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Sharp FU-40SE-K Operation Manual

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Tabletop / wall-mounting type



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  Summary of Contents for Sharp FU-40SE-K

  • Page 1 FU-40SE-K AIR PURIFIER OPERATION MANUAL Tabletop / wall-mounting type...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    In this case, purchase an exchange filter FZ-40SEF of the option goods, and replace the filters. Thank you for purchasing the SHARP FU-40SE. Please read this manual carefully for the correct usage. Before using this product, be sure to read “Safety precautions.”...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Fire, electrical shock and/or bodily injury may occur if not. For repair, contact your dealer or the nearest Sharp Service Center. • Periodically remove dust from the power plug Accumulated dust on the power plug may cause bad insulation from humidity, etc.
  • Page 5: Cautions Concerning The Usage Of This Product

    CAUTIONS CONCERNING THE USAGE OF THIS PRODUCT • Do not block the intake and exhaust ports. • Do not use the unit near or on hot objects, such as a stove, etc. Also, do not use the unit where it may come into contact with steam.
  • Page 6: Names Of Parts

    NAMES OF PARTS It can not remove the noxious substances (carbon MAIN UNIT DISPLAY monoxide etc.) from cigarette smoke. Filter timer lamp Tobacco smoke mode operation lamp Power lamp (Lights when the power plug is AUTO operation lamp Pollen mode operation lamp inserted into the wall outlet) OFF timer display lamps Fan level lamps...
  • Page 7: Accessories

    CLUSTER ION LAMP Cluster ion operation is selected using the remote control. Blue light When the cluster ion operation is in the Clean mode or AUTO cluster ion mode and the air in the room is dirty, the light turns on and the unit will operate in the Clean mode. Green light When the cluster ion operation is in the Refresh mode or AUTO cluster ion mode and the air in the room is clean, the light turns on and the unit will operate in the Refresh...
  • Page 8: Installation

    INSTALLATION WHEN USING THE UNIT ON A WHEN WALL MOUNTING TABLETOP FIXING THE STAND CAUTION Remove the front panel. • When mounting the air purifier on a wall, the • At this time, also remove the pre-filter, wall will become dirty as time passes. To pre- stamina-power carbon and the HEPA vent this, place a vinyl sheet, etc., around the filter.
  • Page 9 Mount mounting bracket 2 to the REMOVING THE UNIT main unit Mount the bracket to the back of the main unit using the small screws included. Pull the bottom of the unit towards you and then lift. NOTES • When removing Mounting bracket 2 the unit disconnect the power cord.
  • Page 10: Preparation

    PREPARATION Be sure to remove the power plug from the wall outlet. INSTALLING THE FILTERS To maintain the quality of the filters, they are installed in the main unit within polyvinyl bags. Be sure to remove the filters from the polyvinyl bags before using the unit. Remove the filters Place the unit facing up Place the unit on a table, etc., so that the...
  • Page 11: Using The Remote Control

    Tabs HEPA filter Install the filter Remove the HEPA filter from the polyvinyl bag and install it in the main unit with the display facing up. Insert so that the tabs on the HEPA filter are facing you. Proper operation cannot be achieved if installed incorrectly.
  • Page 12: Operation

    OPERATION For the first 30 seconds after the power plug is inserted into the wall outlet, the unit will check the conditions of the air. If operation is set to ON during this time, the Clean sign lamp will alternately flash in green, orange and red.
  • Page 13: Remote Control Operation

    Operations available with remote control • Fan level manual opera- tion • Fan level AUTO operation • Silent operation REMOTE CONTROL • Max operation • Tobacco smoke mode OPERATION operation • Pollen mode operation • OFF timer setting • To start operation, press the ON/OFF button. •...
  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE (To maintain the best performance of this product, please clean the unit periodically.) When cleaning, be sure to remove the power plug from the wall outlet. In addition, never handle the power plug with wet hands. Electrical shock and/or bodily injury may occur as a result. MAIN UNIT FILTERS For soiling on the main unit and the installed...
  • Page 15: Guide For Life Of Filters

    GUIDE FOR LIFE OF FILTERS The replacement period differs depending on the usage hours and • location of installation. Some of the odor ingredients adsorbed by the filters become separated • and are discharged through the exhaust port as odor. Depending on the usage environment, this odor may become strong in several months and the exhaust port may smell.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    In order to operate the electrical circuits while the power plug is inserted in the wall outlet, this product consumes about 0.8W of standby power. (At this time, the power lamp will be on) For the conservation of energy, remove the power plug when not using the unit SHARP CORPORATION OSAKA, JAPAN TINS-A056KKRZ 02HK 1 E-14...