Craftsman 358.794732 Operator's Manual

25cc/1.5 2-cycle 200 mph/430 cfm gasoline powered blower/vac


25cc/1.5 2-Cycle
200 MPH/430 CFM
Model No.
• Assembly
p. 21
Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating
Instructions before first use of this product.
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about this product:
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 358.794732

  • Page 1 Operator's Manual I CRRFTSMRN°I 25cc/1.5 2-Cycle 200 MPH/430 CFM GASOLINE POWERED BLOWERNAC Model No. 358.794732 • Safety • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Parts List • Espa_ol, p. 21 WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product.
  • Page 2 Sears store, Parts & Repair Service Center, or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair (or replacement repair proves impossible). This warranty applies for only 90 days if this product is ever used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • Page 3 Hazard zone f orthrown objects. Keep c hildren, bystanders, and animals away f rom work a rea a minimum of30feet ( 10 meters) when s tarting or operating unit. Do not p oint blower nozzle i nthe direction ofpeople orpets. Do not wear jewelry, loose clothing, or clothing with loosing hanging secure...
  • Page 4: Know Your Unit

    • Do not o perate unit w hen y ou are _WARNING: F ailure tofollow all tired, ill,upset, orifyou areunder the Safety Rules and Precautions canre- influence ofalcohol, drugs, ormedi- sult i nserious injury. cation. • Keep c hildren, bystanders, and ani- KNOW YOUR U NIT mals a way f rom work a rea amini-...
  • Page 5 Sears Service Center. ning. Debris such asgravel, sand, • Use only recommended Craftsman dust, grass, etc. c ould b epicked upby replacement parts; use of any other the airintake and thrown out t hrough...
  • Page 6: Carton Contents

    CARTON C ONTENTS Upper Blower Check carton c ontents against the fol- Tube lowing list. Model 358,794732 Lower Blower • Blower Tube • Upper blower tube • Lower blower tube • High velocity nozzle • Elbow tube Slot • Vacuum bag 4.
  • Page 7 on the vacuum inlet cover with your other hand. Hold the vacuum inlet cover open until upper vacuum tube is installed. Vacuum Zipper Inlet Opening ".,. Cover Small Open+ng NOTE: Make sure edge of the small opening is flush against the flared area of the elbow tube, and the rib on the elbow tube is on the bottom.
  • Page 8 HOW TO CONVERT UNIT FROM SHOULDER STRAP ATTACHMENT VACUUM USE TO BLOWER (optional accessory #71-85783) 1. Remove the elbow tube and vacu- 1. Pass the shoulder strap over your um bag by turning the knob coun- head and onto your left shoulder. terclockwise to loosen the elbow 2.
  • Page 9 KNOW YOUR BLOWER READ THIS OPERATOR'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT. Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Upper Vacuum Tube Elbow Tube Lower Vacuum Tube (/_ STO P...
  • Page 10 Make sure the blower end synthetic 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil. is directed away from people, ani- We recommend Craftsman brand syn- mals, glass, and solid objects. thetic oil. Mix gasoline and oil at a ratio of 40:1. A 40:1 ratio is obtained by mix-...
  • Page 11: Starting A Cold Engine

    7. Once the engine starts, allow it to WARNING: When starting engine, run 10 seconds, then move the hold the unit as illustrated. Do not set choke lever to the RUN position. Al- unit on any surface except a clean, hard low the unit to run for 30 more se- area when starting engine or while en- conds at RUN before releasing the...
  • Page 12 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES _1, WARNING: Disconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance, service, or adjustments. CARE & MAINTENANCE TASK WHEN TO PERFORM Before each use Check for loose fasteners and parts Before each use Check for damaged or worn parts After each use Inspect and clean unit and labels Clean air filter Every 5 hours of operation...
  • Page 13 REPLACE SPARK PLUG As the unit is used, carbon deposits Replace spark plug each year to ensure build up on the muffler and spark ar- the engine starts easier and runs better. resting screen, and must be removed Set spark plug gap at 0.025 inch. Igni- to avoid creating a fire hazard or af- tion timing is fixed, nonadjustable.
  • Page 14: Seasonal Storage

    Run lated area where fuel vapors cannot engine at least 3 minutes after adding reach sparks or open flames from stabilizer. water heaters, electric motors or Craftsman 40:1,2-cycle engine oil (air switches, furnaces, etc. cooled) is already blended with fuel •...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE WARNING: Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug before perform- ing any of the recommended remedies below other than remedies that re- quire operation of the unit. CAUSE REMEDY TROUBLE Engine will not i 1. See "Starting a Flooded Engine"...
  • Page 16: Warranty

    YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS AND OB- ing your warranty rights and responsibili- LIGATIONS: The U.S. Environmental ties, you should contact your nearest Protection Agency/California Air Re- authorized service center, call Sears at sources Board and Sears, Roebuck and 1-800-469-4663, or send e-mail corre- Co., U.S.A., are pleased to explain the spondence to emission.warranty@...
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    e-mail correspondence to emission. repair on emission related parts will be warranty@ HCOP- provided without charge to the owner if WHERE TO GET WARRANTY SER- the part is under warranty. EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY PARTS LIST: VICE: Warranty services or repairs shall be provided at all Sears Service Cen- Carburetor, air filter (covered up to main- ters.

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