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LCD Digital Color TV
© 2006 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 SON_ 2_802.386. LCD Digital Color TV Operating Instructions KDL-52XBR2 KDL-52XBR3 © 2006 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Record The modeland serial numbers arclocated at the lvarof the TV. Record these lmnfl)ersin lhe spaces provided below. Refl:r1o thenl whenexer you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Medel Ne. Serial Ne. Please contact Sony directly if you: •...
  • Page 3 CAUTION the user is encouraged to try to correct the alert the u_r to the pl+ese nee interl_rence by one or more of the Iollowing Use tile lollowing Sony appliance(s) (till}' with of uninsulated "dangerous nleasurcs: file lollowing WALL-MOUNT BRACKET.
  • Page 4 31 Heed all warnings. Blu-ray Disc is a trademark. Follow all instructions. "BRAVIA" and BRAVlA arc trademarks of Sony Corporalion. 5 _ Do not use this appamms near water. This TV incorporales High-Definition Multimedia Interlace (HDMPM) 61 Clean only with dry cloth.
  • Page 5 If the AC power cord is damaged, stop using iF and ask your dealer ur Sony service center to exchmlge it Ground clamps Do not place the TV where tile p ..d is subject t..buse "_ Antenna discharge unll ..
  • Page 6 VENTILATION Objects and ventilation holes • The slots and openings in the TV are provided t_r necessary ventilation. NeverpusllobjectsofanykindintotlleTVtllrougbtl]e To ensure reliable operation of the TV. mad to protect it them overheating, cabinet slots as they may touch dmlgerous voltage points or short out parts...
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION Placing on a stable surface W alIMountBrocket, b ..,..q u*ified lt'you place tile TV on all mlstable Bur fi, ce_ the TV may When installillg or removing, using tile tall and cause iniury or dmnage..t ractors. W*l ..t installation, qu.'es !HIS tile use of a Wall-Mo Lint Bracket.
  • Page 8 SERVICING Damage requiring service If file surface of'file TV cr_lcK b= do not touch tile TV until you unplug tile AC power corcl Otherwise electric shock I_SUlT. Servicing Do not attempt m service tile TV yourself since opennlg tile cobinet moy expo you to dang ..
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Welcome to the World of BRAVIA ................Connecting the TV ......................Cable System and VHF/UHF Antenna System ............Cable Box/Digital Cable Box and Antenna ..............Cable Box/Digital Cable Box ..................Satellite Receiver and Cable/Antenna ............... VCR and Cable ......................VCR and Cable Box/Digital Cable Box ..............When Connecting to Optional Equipment...
  • Page 11: Welcome To The World Of Bravia Tm

    Welcome to the World of B R AV I A TM Thank you for purchasing this Sony LCD Digital Color TV. This manual for models KDL-52XBR2 and KDL-52XBR3. The packing box contains accessories that are listed on page 52. Connecting...
  • Page 12: Cable Box/digital Cable Box And Antenna

    Getting Started Cable Box/Digital Use this hookup if Cable Box and Your cable company scrambles some channels, such as premium Antenna channels. Viewing all channels requires a cable box. You do not intend to hook up any other audio or video equipment your TV.
  • Page 13: Satellite Receiver And Cable/antenna

    Getting Started Satellite Receiver and Cable/Antenna Rear of TV _,..,.m CATV cable Antenna cable Satellite receiver lDEe (yellow) S VIDEO -- AUDIO-L (white) AUDIO-R (red) S VIDEO cable If your satellite receiver is not equipPed with S VIDEO, use a VIDEO cable (yellow) instead of the S VIDEO cable.
  • Page 14: Vcr And Cable

    Getting Started VCR and Cable Rear of TV Coaxial cable Splitter _,,,,_,, [_ CATV cable S VIDEO- VIDEO (yellow) AUDIO-L (white) _' __J ..AUDIO-R (red) AUDIO R AUDIO L VIDEO S VIDEO LINE Coaxial cable A/V cable S VIDEO cable If your VCR is not equipped with S V!DEO, use a VIDEO cable (yellow) instead of the S VIDEO cable.
  • Page 15: Vcr And Cable Box/digital Cable Box

    Getting Started VCR and Cable Box/ Digital Cable Box Rear of TV S VIDEO ,......"2: S VIDEO Coaxial cable cable Vl DEO(yellow)_ VIDEO(yellow) AUDIO-L(white) AUDIO-L(white) AUDIO-R(red)_ AUDIO-R(red) Splitter LINE AUDIOR AUDIOL VIDEO AN cable "_" To change Cable box Coaxial channels using the cable...
  • Page 16: When Connecting To Optional Equipment

    Getting Started When Connecting to Optional Equipment Left side Rear For service use only U[/O B_III_ iiiiiiiiiii iJiiii_il ii ..'--' , [] ... ;& ..p0 @ @ i!L, VIDEO +@@@ U IC A UDIO Headphones jack Connects to your headphones. If your headphones do not match the jack, use a suitable plug adapter (not supplied).
  • Page 17 Getting Started HDMI-to-DVI cable HDMI adapter Audio cable ACIN Connects the supplied AC power cord. VIDEO IN 1 Connects to tile S VIDEO output.jack of your VCR or other video equipment that has S VIDEO S VIDEO. S VIDEO provides better picture quality than composite...
  • Page 18: Installing The Tv

    Getting Started Installing the TV Preventing the TV Attaching the Support Belt from Toppling Over Screw the support belt (supplied) to the TV stand with a wood screw (supplied). Attach the support belt to the stand with the securing screw (supplied) using a coin, etc.
  • Page 19: When Installing On A Wall

    TV's weight. For product protection and safety reasons, Sony strongly recommends that you use the Wall-Mount Bracket model designed for your TV and the wall-mounting of your TV should performed by Sony dealers or licensed contractors.
  • Page 20: Setting Up The Channel List - Initial Setup

    Getting Started Setting Up the Channel List - Initial Setup tile TV, you can run tile Initial Setup to create a Ariel you finish connecting Setup list of available analog and digital channels. The Initial screen appears when you turn on the TV for the first time after booking it up.
  • Page 21: Remote Control

    Remote Control TV/VIDEO Press repeatedly to cycle through the video inputs..imaiion input labels, including the Skip function. SLEEP Press repeatedly until the TV displays the time in minutes (Off, t 5, 30, 45, 60, 90 or t 20) that you want the TV to remain before shutting off.
  • Page 22 Basic Operations GUIDE Press to display the guide when you are watching analog or digital channels. Using the Guide The guide allows you to select tile channels from achannel list. The guide also provides information about the current program being shown on each channel (if information is a,_ailable from the station).
  • Page 23 II PAUSE: Press to pause playback. • STOP: Press to stop the playback of a recorded program. VISUAL Only for Sony DVD recorders with the visual search function. SEARCH For details, see the operating instructions supplied with the DVD recorder.
  • Page 24 Basic Operations PICTURE Press repeatedly to cycle through the available picture modes: Vivid, Standard, Custom. The picture modes can be also accessed in the Picture settings. For details, • ee P cture Settings" on page 33. WIDE Press repeatedly to step through the Wide Mode settings:...
  • Page 25: Programming The Remote Control

    Programming the Remote Control The remote control is preset to operate Sony brand video equipment. BD/DVD 101 (Sony Blu-ray Disc Player) DVR/VCR 901 (Sony Dretun System) SAT/CABLE 801 (Sony Satellite Receiver) Follow tile steps below to program your TV's remote control to operate non- F,"...
  • Page 26 %;i_m;_ ......gggl s 67....310,311,312,313, Sony Samsung VCRs * If an Aiwa VCR does not work even Realistic 309,324, 328,330, though you enter the code for Aiwa, enter 335,338 the code for Sony instead, Sony 301,302. Sm_sui (VHS, 8ram, Beta)
  • Page 27: Using Other Equipment With Your Remote Control

    Basic Operations Using Other Equipment with Your Remote Control To operate other equipment connected to your TV. first turn to page 26 and program the necessary code. For operating video equipment, press TV/VIDI:::O repeatedly until you see the video input on the screen for your connected equipment.
  • Page 28 II (press again lo resmne Pause normal playback) _-!f) Operate tile menu _ 4!' _ _, Operating a 5.1ch DVD AV System (Sony DAV) Stop • Activate the remote control to operate BD/DVD (FUNCTION) the DVD Pause Search the picture lorward or...
  • Page 29 Basic Operations Operating a HDD/DVD Combo Unit Record • Activate the renlote controlto oper_ae DVR/VCR (FUNCTION) ............................ lhe DVD/HDD Record stop • POWER Turn on/oil Record pause Select the HDD Specily the previous chapter/track Select the DVD Specily the next chapter/track Play 12:>...
  • Page 30: Tv Controls

    44. STANDBY LED Lights up in red when your TV is in the PC standby mode. If the LED blinks in red continuously, this may indicate the TV needs servicing (see contacting Sony information on page 2). POWER LED Lights up in green when the TV is turned ou.
  • Page 31: Overview Of Menu

    Overview of MENU MENU provides one-button access for controlling your TV. [t enables you to perform a variety of tasks intuitively with a control panel on the screen rather than a variety of remote control button presses. When you press the MENU button, you can select from basic TV functions: External Inputs, Favorites, Cable, Antenna and Settings.
  • Page 32 Using the Menus list of up to 16 favorite channels that you specify. The Favorites feature lets you select programs from a Highlight Favorites fi-orn the MENU control Favorites panel and press @. The Favorite Channels list appears. Make your selection by pressing tl./$ to highlight...
  • Page 33: Picture Settings

    Using the Menus @ Picture Settings Picture To display settings, ,'ee 1gating Through Settings" (see page 32). Picture Mode Vivid Select for enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. Standard Select for standard picture settings. Recommended for home entertainment. Custom Allows you to store your preferred settings.
  • Page 34 Using the Menus _,_ DRC Mode is available when you are watching 480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i sources. It is not available when Game Mode is On or you are using the Freeze feature. Palette Custom Allows you to customize the level of detail (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity)
  • Page 35: Sound Settings

    Using the Menus Sound Settings To display the Sound settings, ,'ee 1gating Through Settings" (see page 32). Sound Mode Dynamic Select to enhance treble and bass. Standard Suitable for spoken dialog. Custom Flat setting. Allows you to store your preferred settings.
  • Page 36 Using the Menus Alternate Audio Select among the available options to switch among the alternate audio streams. Digital d_annels only program you are tuned to may be broadcast in a different language in the alternate audio streams. The Alternate Audio option is not available if the program is not broadcast...
  • Page 37: Screen Settings

    Using the Menus D Screen Settings To display tile Screen settings, see "Navigating Through Settings" (see page 32). Wide Mode Wide Zoom Select to enlarge the 4:3 picture to fill the 16:9 screen, keeping original image as much as possible. Normal Select to display the 4:3 picture...
  • Page 38 Using the Menus 4:3 Default Wide Zoom Select to enlarge the 4:3 picture, to fill the 16:9 screen, keeping Select the dqfimlt screen original image as much as possible. mode to us'e for 4:3 Normal Select to display the 4:3 picture in its original size.
  • Page 39: Channel Settings

    Using the Menus Channel Settings " V" " " S _' To display the Channel settings, gating Thlough Sett ng, (see page 32). Favorite Channels Lets you set up a list of up to 16 of your favorite channels. Press i'/4 to scroll to the slot you would like to edit.
  • Page 40: Parental Lock Settings

    Using the Menus Parental Lock Settings To display tile Parental Lock settings, see "Navigating Through Settings" (see page 32). Use 0-9 on the remote control to enter a four-digit password. The Parental Lock option appears. Rating Turn Parental Lock oft: No programs are blocked from viewing. Child Maximum ratings permitted are: U.S.: TV-Y, TV-G, G...
  • Page 41 Using the Menus Unrated Allow Allows programs and movies that are broadcast without a rating. Block (available only in Blocks all programs and movies that are broadcast without a rating. u.s.a.) ..uniaie i ai programs may be blocked: programs broadcast from another country,...
  • Page 42 Using the Menus Canadian Models: Selecting Custom Parental Lock Rating Options Country To select custoln rating eptions for Canada, select Canada in the Select setting (see page 41 ). English Rating All chiMren. Children 8 years and oMer. General programming. Parental guidance.
  • Page 43: Setup Settings

    Using the Menus Setup Settings Setup To display tile settings, see "Navigating Through Settings" (see page 32). Caption Vision (CC) Allows you to select from several closed-caption modes. Caption Vision (CC) is turned on. Caption Vision (CC) is turned off. Program Allows you to set basic and advanced...
  • Page 44 Select from Off, Low, High and Picture Off. Logo Illumination Select to illuminate the Sony logo on the t¥ont panel of the TV. Select On or Off. Light Sensor Select On to enable the automatic picture...
  • Page 45 Using the Menus CineMotion Select Auto to optimize the screen display autonlatically detecting fihn content applying a reverse 3-2 pulldown process. Moving pictures will appear clearer and more natural looking. Select Off to disable the detection. ggi souicgsl;xcapi ..when the Freeze feature is in use. Product Information Select to display...
  • Page 46: Pc Settings

    Using the Menus PC Settings To display tile PC settings, see "Navigating Through Settings" (see page 32). _',_ Press TV/VlDEO to switch to another input. _'_ When you connect a PC to your TV for the first time, you may need to adjust the screen display, In such cases, perform Auto Adjustment or manually adjust Phase, Pitch, Horizontal Center, or Vertical Center in Others.
  • Page 47 Using the Menus Others Auto Adjustment Select to automatically adjust the display position, Phase and Pitch of the picture when the TV receives an input signal from the connected PC. Note that Auto Adjustment may not work well with certain input signals.
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    If you have additional questions, service needs, or require technical assistance rehtted to the use of your Sony TV. please visit our website or call one of the following numbers: htt p:// 1-800-222-SONY(7669) for US Residents 1-877-899-SONY(7669) for Canadian Residents No picture.
  • Page 49 There may be more than one code for the equipment that you are attempting operate. There is a possibility that some non-Sony equipment cannot be operated by your Sony TV remote. You may need to use the equipment's original remote control. (Continued)
  • Page 50 Other Information Some digital cable channels are not Certain cable companies have limitations on the brnadcast nf digital cable being displayed. channels. Check with your cable company for more inl_,)rmatinn. The digital cable channel may be set to Hidden in the Show/Hide Channels setting (page 39).
  • Page 51: Pc Input Signal Reference Chart

    Other Information PC Input Signal Reference Chart Resolutkm Standard Horizontal Vertical frequency (kHz) Horizontal Vertical Signals requency (Hz) (Pixel) (Line) 481[) 31.5 61[) 37.5 VESA 4(t(t 31.5 VGA-T SVGA 61111[) 37.9 61[) VESA Guidelines 46.9 VESA × 11[)24 48.4 61[) VESA Guidelines 1024 56.5...
  • Page 52: Specifications

    Other Information Specifications Power Requirement: 120 V-240 V AC, 50160 Hz Power consumption: Television system: In use: KDL-52XBR2: 298W NTSC Americ;m TV standard KDL-52XBR3: 298W ATSC (8VSB terrestrial ) ATSC compliant 8VSB In standby: Less tllan (h5W ANSI/SCTE 07 21tltlt QAM on cable Dinlensions (W/H/D):...
  • Page 53: Index

    4:3 Default 38 MTS 35 Digital Rating MUTING button 23 Display Area DISPLAY button Display Mode 46 A/V Sync 36 AC IN 17 DRC Mode Noise Reduction 33 DRC Palette Advanced Settings 34 DVR/VCR Record Buttons 23 Alternate Audio 22, 36 ANT buttcm 21 PC IN Phase47...
  • Page 54 Treble Troubleshooting 48-50 TV POWER button TV Rating TV/VIDEO button 21,30 U.S.A. Rating Unrated US Models Using with remote control 5.1ch DVD AV System AV Receiver Blu-ray Disc Player Cable Box 27 DVD Player or DVD Changer DVD/VCR Combo Unit DVR 29 HDD/DVD Combo...
  • Page 55 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Eastern) 10:30 AM - 7:15 PM (EST) Sat - Sun 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Western) Sony will work to resolve your questions more quickly than your retailer or place of purchase. Please Do Not Return...

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