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RCA LED42C45RQ User Manual

RCA LED42C45RQ User Manual

Led lcd tv
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Please register
at www.rca,com
Please keep your
sales receipt
and keep the record
the serial number
the date of purchase
in order
parts and service.
The serial number
is located
at the back of the TV.
Serial Number / N_mero de serie de TV
Date of Purchase / Fecha de la compra
for Today.


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  • Page 1 Part No.: RNO342R0102 M_'_delHumber_ LED42C4_RQ Please register your product at www.rca,com Please keep your sales receipt and keep the record the serial number the date of purchase in order receive warranty parts and service. The serial number is located at the back of the TV.
  • Page 2 Child Safety Guide ............Caution Warning ............Notice ..............Safety Precautions ............Preparation Your TV ......... Congratulations on your purchase! Check Accessories ............As you enjoy your new product, please keep these Setup TV Table Stand ............safely tips in mind: Select TV Location ............
  • Page 3 POSIBLES PROBLEMEAS WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT • La expedencia de entretenimiento de cine en casa es una tendencia EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. crecJentey los grandes monitores de pantaila plana son muy populares Sin embargo, los monitoresde pantallaplana no se hartinstalado siernpre en los CAUTION: soportes adecuadoso instabadode acuerdocon las recomendacionesde fabricante.
  • Page 4 as power-supply cord or p lug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or o bjects have fallen into the a pparatus, the a ppratus has been exposed to rain or m oisture, does not operate normally, or h as been dropped.
  • Page 5 See the below COMPOSITE Video/Audio cable L-AUDIO-R I'- " /_Y IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Audio Cable Go to page 5 Take the base. Please align four holes of the base and four screwholes of the neck, insert the base to the neck, and then insert the 4 screws COMPONENT ¥, Pb, Pr and tighten them.
  • Page 6 When using Y/Pb/Pr, output jack of computer with audio cable (dual-channel RCA jacks make sure you connect left and right audio cables to the to 3.5mm stereo jack or the L-AUDIO-R jack). AUDIO IN R/L jacks.
  • Page 7 CAUTION: • Used batteries should be recycled. • Keep out of children's reach. • DO NOT use new and old batteries together. • Change both the batteries at the same time. Keypad Buttons • When not using the remote control for a long time, remove the If you cannot locate your remote, you carl use the keypad buttons batteries from the unit.
  • Page 8 volume. Choosing TV Channel CHAor CHv: Scans up or down through the current channel list. Press once to change the channel up or down; press and hold to Tuning To Analog Channels continue changing channels. PICTURE: Switches between the preset picture mode (see page 8). An analog channel has a channel number beginning with "A".
  • Page 9 EPG (Electronic Program Guide) • Brightness: Adjust the brightness of picture. • Contrast: Adjust the contrast of color. • Color: Adjust the richness of color. Press EPG button on the remote control, the electronic program guide • Tint: Adjust the balance between red and green level (only will appear in the center of screen.
  • Page 10 Lock Parental Control Equalizer Settings • When the Parental Control Menu is accessed from the Main The seven-band graphic equalizer allows you to adjust the audio Menu, you need to enter password to unlock the menu function. frequency settings. You can select one of the equalizer presets Please enter your four-digit password with numeric keys 0,-9.
  • Page 11 Block Unrated Show Digital Caption Type Block all the unrated program. Press left/right arrow to select digital closed caption type: Service1, Service2, Service3, Service4, Service5, Service6. Downloadable Rating, Clear Downloadable Data Activate or downloadabie rating data. if available. Digital CC Preset Press left/right arrow to select digital closed caption preset: Default, Change Password...
  • Page 12 Why are there bars on my screen, and can I get rid of them? Most digital video is sent in a 16/9 format which fills your screen, but is sometimes sent in 4/3 which does not fill your screen. It depends on how the station or device connected to your TV is formatting the video.
  • Page 13 See if the problem is fixed. If the problem remains, then please visit the Canadian French V-Chip Rating System Customer Support Menu at or updated FAQs or contact RCA Customer Support at the support number provided in your 18+ (Adult): Programming is for adults only.
  • Page 14 This may result in loss of data or The walls for mounting must have enough strength to hold the damage to the USB storage device, and RCA is not responsible for any whole weight of TV set. For example, concrete wall and brickwork damage to, or loss of, data on the USB storage device.
  • Page 15 For a period of 12 months from date of purchase of your RCA MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR product, we will pay an authorized RCA service center for the PURPOSE). NO VERBAL OR WRITTEN INFORMATION new,or at our option, refurbished...
  • Page 16 RCA, pagaremos a un centro autorizado • Las Ilamadas de servicio que no impliquen cualquier servicio de RCA el cargo de mano de obra para reparar defecto en materiales o mano de obra. cualquier defecto en materiales o mano de obra en el televisor.

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