--._ Rest...
  • Page 10: Adjustment

    ADJUSTMENT The steps below explain how the weight bench can be adjusted° See the accompanying exercise guide to see the correct form for several exercises Make sure that a!l parts are properly tightened each time the weight bench is used, Replace any worn parts immediately.
  • Page 11 ATTACHING WEIGHTS TO THE BARBELL Slide the same amount of Weight (38, 44) onto both ends of the barbell. Then, slide the two Weigt_t Collars (42) against the Weights.. Fully lighten the handles on the Weight Collars° Barbell S'_" WARNING: Do not p ,ace more than 100 ibs.
  • Page 12: Exercise Guidelines

    EXERCISE GUiDELiNES FOUR TYPES OF STRENGTH WORKOUTS workout, and the numbers of repetitions and sets to complete° Progress at your own pace and be sensitive to your body's signals, Fogow each strength workout Note: A "repetition" is one complete cycle of an exer- with at least one day of rest, cise, such as one sit-up A "sel"...
  • Page 13 EXERCISE Make copies of lhis page, and use the copies to schedule and record your strength and aerobic workouts+ Scheduling and recording your workouts wtll help you to make exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your life, Strength Exercise Lbs+ Sets Reps Exercise Sets Reps...
  • Page 14 PART LUST SEA.S MODEL KMART MODEL NO. WEBE0938.t 831,15891.1; R0809A Key No. Qty. Description Key No. Qtyo Description Upright M6 x 38mm Screw Frame Curl Knob Crossbar MIO x 63mm Bolt Leg Lever M10 Locknut Backrest Tube M!O Washer Backrest 25mm Square Inner Cap Backrest Support MIO x 137mm Boft...
  • Page 15: Exploded Drawing

    EXPLODED DRAWING SEA,S MODE,,O, 831,t_891.1; KMA,T MODE, ,O.VEBE0938.t _,31 ROSO9A...
  • Page 16: Ordering Replacement Parts

    ORDERING REPLACEMENT PARTS To order replacement parts, please see the front cover of this manual To help us assist you, be prepared to provide lhe following information when contacting us: , the model number and serial number of the producl (see the front cover of this manual) •...

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