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Craftsman 973.113051 Owner's Manual page 8

3/8 in., 18 volts cordless drill-driver variable speed / reversible
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Always wear safety goggles or safety
glasses with side shields when operating tools.
Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown
into your eyes, resulting in possible serious injury.
Do not allow familiarity with your drill-
driver to make you careless. Remember that a
careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict
severe injury.
The battery pack for this tool has been shipped in a low
charge condition to prevent possible problems. Therefore,
you should charge it until light on front of charger changes
from red to green.
Note: Batteries will net reach full charge the first time they
are charged. ALlow several cycles (drilling followed by
recharging) for them to become fully charged.
Charge battery pack only with the charger provided.
Make sure power supply is normal household
voltage, 120 volts, 60 Hz, AC only.
Connect charger to power supply.
Place battery pack in charger aligning raised rib in
charger with groove in battery pack.
Press down on battery pack to be sure contacts on
battery pack engage properly with charger contacts.
Normally, the yellow and green lights on charger will
come on. This indicates charger is in soft start mode
and should switch to fast charge mode within 5
minutes. When charger is in fast charge mode the red
light will come on. If after a period of 15 minutes the
yellow and green lights remain on, remove battery
pack, wait 1 minute and reinsert battery pack in
charger. If the yellow and green lights continue to
remain on after an additional 15 minutes, the battery
pack is damaged and will not accept a charge. Return
battery pack to your nearest Sears Repair Center for
checking or replacing.
When your battery pack becomes fully charged, the
red light will turn OFF and the green light will turn ON.
After normal usage, 1 hour of charging time is required
to be fully charged. A minimum charge time of 1-1/2
hours is required to recharge a completely discharged
The battery pack will become slightly warm to the
touch while charging. This is normal and does not
indicate a problem.
Do not place charger in an area of extreme heat or
cold. It will work best at normal room temperature.
When batteries become fully charged, unplug charger
from power supply and remove the battery pack.
When using your drill-driver continuously, the batteries in
your battery pack will become hot. You should let a hot
battery pack cool down for approximately
30 minutes
before attempting to recharge. When the battery pack
becomes discharged and is hot, this will cause the yellow
and green lights on your battery charger to come on
instead of the red light. The yellow and green lights
indicate soft start mode and will switch to green only,
indicating slow charge mode. The red light indicates fast
charge mode, 1 hour charge time. The green light indi-
cates slow charge mode, requiring overnight charging for
batteries to reach full charge. If the green light comes on
after letting battery pack cool down, remove it from
charger for additional cooling. Once the battery pack cools
down, you can recharge battery pack in fast charge mode
as normal. Do not leave a hot battery pack in charger
until it cools down. The green light will not go off when
battery pack cools. If fast charge mode is desired, you
must physically remove a hot battery pack from the
charger, let it cool, then place it back in charger after it
has cooled down.
Note: This situation only occurs when continuous use of
your drill causes the batteries to become hot. It does not
occur under normal circumstances.
Refer to "CHARGING
BATTERY PACK" for normal recharging of batteries. If
the charger does not charge your battery pack under
normal circumstances,
return both the battery pack and
charger to your nearest Sears repair center for electrical



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