Frigidaire MTC500RBM3 Owner's Manual
Frigidaire MTC500RBM3 Owner's Manual

Frigidaire MTC500RBM3 Owner's Manual

Trash compactor


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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Compactor Safety ............Electrical Requirements ..........How Your Compactor Works .......... Parts and Features ............Installing Your Compactor ..........Unpacking Your Compactor .......... Space Requirements ............Freestanding and Undercounter Installation ..........Adjusting the Toe Plate ..........Air Freshener ..............Changing the Standard Panel ........
  • Page 3: Compactor Safety

    Compactor Safety safety safety important. Your and the of others is very We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. Atl safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the word "DANGER"...
  • Page 4: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical How Your Compactor Works Requirements The compacting ram is the part of the compactor which compresses the trash. The compacting ram does not go to the bottom of the drawer. You will not see compact- ing of trash the first few times you load the compactor. NOTE: The compactor drawer should be about 1/3 full before the compactor can begin to compress the load.
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    Parts and Features 110. 1. Control Knob 6. Toe Plate 7. Model and Serial Number Label 2. Air Freshener Compartment 3. Drawer Handle 8. Removable Bag 4. Reversible Drawer Panels 9. Front Leveling Glides 5. Touch-Toe Bar 10. Side-Lock Latch...
  • Page 6: Installing Your Compactor

    Installing Your Compactor Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install IMPORTANT: compactor. Installer: Leave Use and Care Guide with the homeowner, Failure to do so can result in back or other Homeowner: Keep Use and Care Guide for future refer- injury.
  • Page 7: Freestanding And Undercounter Installation

    Freestanding Cutout dimensions Undercounter Installation NOTE: Proper installation is your responsibility. Make sure you have everything necessary for correct installa- tion. It is the personal responsibility and obligation of the Grounded elec- trical outlet customer to contact a qualified installer to assure that must be electrical installation meets national and all local codes 3"...
  • Page 8 Undercounter installation If the compactor drawer front is to be flush with the cabinet front, place retaining bracket screws through NOTE: Installation hardware is not provided with full _" cabinet models. If the compactor is to be midway between "A" and "C", place retaining bracket screws through "B".
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Toe Plate

    Adjusting the Toe Plate Changing the Standard Panel If the toe plate rubs the floor covering, the toe plate To change the color of your compactor's front panel, fol- clearance may be changed as follows: low the directions below. All you need is a medium-sized flat blade screwdriver.
  • Page 10: Using Your Compactor

    Put in the trash Using Your Compactor NOTE: You will not see compacting of trash the first few times you load the compactor. The compactor drawer should be about 1/3 full before the compactor can begin to compress the load, 1.
  • Page 11: Installing A New Bag

    Removing a Filled Bag Installing a New Bag When the trash is compacted to the top of the drawer, Before installing a new bag, be sure: remove the bag. If the bag is too heavy, compact less 1. The drawer side is securely locked. trash before emptying in the future.
  • Page 12: Cleaning Your Compactor

    Cleaning Your Compactor Before cleaning the compactor, turn the Control Knob to 5. Wash with a damp cloth using warm, soapy water. the OFF position and remove. If you will be away for more Rinse. Dry with a soft cloth. than a couple of days, remove the compactor bag.
  • Page 13: Cleaning The Ram

    Troubleshooting First try the solutions suggested here and possibly save the cost of a service call. 7. Setit downgently. Your compactor won't operate. 8.Vacuum insideofcabinet. L iquidspillsor wettrash shouldbecleaned up byhand,or by usinga vacuum • Is the power supply cord unplugged? designed to pickupliquids.
  • Page 14: Requesting Assistance And Service

    (see the "Warranty" section). This information will help If you need further assistance, you can write to Frigidaire us better respond to your request. with any questions or concerns at: Our consultants provide assistance with: Frigidaire Company P.O.
  • Page 15: Recycling With Your Compactor

    Recycling With Your Compactor & & & Organizing the Recycling Workspace Convenient recycle bins are made to fit in the compactor drawer. These bins, as well as plastic compactor bags, PETE HDPE can be purchased in a variety of colors at hardware &...
  • Page 16: Warranty

    Time period listed above, we will through our authorized servicers, all provisions of the full or limited warranty and the exclusions thereunder listed on this form are unchanged except that Frigidaire Company does not pay for the cost of the technician's travel to your home nor for the cost of transporting the product to his shop.

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