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50-295 AMP
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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 113.201480

  • Page 1

    Save This Manual For Future Reference MODEL NO. 113.201480 Serial Number Model and serial number may be found at the rear • •i•: i•i:: ¸ :_:::: :• of the cabinet. You should record both model and serial number in a safe place for future use.

  • Page 2

    area or when near a slag chipping operation. c, Wear oil-free flame resistant protective a:. Never permit the electrode or live metal parts of:the eiectrodeholder t0_t0uch bare sk nor garments, such as leather gloves heavy long sleeved shirt, cuffless trousers and high shoes.

  • Page 3

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN ELECTRIC WELDER if this Craftsman Etectric Welder fails to perform properly, due to a defect in materiaJ or workmanship,within oneyear from the date of it free of while this is in use in the...

  • Page 4

    OPERATING!I_INSTR_CTI Operating ContrOls ............Warranty _ : ii !:.! : i _.:_i:::.: ... :.:;_:.:. _.i _. !., _i 3 ..Getting ::'.. :,:_:i. WELDING ROD SPECIFICATIONS ..Unpacking C_cki"gGontents :; : .!;;..REPAIR PARTS ......GETTING TO: KNOW YOUR WELDER HEAT SELECTOR LOCKING KNOB...

  • Page 5

    ASSEMBLY TOOLS NEEDED 7/16-inch wrench Screwdriver (small) 1/4" Hex "L" Wrench (furnished) ATTACHING ELECTRODE HOLDER TO ELECTRODE CABLE Grasp the electrode holder and locate the slotted head, handle locking screw near the mid-point of the insulating handle. Loosen this screw approximately two turns, or until the handle can be slipped off the electrode holder.

  • Page 6

    CONNECTING WELDER TO POWER SUPPLY CAUTION: Do not attempt to connect this welder to CONNECT TO GROUND BUSS regular household outlet. Make sure IN POWER PANEL, power-line voltage and frequency agree with the ratings shown on the selector plate attached tothe cabinet_ Electrical...

  • Page 7

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS We feel that welding with your new Craftsman dual range arc welder is as simple as A.B.C. A. Determine what diameter electrode should used...

  • Page 8

    weld. Because metals vary their make up and technique of each operat0r is different, you may find it necessary to: increase: or decrease amperage output accord!ngly. CAUTION: Donol loosen and move amp se|ector while welding.. The duty cycle scales bracketing the amperage minutes out of 10 minutes...

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  • Page 10

    _i_?/:-: ¸ _:!..TABLE _cONTENTs Page _iii _!i. i_ __ Your WelderandWhat it Will Do ..... Howthe CraftSman COntact R od Simplifies Welding 1-3 WhatHappens WhenYou Weld? .... RoadeefareWeiding .:i._._,.!..:,..i.,..LearnBy Doing ......PositionWelding ......1-11 Cast4ronWelding..; ..

  • Page 11

    YOUR WELDER and what H wil/ do . . Your CRAFTSMAN Arc Welderisa sturdily constructedandthoroughlytestedmachineengineered to give many years of efficient trouble-free service. It is listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, incorporated,which meansthat it passes al! requirements of safety, fire hazardand temperaturerise limits asspecified in their Standard for Transfer-TypeArc-Welding Equipment.

  • Page 12

    When operating a welder, certain precautions must be taken to prevent injuries to yourseff and others. Knowing ha w to use the protective equipment to safeguard against them is the first step in learning to weld. The effects heat arid:tight given by the arc, while (not oxfords)

  • Page 13

    LEARN BY DO|NG 90': OFWELD DIRECTIOH Experience has proven that short periods of practice first attempting to weld. Insert a small, mild-steel welding regutar intervals are the best way to teach yourself electrode in the electrode holder and connect the welding to weld.

  • Page 14

    Figure 3 ..Figure 4 Figure Figure TO lay a weld:bead _nly two Watch the weld puddle ta Fill the crater, when starting 1"owiden the bead, work the movements are ,sod. down* keep the slag from flowing a new rod, by std.king the rod from side tn side sliEht- ward andin the eirectiOnthe in front of it.

  • Page 15

    CURRENT TOO LOW TRAVELTOO FAST Arc is difficult to maintain. Small bead undercut in Very little penetration.High some places. Rough top bead. and little penetration. T ..CURRENTTOO HIGH ARC TOO LONG Wide thin bead, undercut. Surface of weld rough. Crater pointed and tong.

  • Page 16

    STRIP Figure 4 Figure 1/16-INCH REIKFORCEMENT Flat welding includes all types of joints in which the weld ishorizontal; and the electrode is fed d own as in the practice Figure Figure Welds Of previous pages_ The five types of ioints in figure 1 can b_ welded in the flat position.

  • Page 17

    Run the first pass on beveled plates with a 5/32-inch i •¸ • • •• and use as high a current as you can handle to obtain a small bead on the underside. If this is not done, insufficient UNDERCUT GASPOCKET penetration wit] result, as shown in figure 11.

  • Page 18

    LAP WELDS LAP WELDS Figure _14 Figure ..i • • • •11 • • • should be nearly flat with a slight radlus at the SidesOr wilL come: with experience, ffthe arc is advanced too fast, toes. AVoid excessive concave or convex surfaces of the held:t6o: close to the vertical plate, undercutting may result (fig.

  • Page 19

    POS}ITtON WELDING weld, run a few practice beads to get the "'feel" of the arc. Tack-weld a piece of scrap iron to an old practice plate so it is positioned vertically (fig. 31. Use 1/8-inch rods for the first welds and a current of about 75 to 115 amperes. BUTT WELl) Experiment with various amperage settings until you are using the highest current you can handle.

  • Page 20

    WELOING Figure F.;gure Figure 6 Figure Use 1/8 and 5/32qnch rods for all vertical-up welds weave (fig. This will produce a "shelf" _pon which additional metal is deposited intermittently as the welding progresses. There shouJd be a slight pause in the weaving motion at the toes of the weld to avoid making...

  • Page 21

    ,p,JlL Figure HORIZONTAL WELDING Horizontat welding refers to one type of butt weld between one side. If the seam numerous gaps, use a back-up two plates in a ve_tica] plane. For practice, set up a plate strip, allowing sffght between edges 1i8qnch as for vertical welding and run straight...

  • Page 22

    To simulate actual conditions tack-weld a piece with on surrounding metal is free to move (not clamped or tacked) irregular edge to another piece leaving numerous gaps it cannot resist these forces and bends (fig. 22). along the ioint. Use the whipping motion and deposit a The weld also contracts in width, as well as in length,...

  • Page 23

    of the fractured surface to line up the two pieces. Tack-weld brush each bead before depositing the next. Then continue or cramp parts in position. If the crack has not separated to fil! the groove with short weld beads as before, working the casting, a vee-groove can be chipped out with a dla- rapidly when depositing and peening the bead.

  • Page 24

    TIWIN iCAR B O N I:A R C TO R C H To prepare the torch for use, connect its two cables to the ground electrode cables welding machine. Grounding of the work is not necessary as the operation CAH_ON ELECTRODES the arc flame is entirely independent.

  • Page 25

    bent and edges fused together by melting down the excess metal to form a bead (fig. 6). No filler rods are required. carbon-arc torch is ideally suited brazing soldering small tubing. Cast malleable iron be brazed with excellent results. A bronze filler common brazing...

  • Page 26

    BOLT AND RIVET CUTTING Removing rusty botts Or rivets is an easy i0b with an electric arc welder. _The arc is struCk on the head or nut of the bait and w0rkedaround in a slight circular movement untll the head s complete]y meffed 0ff(fig.

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  • Page 28

    • ,,_ _,;,i_:_i,i NOTES 1-20...

  • Page 29

    WELDING SPECJF|CATiONS E-6011 MiLD STEEL AC-DC GENERAL APPLICATIONS: Farm Equipment • Sheet Meta/ • Car and Truck • Body and Fender ® Pipe • Tanks e Maintenance _ Jigs and Fixtures • Cabinets e General Repairs e Structural Steel SIZES HEATS lAMPS) Diameter...

  • Page 30

    E-6013 MILD STEEL AC'DC multi-purpose all position GENERAL APPLICATIONS: Farm Equipment Car and Truck Sheet Metal Pipe • Tanks • Boilers Structural Steel Maintenance Repairs o General Repair Work SIZES AND HEATS (AMPS) Diameter . _-..o,,_, 5164" ,3132" 1/8" 5/32" 3t16""...

  • Page 31

    i¸ : L :¸ • _: //:: i•: I ::/•: ::•::•::i: •i¸'¸ ':_'?_ _i :_•:': _:::• ••:,?• _! •i•/:i•::••::: ¸'¸ ::: WELD,NG SP;=CUF,CATIONS ..__.'---____! ..HARD SURFACmNG AC-DC medium chrome-carbon electrode GENERAL APPLICATIONS: Tractor Grousers and Rollers Scraper Blades Agri- cultural Implements...

  • Page 32

    Starts on contact With Sm00th: Surge:free arc; als() restrikes instantly; Thls Craftsman electrode has powdered iron in the coating wi_ich:makes welding easier and faster, :The •slag is easy to remove in most casesself-peeling as the cools:.

  • Page 33

    MACHINABLE CAST iRON AC-DC rnachineable welds on all cast irons GENERAL APPLICATIONS: Cylinder Blocks • Crankcases = Valve Seats e Defective Castings e Gears e Sprockets • Casting Repairs in General e Garages e Farms e Shops SIZES AND HEATS (AMPS) 3/32"...

  • Page 34

    • _ i,,,_:_ ,_ 19 18 17 28 _ •...

  • Page 35

    PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN 50-295 DUAL RANGE WELDER MODEL 113.201480 Always order by Part Number -- not by Key Number Part Pa rt Description Description 61416 Cabinet, *Washer, 17/64 x 5/8 x 1/16 STD551025 61276 Spacer 51439 +Clamp, Ground 61419...

  • Page 36

    Sears 50=295 AMP DUAL RANGE: ARC WELDER Now that you have purchased your 295 amp arc welder, SERVICE should a need ever exist for repair parts or service, simply contact any Sears Service Center and most Sears, Roebuck and Co. stores. Be sure to provide afl pertinent facts when...

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