Craftsman 351.219061 Operator's Manual

Hollow chisel mortiser
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Operator's Manual
Model No.
Read and follow
all Safety Rules and Operating
before First Use
of this Product.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
15140.03 Draft (08/30/02)


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  • Page 1 Operator's Manual CRRFTSMI:IN _ HOLLOW CHISEL MORTISER Model No. 351.219061 CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before First Use of this Product. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. 15140.03 Draft (08/30/02)
  • Page 2 PREPARE WORK AREA FOR JOB • Keep work area clean. Cluttered work areas invite Warranty ........accidents. SafetyRules ......• Do not use power tools in dangerous environments. Unpacking ......... • Do not use power tools in damp or wet locations. Do Assembly .
  • Page 3 • Use recommended accessories (refer to page 11). Use of improper accessories may cause risk of injury to persons. Refer to Figures 2 - 11. • Handle workpiece correctly. Protect hands from pos- sible injury. INSTALLING THE ELEVATION HANDLE • Turn machine off if it jams.
  • Page 4: Installing The Table

    INSTALLING THE TOOL AND CHISEL • Check the movement of the head, and its return, using the handle. HOLDER Slide the tool and chisel holder into the vertical slots INSTALLING THE TABLE towards the back of the mortiser shaft. Place the two flat head screws in the top side of the table, and attach the T-nuts loosely underneath.
  • Page 5: Power Source

    POWER SOURCE • Push the bit as far up through the chisel as it will go into the open chuck. Lock the bit in the chuck using WARNING: Do not connect hollow chisel mortiser to the chuck key. The bit point should be very sharp: the power source until all assembly steps have been use the block of wood used to insert the bit as a completed.
  • Page 6: Electrical Connections

    A.W.G. Up to 50 ft ........ DESCRIPTION 50-100 ft ........The Craftsman hollow chisel mortiser is a heaw duty, NOTE: Using extension cords over 100 ft. long is not portable, machine designed to produce mortises up to recommended. _/2"wide in hardwoods and 3/4"wide in softwoods. Slow feeds and patience allow the user to create 3/4"wide...
  • Page 7: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS on medications that affect your emotional or physical stability. Chisel capacity ......1/4" t o 3/4" Turn switch off and disconnect power whenever Maximum height of work under head, mortiser is not in use. with W' chisel and bit in place; normal Keep mortiser maintained.
  • Page 8: General Maintenance

    • Remove the handle. Placing the hold-down on its shaft upside down gives another %" clearance for thicker stock, but the • Lie the machine on its back and remove both hex hold-down set screw does not then hit the flat on the nuts, washers and socket head bolts.
  • Page 9 Figure 19 - Adjust Gib + Tighten the lock nuts and check the movement again.
  • Page 10 Model 351.219061 Figure 20 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Mortising Machine...
  • Page 11 PART NO. DESCRiPTiON QTY. PART NO. DESCRiPTiON QTY. 15850.00 Tool Holder 07322.00 5x5x12mmKey 17300.00 Column 15870.00 Gear 00483.00 8-1.25 x 25mm Socket 01210.00 5-0.8 x 5mm Set Screw Head Bolt 16846.00 8-1.25 x 20mm Brass Flat 15888.00 Point Set Screw Capacitor 08066.00 Switch...
  • Page 12 IVIORTAJADORA DE FORIVION • Use zapatos de seguridad con suelas antideslizantes. • Use galas de seguridad que cumplan con ANSI Z87.1 de los HUECO Estados Unidos. Los espejuelos para uso diario s61o tienen lentes resistentes al impacto. NO son galas de seguridad. Modelo No.
  • Page 13 • Nunca deje la herramienta desatendida cuando este funcio- nando. Apague la energia electrica y no deje la herramienta hasta que pare completamente. • No trate de alcanzar m_.s de Io posible. Mantenga la posici6n y el equilibrio correctos. • Nunca se pare sobre la herramienta.
  • Page 14 • Use la manivela para elevar el cabezal a fin de engachar acoplamiento superior en su soporte conformado. Figura 7 - Instale el sujetador Figura 4 - Instale la parte inferior del cilindro • Inserte el tornillo de fijaci6n y asegure la varilla al reborde.
  • Page 15: Fuente De Alimentacion

    Afloje el tornillo de fijaci6n anterior en la mortajadora, una fuente de alimentaci6n adecuada. Para instalar la mortajadora de form6n hueco: deslice el form6n en el cabezal hacia arriba hasta que tope. Ahora, descienda el form6n aproximadamente 3 mm y apriete •...
  • Page 16: Cables De Extension

    LONGITUD DEL CORDON DE EXTENSION • El enchufe debe conectarse en el tomacorriente correspon- diente que haya sido instalado y conectado a tJerra debida- TamaSo del alambre ....(segQn la norma A.W.G.) mente, de acuerdo con todos los c6digos y regulaciones Hasta 50 pies ........
  • Page 17: Especificaciones

    DESCRIPClON • Mantenga siempre las manos y los dedos alejados La mortajadora de form6n hueco Craftsman es una m_.quina cabezal en descenso y de la barrena en rotaci6n. port_.til de servicio pesado diseSada para producir mortajas •...
  • Page 18: Mantenimiento

    AJUSTE DEL SUJETADOR • Es normal que la operaci6n con algunos tipos de madera pro- duzca un poco de humo, ya que las resinas se queman y la • El sujetador evita que la pieza de trabajo se levante cuando el fricci6n de las astillas genera calor.
  • Page 19 AJUSTE DEL ARREGLO ENTRE EL CABEZALY LA COLUMNA Una cuba de cola de milano cabe dentro de una via de cola de milano en el eje de la mortajadora. En el refrentado del lado derecho de la mb.quina desde su posici6n de operaci6n - hay dos tornillos...
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