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Power Failure/Freezer Failure - Frigidaire CFU14M2AW6 Use & Care Manual

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Power Failure/
Freezer Failure
If leaving freezer door open while on
vacation, make certain that children
cannot get into the freezer and become
Do not open freezer door unnecessarily
if freezer is off for several hours.
Moving Tips
Short Vacations: Leavethefreezer operating duringvacationsoflessthanthreeweeks.
Long Vacations: If the freezer will not be used for several months, remove all food
and unplug the power cord. Clean and dry the interior thoroughly. To prevent odor
and moldgrowth, leave thefreezerdoor open slightly,blocking itopen if necessary.
Moving: Disconnect the power cord plugfrom thewall outlet. Remove foods, then
defrost, and clean the freezer. Secure all loose items such as base panel, baskets,
and shelves by taping them securely in place to prevent damage
In the moving
vehicle, secure freezer in an uprightposition,and secure to prevent movement Also
protect outside of freezer with a blanket, or similar item.
If a power failure occurs, frozen foods will stay frozen for at least 24 hours ifthe
freezer is kept closed If the power failu re continues, pack seven or eight pounds of
dry ice intothe freezer every 24 hours. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Dry Ice,"
"Dairies," or "Ice Cream Manufacturers" for local dry ice suppliers Always wear
gloves and use caution when handling dry ice
If the freezer has stopped operating, see "Freezer does not run" in the Avoid
Service Checklist Section of this manual. If you cannot solve the problem, call an
authorized servicer immediately.
If the freezer remains offfor several hours, follow the directions above for the use of
dry ice during a power failure. If necessary, take thefood to a local locker plant until
the freezer is ready to operate. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Frozen Food Locker

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