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RCA LED24G45RQ User Manual

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Part No.: RN0324R24002
User's Manual
Please register your product at
Please keep your sales receipt and keep the record of the serial number
and the date of purchase in order to receive warranty parts and service.
The serial number is located at the back of the TV.
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  • Page 1 User's Manual MODEL LED24G45RQ Please register your product at Please keep your sales receipt and keep the record of the serial number and the date of purchase in order to receive warranty parts and service. The serial number is located at the back of the TV.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Child Safety Guide Basic Operations Caution and Warning Turning On and Off Safety Precautions Choosing TV Channel Preparation for Your New TV Selecting Input Source Check Accessories Channel Bar Setup TV Table Stand Adjusting Volume Select TV Location EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Connection and Using OSD Menu Operations TV Signal Connection...
  • Page 3: Child Safety Guide

    Child Safety Guide Congratulations on your purchase! As you enjoy your new product, CHILD please keep these safety tips in mind : SAFETY It makes A Difference How and Where You Use Your Flat Panel Display The Issue Tune Into Safety The home theater entertainment experience is a - One size does NOT fit all.
  • Page 4 Guía de seguridad para niños ¡Muchas gracias por su uso del presente producto! SEGURIDAD Cuando usted disfruta de su nuevo producto, por favor tenga DE NIÑOS: en cuenta los consejos de seguridad: El Cómo y Doónde Usted usar Su Monitor de Panntalla Plana Marca La Diferrencia Posibles Problemeas Ajustar Hasta Seguridad...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    17. Never push objects of any kind into this TV through openings as they may touch dangerous voltage or other electrical parts that Safety Precautions could result in fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind into the TV. 1.
  • Page 6: Preparation For Your New Tv

    The first step in connecting your TV is obtaining the signal. Your Licensing LLC TV LED24G45RQ has a back panel, which allows you to receive analog and/or digital television channels via ANT/CABLE jack. Caution: Unplug the AC cord when you connect other devices to Before connecting your TV, determine using an antenna or a cable service to obtain the signal.
  • Page 7: Connecting Ypbpr Component Device

    Mobile High-Definition Link via MHLcable. 2. Connect the L-AUDIO-R jack on the side of TV to the audio output jack of computer with audio cable (dual-channel RCA jacks to 3.5mm stereo jack or the L-AUDIO-R jack). Note: 1. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data.
  • Page 8: Keypad And Front Panel

    HEAD PHONE: Connect a 3.5mm headphone for personal audio. Front Panel HDMI MHL HDMI : (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) It provides an uncompressed digital connection that carries both video and audio About remote control data by way of an integrated mini-plug cable. working distance and MHL: (Mobile High-Definition Link) To standard HDMI input, transmit angle, see the...
  • Page 9: Channel Bar

    Channel Bar Quick Menu The Quick Menu contains menus and provides you a quick way to Press the OK button on the remote control, when OSD (on-screen approach the main settings that may be most possibly and frequently display)is not used, the channel bar will appear on the Bottom of the approached.
  • Page 10: Audio Menu

    Use up/down to choose the function you need, press OK or right arrow to adjust or enter a sub-menu. The detailed explanation are shown below. Picture Mode Sound Mode Color Mode Warm Choose the preset sound mode of your TV: Screen Size Wide Standard, Soft, User, Dynamic.
  • Page 11: Setup Menu

    Auto Clock Caption Display Select auto clock on/off. Auto clock helps you synchronize your Press left/right arrow to select caption display cc on or cc off. TV time to standard time (from DTV signal). Digital Caption Type Press left/right arrow to select digital closed caption type: Clock Service1, Service2, Service3, Service4, Service5, Service6.
  • Page 12: Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

    Canada V-Chip Press OK or right arrow to enter Canada V-Chip ratings menu, which contains two sub-menus: English Rating and French Rating. Change PIN English Rating Input Block Press OK to enter English rating menu. Use arrow keys to select the rating level you want to block, press OK to lock/unlock the rating V-CHIP level.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    cables is not connected well, or they are connected wrongly. How do I tell an analog channel from a digital channel? Check the connection stability first, then check the correctness. when OSD Press the OK button to display the Channel Bar. For AV input, the yellow video cable connects to the yellow Video (on-screen display)is not used, Look at the top right corner of the...
  • Page 14: Wall Mounting Unit Specification

    See if the problem is fixed. If the problem remains, then please visit the Customer Support Menu at or updated FAQs or contact RCA Customer Support at the support number provided in your Warranty card. USB Media Play Wall Mounting Unit Specification...
  • Page 15: Product Specification

    This may result in loss of data or damage to the USB storage representative, you may take your product to an authorized service device, and RCA is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, center, or you may request in home service (servicer will determine if data on the USB storage device.
  • Page 16 Durante un periodo de 12 meses desde la fecha de compra de su producto RCA, pagaremos a un centro autorizado de servicio de RCA Uso Comercial Exclusion el cargo de mano de obra para reparar cualquier defecto en materiales Esta garantia limitada solo se aplica a los productos utilizados o mano de obra en el televisor.

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