Zenith MTS Stereo Color TV Operating Manual & Warranty

With picture-in-picture surround sound closed captions remote control.
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MTS Stereo Color "rv
Closed Captions
Remote Control
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   Summary of Contents for Zenith MTS Stereo Color TV

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    Advanced Video Imagincl OPERATING GUIDE AND WARRANTY MTS Stereo Color "rv wiith Picture-In-Picture Surround Sound Closed Captions CeCyC_O Remote Control Return the Pro::luct Registration Card, and your TV could be free!

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    Do not defeat the safety purpss¢ of the polarized plug. Copyright © Zenith El¢ctror6cs Corporation 1993 Tvw,u_t...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    VCR Operational Mode Charts ..... 13-_ Learning Mode ........Product Registration Card ON-SCREEN MENUS Recommended Accessories For Your Television Available Menus ........Your Zenith Warranty Summary Of Menu hems ......Basic Menu Operation ......SOURCE MENU To Select A Source ........

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    INTRODUCTION WELCOME Welcome into the family of Zenith Color Television owners. Send the model number, serial number, and date of pur- chase or original inst;dl2,fion, with a full explanation of the Thisguide provides instructions on how tooperate your problem and the serd_ history.

  • Page 5

    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR "iV CONNECTION CENTER ON BACK OF TV The connection center on the rear of your "IV will be 2. VIDEO I IN or VIDEO 2 IN _zdlar to the one shown below. Refer to the illustration Video (Base Band) input: f rom VCR or othervideo w]dle reading the foUowmg description.

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    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR TV STEP1. MAKE BASIC CONNECTION TO TV There arefour basic hook ups toyourTV; outdoorantenna Your ¢onnr.ction is made to one of the A2_"r/cABLE jacks (or master antenna) with or without VCR, and cablc.'fV on the back of the "Iv'. These jacks ac.€_pt 75-ohm cable ter. system with or without VCR.

  • Page 7

    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR :STEP 1. MAKE BASIC CONNECTION TO TV (CONTINUED) Cable-T_ Connection to TV CH 5/4 If You Do Not Have a ConverterlDecoder Box: Connect the 75-ohm cable-TV input directly to the ANT/CABLE 1 jack. CONVFRTER DECODER/ If You Have a Converter/Decoder Box: Connect 75-ohm...

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    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR "iW STEP 2. MAKE VCR CONNECTIONS TO TV STEREO VCR STEREO VCR Connections: You must make thefollowing connections t o obtain stereo sound from your TV while playing a stereo video tape. Connect the VCR RIGHT/LEFT AUDIO OUT- PUT into the VIDEO 1 IN RIGHT and LEFT audio...

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    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR "iV STEP 3. MAKE SUPER-VHS VCR CONNECTIONS TO TV Connect the RIGHT and LEFT AUDIO Outpm ]_addition t othevideo connections already d escribed, your from the Super-VHS VCR to the RIGHT and LEFT 'IV is also capable of using a Supcr-VHS VCR as a video source.

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    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR TV STEP 4. MAKE STEREO AUDIO CONNECTION TO AUDIO AMPUFIER Using an External Amplifier with Speakers While the TV's Using an External Ampllfier with Speakers While the TV's arc ON ,Speakers art OFF Make the connections to the external amplifier Make the connections to the external...

  • Page 11

    CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR TV STEP 5. MAKE EXTERNAL SPEAKER STEP 6. MAKE SURRC)UND SOUND CONNECTION TO TV CONNECTION TO "PC ]L Place the SPEAKERS switch on the back of the TV Mount and connect the: optional Surround Sound speakers by followilag the instructions provided in the INT position.

  • Page 12: Ch. Add/del, Ch. Labels

    THE FIRST TIME YOU OPERATE YOUR TV STEP 1. CONNECT POWER PlugyourTV into an unswitched AC power source. The switched AC oudetsfoundon some videoequipment notcontinue supplying p ower totheTV oncethe equip- _,ill Do not plug TVinto :switched outlet on cable-TV decoder.

  • Page 13: Tuning Band, Clock Set

    THE FIRST TIME YOU OPERATE YOUR TV STEP 4. USE AUTO CH. (Channel) SEARCH (COffTINUED) STEREO D_IqING TUNING BAJ,ID TUNING BAND G "II.n_NG I_JCO IS I m-,t_ CH 1"'] 13FOUND When Search is Determining While Searching for When Returning Tuning Band Active Channels Complete ChannelL!Audio...

  • Page 14: Basic Tv Operations, Sleep Timer, Captions

    OPERATING YOUR TV BASIC TV OPERATIONS Selecting Channels Using CHANNEL Up/Down." You may _lect a channel through channel scanning by 10"..56 using CHANNEL Up/Do_ kOx Oaiy cakam_ storedin the STEREO c_nnd _an _u_c_ _n bc _md. Selecting Channels by Using Numbers on Remote.: Pressthe numbers corresponding to the channel desired, then press ENTER.

  • Page 15

    GETTING TO KNOW YOUR TV FRONT PANEL CONTROLS Refer to the illustration below while reading the descrip- tions of the TV controls. ENTER 4 ADJUS'IIv SELECT MENU A_KXUMEv ACHANNEI.v OR:ION CDCD Typical control panel. The actual control panel may differ slightly from that wh:ich is shown. ENTER VOLUME Up/Down...

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    REMOTE CONTROL MODEL SC2300 OPERATION For optimum performance, point the remote control toward your Zenith TV. OFF/ON Used to turf TV ON or OFF. c_r_.L ut#oo_ VOLUME Up/Down Used to select a "IV chanm-1by going up or Use,,d to adjust the volume level of the "IV.

  • Page 17: Operation

    ),our new Z_mth TV aJ- Your learning remote is manufactured to operate your Zenith TV, a Zenith VCR az,d a Zenith cable-TV con- lows you to operate most models of infrared (IR) remote- verter. It must be "taught" to operate other brands. The...

  • Page 18: Iv Operations

    The VOLUME control will always adjust the "IVvolume The following functions and operations apply to your regardless of the sclecte.d operating mode of the remote. Zenith TV. The remote control must be in the "IV mode to operate your TV. MODE Press repeatedly to select the "IV...

  • Page 19: Vcr Operations

    CONTROL MODEL LR4455 VCR OPERATIONS Tlae following functions and operations apply to Zenith For complete details on how to operate your ;Lenith VCR, VCR models built after 1988. The remote control supplied refer to the operating guide supplied with it.

  • Page 20: C.able-tv Operations

    REMOTE CONTROL MODEL LR,4455 CABLE-TV OPERATIONS The remotecontrol m ust be intheCABLE mode to The followingfunctionsand opcr_ons applyto a Zz=ith operate yourcabl¢-TVdecoder. The VOLUME control cabl_-'I_/decoder. Tim rr=notc controlsuppli_ with your cabk-TV decoder may ham i_ys not duplicate_i o n th_ new will aJways adjustthe '1% r voktmc regm'dlr.ss of thr sd_acd rcmcx_.

  • Page 21

    Z.¢aith VCR, and Zenith cable-TV decoder) dehult codes. If you hav_ "taught" it to operate other equipment, it will 3. Replace the cover by i:aserting the l_abon the bot- forget what it was taught.

  • Page 22: Programming Brand Codes

    This remote,allowsyou to operate most models of most brandsofremote-controlled TVs, VCRs and cable-TV remote:. decoders. If you are using a Zenith TV, Zenith VHS/VCR or a Zenith cable-'rv de.coder, it has a:Lready been programmed for you. You can operate your equipment with this remote in three way_: NOTE: The remote control can only be used to operate one VCR, one "IV and one eable-'rv...

  • Page 23

    112 Sylvanm Montgomery Ward 214 Yamaha Magnavo0c Montgomery Ward 219 Yamaha Sylvxnia Z_ni:h VHS Magnavox 119 Syivania Mag_-.avox 7_nith Sy'r_nia Magoav_ 214 Zenith VHS 128 Sytvanla Panasonic Majestic Tatung Maramz 104 Tclmika Marantz Teknika Memorcx 121 T=knika MGAIMitsubishi Teknika MGA/Mitsubishi Telet_nt...

  • Page 24: Erase Mode

    REMOTE CONTROL MODEL LR4455 AUTO FIND MODE Ifno brand code hasbeen ,:nmrcd after s _urching t hrough all brand codr.s i nanymode, theLEARNING remotewill Use Auto Findtoautomatically flndthebrandcode needed flash all four mode indicator lights in a cha21ingmanner. to operate yourequipment. Wait 60 _nds or press ENTER or LEAPJ_I to return to...

  • Page 25: Learning Mode

    REMOTE CONTROL MODEL LRZl.455 LEARNING MODE Your remote can learn new functions - a total of 20 - in MODE on the LEARNING remote to choose any or all of its four op¢rati_g modes. You can teach a new the mode for the equipment you wish to operate.

  • Page 26: Balance, Brightness, Color, Tint, Color Temp, Video Filter

    ON-SCREEN MENUS AVAILABLE MENUS Your "IV is menu operated, that is, adjustmentsthat can be There are four basic menus: SOURCE, S]:-ruP, AUDIO, made to the TV appe=" on the screen in a list of choicesyou and VIDEO. These menus llst ev=rything you can adjust to can make by using the controls on the front panel of the "IV your persoaal prefereace or ne.cds.

  • Page 27: Audio, Surround

    ON-SCREEN MENUS SUMMARY OF MENU ITEMS (CONTINUED) AUDIO Menu BRIGHTNESS: Adjusts; the brightness level of black areas in the picture. BASS: Adjusts the BASS (low frequency) level. COLOR: Adjusts the ialetmity of the colors in the picture. TREBLE: Adjusts the TREBLE (high frequency) level. TINT: .Adjusts the ec,lo: of the flesh tones.

  • Page 28: To Select A Source

    SOURCE MENU ANTF.,ABLEI AN'rF..ABLF. 2 VIDEO I SOURC.. _ENU VIDEO 2 S,,VIOEO I TO SELECT A SOURCE Selecting ANT/CABLE 1 or 2 from SOURCE 1_'_ au: 'IP_Irp :-:e Routes "heANTENNA or cal:,IE-TV source to theTV for "'h- ._ •U _CE MENU is used to specify the equipment _E_,.

  • Page 29: Basic Menu Operation


  • Page 30

    SETUP MENU CH. (Ciaannel) ADD/DEL To Add a Cl_m_.ltoScan Seque-ce Purl_se I. CH. ADDfDEL should be :_elected ifyou followed L¢ts _)u add c}mnneh to and r_move channels from the ac- the "Basic Menu Operation" given in the "On- uve chann¢ls found by the AUTO CH. SEARCH option.

  • Page 31

    SETUP MENU TUNING BAND Press ADJUST (ADJ') LeftlRight to select Purpose desired tuning band, as shown below: Allows for setting the TV tuner to match your antenna or • BROADCAST is used for standard over-the-air cable-TV system. broadcasts. If you used the AUTO CH. SEARCH feature, the proper Cable - CATV is m.ed for most standard cable-T\ BAND was set automatically for your TV.

  • Page 32

    SETUP MENU CLOCK To Use CLOCK SET from i_.mote Contrail ]Purpose Sets the clock in the TV to the correct time. After the time CLOCK SET should k,e selected if you followed "Basic Menu Operation" given in the "On-Screen is set, the current time will appear on the C,hanaeVTime dis- Menu"...

  • Page 33

    SETUP MENU ,CAPTIONS (CONTINUED) About Closed Caption Operation ,Once you turn CAPTIONS ON, they will stay ON until you turn CAPTIONS OFF. Captions will appear as they are :received. If captions stop being received, they will stop ap- pearing on theTV. If they are received agaia, captions will automatically appear again on the TV.

  • Page 34

    SETUP MENU :SETUP MENU WITH AUXILIARY VIDEO SOURCE SELECTED 'If on¢ ofthrauxiliary videosources (VIDEO 1, VIDEO ,or S-VIDEO 1)is selected f oryourmain viewing picture, :manyof the SETUP MENU options will not appear when theSETUP MENU isacc.r.ss_. The illustration b_low shows theSETUP MENU asit would appc_x.Only the CLOCK SET, CAPTIONS...

  • Page 35

    AUDIO MENU AUDIO MENU NOTE: All adjustments on the "_ BASS AIJ'DIO MENU are optional. TREBLE ÷ do not have to use these features BALANCE order to use your T'V. AUDIO STEREO SURROUND GENERAL INFORMATION Your TV is equipped to receive Multi-chaunel Television NOTE: Surround sound can be enabled only ff stereo has Sound (MTS) when available in your.area.

  • Page 36

    AUDIO MENU AUDIO SURROUND Use ADJUST (ADJ) Left!Right to adjust the level of Sur- U.-c ADJUST (ADJ) LeWgight toselect t hespeakeraudio round sound you wish to obtain. To decrease Surround output mode. You may chooseeither STEREO, MONO or sound, press ADJUST (AIDJ) Left.

  • Page 37

    AUDIO MENU AUDIO SELECTION CONSIDERATIONS STEREO selected using the The last l ine oftheChannel!Time display s howsthecurrent AUDIO option on the audioheard. The display i s shown eachtimeyou turnthe AUDIO Menu and a stereo I0-.56 'IVON, changechannels, orpress ENTER. The audio S'rERF.O signal is received;...

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  • Page 39

    PIP OPERATION AND CONNECTIONS PIP (PICTURE-IN-PICTURE) Other uses for PIP would include monitoring what you are Your Zenifl] TV must be connected to a video component recordiag on your VCR while watching another channel on such m a VCR in order to view a different picture in the the TV, or monitoring a b_b)"s room by cormecth_ a video...

  • Page 40

    PIP OPERATIONS AND CONNECTIONS HOW TO SELECT N,IAIN PICTURE CableDecoderConnection & PIP SOURCE Thisillustration shows theconnection o fbotha cable-TV anda stereo VCR toyour'IV. Using this connec- decoder Inorder to watch a riffle'rent picture in the PIP inset, you tion, you arecapable of, butnotlimited t o, thefollowing must choose a different .,;o;trce than the one used for your operation: main TV picture.

  • Page 41

    Zenith exact replacement parts for continued Ouality and must reset the TV. Simply disconnect the AC power. Wa Safety performance. Keep your Zenith ALL Zenith. few minutes, then reconnect AC power. You may have tc set the clock to the proper time.

  • Page 42

    MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING VCR MODE CHART 1. OUTPUT TO TV FROM ANTENNA OUT JACK ON VCR The operating mode of yo=_ VCR d¢termin:s what t_€ of a program source is provided, and whether the audio is START _,_ HERE stereo or monaural. Use _thlsflow chart to, determine the operating shams of your VC'.R, s othat you can select the proper viewing sourc.€...

  • Page 43

    MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING VCR MODE CHART 2. OUTPUT TO "IV FROM AUDIO/VIDEO JACKS ON VCR The operating mode of yore"VCR dct_.rmJnrs what _c programsour= is prodcEd, andwhcLh:rLh_" audio _ sl_re( ormonauralUse this f lc_ chart to d_tcn'min_ the opcrazin_ sZams of your VCP,., so Rmt you know when to s_cct the VC (or _) sour=on)our TV.

  • Page 44

    PRODUCT REGISTRATION CAFID You could Win a full refund on your new Zenith product. Product Card lost or misplaced? Look for the Product Registration Card on your new video The Product ResistratiorL Card furni_ed with your video product is pre-printed with its Model and Serial numbers.

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