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Husqvarna 155BT Operator's Manual

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Power Blower
Operator's manual
Manuel d'utilisation
The engine exhaust from this product
contains chemicals known to the State
of California to cause cancer, birth
defects or other reproductive harm.
Read the following
instructions before use.
Lire obligatoirement
avant la raise en marche.



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  • Page 1 _Husqvarna 145BT/155BT Power Blower The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State Operator's manual of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Manuel d'utilisation Lire obligatoirement avant la raise en marche. Read the following instructions before use.
  • Page 2 You are now the proud owner of a Husqvsrna Vous _tes maintenant l'heureuxpropri_tsired'un products. It is made of the finestmaterialsand produit Husqvarna.construitavec les meilleurs under a rigid qualitycontrol system. It will give mst_riaux et contrGl6par un syst_mede contrGle you long satisfactory service.To obtain the best qualit_ rigoureux.II vous assurersune longue...
  • Page 3 Etats-Dnis. Information I nfo rmat ions I at i ves contrOI emissions To protectthe environmentin which we all live, Husqvarna has incorporated exhaust emission Afin de prot_ger l'environnement dang lequel control system (EM) in compliance with applicable nous vivons tous.
  • Page 4 La loi f_d_rale la loi de l'Etat de Californie in use, or (2) the use of the engine after such interdit lesactions suivantes ou le fait de causer device or element of design has been removed or celles-ci: rendered inoperative by any person.
  • Page 5 , Fonctionnement s0r 1.Safe Operation Ib,, AVERT ISSEMEST WARN t NG Improperuse of this blower may cause serious Le manuvaisusage de ce chalumeaupout causer injuriesto yourselfor bystanders.Especiallyyou dles blcssuresgraves&son utflisateur ainsi qu' must be aware of the possibilities of injuriesto aux personnesse trouvantdans son entourage.
  • Page 6 OPERATE YOUR UNIT SAFELY UTILISER VOTRE APPAREILSANS RISQUE ]nspect the entire unit before each use for i. [nspecterla totalit_de l'appareil avant worn, loose, or damagedparts. Do not use chaque usage pour d_celer les pi_cesus_es until the unit is in proper 1orking order. desserr_es ou endonmag_es.He pas utiliser Eeep the outside surfaces free of oil l'appareil...
  • Page 7 2. Specifications 2. Specifications Shoulder Harr_ss Sanl_le d_pa ule 5_a*k Plu_ 9ouEie A& Cleaner Fillre _ air Re¢o;I Slitler Knob Blower P_pe bouton de d_tenie Chalumeau Fltel Tal_k Cap bouc_hon de r6servoir...
  • Page 8 TECHNICAL SPEC I F I CAT IONS Model 145BT 1 55BT 330m_x 410mmx460mm Dimensions(L×W×D 350mm x 445mmx 450mm 8.8_ Weightdry 8. ak_ 1.6 litre Fuel capacity 2,0 litre Engine Type Air cooled two stroke Air cooled two stroke Bore x Stroke 40 x 32 mm 44 x 32 mm 40.2 cc...
  • Page 9 3. Instal lation 3.1nstallati0n .u.s Es V.o _a.._Y_O .u.R.._ L:..O.W.E P. k___ _.R.f. _.T.__t.. __ _. _.§_ ! .a..L _- J. 7._-s-. p._.Z. !A.I. _ . &T_!.q H ..P_ _._.C..H. A _. g_M__ _ -U-, a. Nettoyagedes salet_ sou des herbes coupes a.
  • Page 10 ASSEMBLY STEPS ETAPES D'ASSEMOLAGE Extension Tubes Tubas d'extension Slip one hose clamp onto each end of the a. Mettre une bride de serrage_ cheque flexibletube. Figure 2. extr&mit_du tub_ flexible.Figure 2. Installf[exibletube onto the output tube b. Monter le tube flexiblesur le tube de on the engine, sortie de l'appareil.
  • Page 11 4. Operating Instructions 4, Mode d' emploi ..F_U..E. L_ J.N C. Y_O.U_.R __.U_.N L T_. A _L_ LME N.T_ _A_.T L_O..N__..O..E. .L_'. A . _ P. _P_ _A_ R. _ E_ _L _L Gasoline Essence <l) Manipuleravec precautioni'essence (I) Handle unleaded.regular gasolinewith ordinair_sans plomb.
  • Page 12 Hulls deux temps • For the best results use HUSQVARNA two-stroke • Pour Ins neilleurs r_sultsts, utiliser l'huile deux temps HUSQVARNA, sp_oialement miss eu point oil. which has been specially produced for Xusqvarna products. pour lee produits Husqvarna. Mixing ratio 1:50 (2%}.
  • Page 13 .s_T _n3_j LN S y.R.UCT!IO N S STARTING THE ENGINE(Fig. OEMARRAGE OU MOTE_B,!Fig. 5) Mettre le coemutateur d'allumagesur la i. Push-ignition switch to the "ON" position. position "ON', :(Fig. 8) (Fig. 8) 2. Actionnerla pompe d'amor_age.(Fig_4) 2. Push thepriming pump. (Pig.4) Avecla manettedesgaz en positionde With the throttlelever fully closed, push fermeture...
  • Page 14 Idle ferme raise en;rnarch_ FiB. 8 ARRETDUMOTEUR STOPPtIIG THE ENGINE Fermer la manette du papillonpour r6duire Turn the throttlelever to the low speed la vitesse du moteur. setting. Mettre le commulsteurd'allumagesur la Push ignitionswitch to the "OFF" position. position"OFF'. (Fig. 8) (Fig.
  • Page 15 5, tnspecti0n 5, Inspection entretien Maintenance E E_G_ .L..A_ _G..E...g.E. _._L. "__.A..P..P.A_ _.E._L_L_ ENGINE ADJUSTMENTS Adjustment of carburetor R_giage _u carburateur de la vis de R_gler le raienti & l'aide (1) ^djust the idle rotating speed by the r_glage pr_vue _ cet effet. En tournant idle adjusting screw.
  • Page 16 c. O_N_ _T. a _ _O_ k .E...E..T..E.N.T.R. E_ _T..L _E_ .N_ M.A_ L N T A_ L N._ Y.O..U..R.. _.U_N.. L.T_ PROPERLY FILTRE A AtR (Fig. 11) AIR CLEANER (Fig. (i) Enlever le couvereledu filtre& air et (l) Remove air cleaner cover and take out air retirer le fiitre.
  • Page 17 3 years. Note: The service intervals indicated are to be used as a,guide. Service to be performed nore frequently as necessary by operating condition. : Serviceto be performed by an authorized Husqvarna enginedealer, "#_ : Servicemore frequently under dusty conditions..
  • Page 18 Remarque: Les intervalles d'entretien mentionn_s sent fournis titre ind£catif. Proc_der plus fr_que_ment & l'entreLien siles conditions d'utilination l'exigent. : 0p6ration devant 6tre effectu6e par un co_cessionnaire agrL_ en moteurn Husqvarna. "k : 0l_ration & effectuer plus fr_quemment en environnement poussi_reux.
  • Page 19 6, Trouble-Shooting and Storage TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART CAUSE REMEDY TROUBLE Enginevili not start. I. Ignition svitchoff. 1. Move Ignition swich to "ON." 2. Engine flooded. 2. See "StartingInstructions." 3. Fill tank vith correctfuelmixture. 3. Fuel tankempty. 4. Spark plug not firing. d.
  • Page 20 6, D pistage des pannes et remisage TABLEAU DEPANNAGE PANNE REMEDE CAUSE Lemoteurned_arrepss. i. Interrupteur d 'allumage coup_. I. /menerl'interrupteur d'allumage sur "ON." (=arche) 2. Moteurnoy6. Z. Voir "Instructions d e d6marrage." 3. R_servoir i carburant vid_ 3. Remplirle r_servoir au moyen du m_langede carbursnt correct.
  • Page 21 STORAGE STOCKAGE RANGEMENT APRES UTILISATION STORAGE A FTERUSE Gi vous devez ranger votre souffleur pour Correctlypreparingyour Power Blower for longtemps, ne manquez pas de prendre routes extendedstoragewill be amply rewardedby an increased service life and trouble free ]es pr6cautions utiles ;...
  • Page 22 NOTES...
  • Page 23 NOTES...
  • Page 24 Husqvarna Dealer Distributeur If. you bought the unit. make sure to have your dealer seal placed on the dealer's sealing space in the Operator's Manual saintenance, (with dealer's na=e. address, telephone, fax, signature of person in charge) Si vous avez achet_ carte unit_, assurez-vous qua le cachet de votre .distribuLeur...

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