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Checking Your Vent - Whirlpool LEQ8800JQ1 Use & Care Manual

Electric and gas dryer


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Your dryer must be properly installed and vented to
achieve maximum drying efficiency and shorten drying
times. Use the minimum recommended
(found in your Installation Instructions) to
avoid blocking the flow of combustion and ventilation
air. Refer to your installation instructions for more
Fire Hazard
Use a heavy metal vent.
Do not use a plastic vent.
Do not use a metal foil vent.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death or fire.
If the dryer is not properly installed and vented, it wilt not
be covered under the warranty.
NOTE: Service calls caused by improper venting will be
paid for by the customer, whether it was a paid installation
or self-installed.
1. Do not use plastic vent or metal foil vent. Use 4 in (10.2
cm) metal or flexible metal vent must be used. Do not
kink or crush flexible metal vent. It must be completely
extended to allow adequate exhaust air to flow, Check
vent after installation. Refer to your Installation
Instructions for proper length requirements of vent.
2. Use a 4 in (10.2 cm) exhaust hood. Smaller hoods
increase drying times.
3. The exhaust vent can be muted up, down, left, right, or
straight out the back of the dryer. Space requirements
are listed in your Installation Instructions.
4. Use the straightest
path possible when routing the
exhaust vent. Use the fewest number of elbows and
turns. Allow room when using elbows or making turns.
Bend vent gradually to avoid kinking.
5. Use duct tape to seal all joints. Do not use screws to
secure vent. Lint may catch on screws.
6. Clean exhaust vent periodically, depending on use, but
at least every 2 years, or when installing your dryer in a
new location.
Disconnect vent from the dryer and clean one
section at a time until you reach the exhaust hood.
Use the hose attachment on your vacuum, or a pole
or wire with a feather duster or rag attached, to
clean out lint.
Be sure the flapper on the outside end of vent
moves freely.
When cleaning is complete, be sure to follow the
Installation Instructions supplied with your dryer for
final product check.
(102 _11)
(10.2 ¢rn)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents