Disposal Of The 3D Glasses - Sharp AN-3DG20 Operation Manual

3d glasses for 3d aquos
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Using the 3D Glasses

Disposal of the 3D glasses

(Excluding Australia)
Remove the 3D glasses battery, and then follow these
steps to take the 3D glasses apart.
Pull out the nose pad with your fingers.
Remove the five screws with a Phillips screwdriver
(commercially available).
Pull the front casing outward with your fingers
while pulling the base of the right temple arm
inward with your fingers ( s ).
1 Front casing
2 Base
3 Right temple arm
Cut off the three cables of the rechargeable
battery unit one by one with a pair of scissors.
• There is the rechargeable battery unit inside 2 on
the right temple arm shown below.
• Insulate the tip of the removed rechargeable
battery cable with material such as scotch tape.
1 Right temple arm
2 Rechargeable battery unit
3 Rear casing
Pull out the entire rechargeable battery unit and
remove it from the rear casing.
• Used batteries should be disposed in accordance with
local laws and regulations.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents