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Generalcleaning - Frigidaire FEC36C2ASA Owner's Manual

Electric cooktop
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General Cleaning
Prior to cleaning the coil elements make sure they are cold and that control knobs are set
at OFF,
Never immerse the coil elements in water.
Never leave covers on the coil elements as they could be permanently
damaged if turned on by accident,
To Remove
and Replace
and Drip Bowls
(some models)
Before cleaning the cooktop, be sure the controls are turned to OFF and the cooktop is COOL.
Be careful
nor to Dena terminal
after cleaning.
To Remove
1, Lift up edge of surface element across from terminal end just enough to clear the edge of
the drip bowl.
2, Gently slide the surface element out of the terminal plug.
3, Lift the drip bowl up and out,
To Replace
1, Line up the opening of the drip bowl with the terminal plug,
2, Hold the surface element aslevel aspossible and slide the terminal end through the opening
and into the terminal plug.
3, Be sure the surface element is level to reduce the hazard of pans sliding off the element,
To Raise the
Top for Cleaning
1, Grasp the sides and lift from the front, Some models may have a lifbup rod to support the top in its raised position. Lift the top
only high enough to allow the support rod to fit into place, then gently lower the cooktop onto the raised rod.
2, Clean underneath using a clean cloth and hot, soapy water,
3, Gently lower the cooktop into the frame, Ifyour model hasa support rod, lower the support rod, then gently lower the cooktop
into the frame,
When lowering the lift-up cooktop, grasp the sides with fingertips only, Be careful not to pinch fingers. DO NOT
drop or bend the cooktop when raising or lowering. This could damage the surface.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents