Craftsman 172.67098 Operator's Manual
Craftsman 172.67098 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 172.67098 Operator's Manual

18.0 volt 5 1/2-in. cordless circular saw
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Operator's Manual
18.0 Volt
5 h-in. Cordless
Circular Saw
Battery Pack
is installed on
Read, understand
and follow
all Safety Rules and Operating
in this Manual before using this product.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 172.67098

  • Page 1 Read, understand and follow • SAFETY all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions in this Manual before using this product. • UNPACKING • DESCRiPTiON Sears, Roebuck and Co., • OPERATION Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: =MAINTENANCE...
  • Page 2 RETURN JTTO THE NEAREST |_z_WARNING i Failureto obey this safety warning CAN result in death or serious I SEARS STORE OR OTHER CRAFTSMAN OUTLET IN THE UNITED injuryto yourself or to others.Always follow the safety precautions STATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT.
  • Page 3: Work Area Safety

    PERSONAL SAFETY cont. before using this circular saw. Failure to follow all instructions may result in 9. USE SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Always wear eye protection. Dust mask, non-skid safety [ /_WARNING: BE SURE to read and understand all instructions in this manual | hazardous radiation exposure, electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.
  • Page 4: Electrical Safety

    ELECTRICAL SAFETY SERVICE SAFETY cont. 2. Tool service must be performed only at a Sears Parts and Repair Center. Service or maintenance performed by unqualified personnel could result in a risk of injury. operating this saw. Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result Z_ WARNING:...
  • Page 5: Read And Understand

    SAFETY RULES FOR CORDLESS CIRCULAR SAWS cont. SAFETY RULES FOR CORDLESS CIRCULAR SAWS cont. 8. HOLD TOOL by insulated gripping surfaces (handles) when performing an operation 23. Under extreme usage or temperature conditions, battery leakage may occur. If liquid where the cutting tool may contact hidden wiring. Contact with a "live"...
  • Page 6: Operation

    SAFETY RULES FOR BATTERY CHARGING STAND/TRANSFORMER cont. Z_ WARNING: Some dust created by using power tools contains chemicals 3. Do not abuse the cord on the battery charging stand / transformer. Never carry the known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other charging stand / transformer by its power cord.
  • Page 7 6. If any of the parts are damaged or missing (refer to PARTS LIST below), return the saw to Bevel Cut your nearest Sears store or Craftsman outlet to have the tool replaced. A cutting operation made with the blade at any angle other than 90 ° to the miter table.
  • Page 8 Ergonomically Designed Contoured Rear Handle and Front Assist Handle sold separately) for positive gripping, control, balance and comfort. Bevel Scale 9. includes Craftsman ® 24 Tooth Carbide-Tipped Steel General Purpose Blade Guard Lever for fast, smooth cuts. Bevel Adjustment LockingKnob 10.
  • Page 9: Saw Blades

    KICKBACK...WHAT CAUSES iT AND WAYS TO HELP PREVENT iT Z_ WARNING: A 51/2-inch blade is the maximum blade capacity of your saw. A (Fig. 4, 5 and 5a) cont. larger than 51/2-inch blade will come in contact with the blade guards. Also, NEVER use a blade that is so thick that it prevents the outer blade washer from engaging with the The Causes of Kickback cont.
  • Page 10: Battery Pack

    Weys to Help Prevont KJckbnck con1 CHARG|NGTHE BATTERY PACK (Fig 0 and 8_) _pocI 1he wo_kp[#('.lo _o_" k not_ Or_ b0]ofe cul]l_rj _voT D,'_w I_lo _ knotor _,11t Th_ Ll_ltOly pa_k l_" Ilzt_ I0o] h_5 b_OI1shlppo_Jill _t klw ch_rg_ con_tl_onto p_'_v_nlp{_lL_!O 4 DO NOT cul warped _r w_l kimbor {_eoFig 5hi p_bIom_ Thot_foro, yotl 6hould chl]rgo ovetnlghl prior to rise...
  • Page 11 Within the warranty period, if the battery pack becomes hot with typical use, return the charging Fig.ll stand/transformer, and battery pack to your nearest Sears store or other Craftsman outlet for free replacement. iNSTALLiNG...
  • Page 12 STARTING TO HELP MAiNTAiN CONTROL cont.: A CUT (Fig. 12) 9. After completing your cut, release the trigger switch and allow the blade to come to WARNING: ALWAYS clamp and support workpiece securely. ALWAYS maintain a complete stop. DO NOT remove the saw from the workpiece while the blade is moving. proper control of saw.
  • Page 13 USING A STRAIGHT EDGE (Fig. 15) HOWTO SETYOUR BEVEL ANGLE (Fig. 17) 1. Remove the battery pack from saw. maintain proper control of saw. Failure to damp and support workpiece combined _ WARNING: ALWAYS clamp and support workpiece securely. ALWAYS Z_ WARNING: Failure to remove with loss of control of saw could result in serious injury.
  • Page 14: Routine Maintenance

    MAKING POCKET CUTS ( Fig. 19) BUILT-IN SAWDUST EJECTION CHUTE (Fig. 20 and 20a) • Remove the battery pack from saw. WARNING: Attempting a pocket cut at any other setting can result in a loss of control of the saw, Failure to remove battery pack from saw could result in WARNING: ALWAYS adjust bevel setting to zero before making a pocket cut.
  • Page 15 CHANGING THE BLADE (Figs. 21 and 21 a) CHANGING THE BLADE (Figs. 21 and 21a) cont. Fig. 21a 8. The remaining washer is the inner bushing washer that fits around the spindle shaft and it does not need to be removed. 9.
  • Page 16 Local, state or federal laws may prohibit disposal of nickel-cadmium batteries in ordinary trash. Sears and other Craftsman outlets have a selection of 51/2-inch Craftsman steel Consult your local waste authority for information regarding available recycling and / or carbide-tipped blades designed for specific cutting applications.
  • Page 17 51/2-in. Cordless Circular 51/2-in. Cordless Circular Model No. 172.67098 In Kit 9-11518 Model No. 172.67098 In Kit 9-11518 Item Parts Part Description Qty. CSC18GU-22 PINION CSC18GU-23 DC MOTOR CS018GU-24 BOLT M6xg0 CSC18GU-25 NUT M6 CSC18GU-26 BASE ASSEMBLY CSC18GU-27 LOCKER KNOB CSC18GU-28 WASHER CSC18GU-29...
  • Page 18 F&brica Marca de Servicio de Sears Brands, • DESCRIPCION Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 EE.UU. Marque de commerce Marque deposee de Sears Brands © Sears Brands ° FUNCIONAMIENTO Vea nuestro sitio web de Craftsman: , MANTENIMIENTO...
  • Page 19 DE UN Al_O COMPLETO SOBRE PRODUCTOS CRAFTSMAN ® descarga el_ctrica y lesiones personales. Si este producto Craftsman falla debido a defectos en el material o mano de obra entre un aSo desde la fecha de compra, REGRE_SELO a LATIENDA SEARS U OTRO PUNTO DE VENTA CRAFTSMAN...
  • Page 20 SEGURIDAD PERSONAL cont. z_ADVERTENSIA: ASEGuRASE de leer y entender todas las instrucciones 9. USE EQUIPO DE SEGURIDAD. Use SIEMPRE protecci6n para los ojos. M&scaras en este manual antes de usar esta sierra inalambrica. No seguir todas las anti-polvo, zapatos de seguridad antideslizantes casco o protecci6n para los oidos deben instrucciones podria resultar en descargas electricas, incendio y/o lesiones usarse en condiciones que Io requieran.
  • Page 21: Seguridad Electrica

    SEGURIDAD ELECTRICA SEGURIDAD EN EL SERVlCIO cont. 2. El servicio tecnico de la herramienta se debe realizar solamente en un Centre de z_ ADVERTENCIA: ASEGURESE de leer y entender todas las instrucciones Servicio Tecnico de Sears. El servicio tecnico o mantenimiento que se realice par antes de operar esta recortadora.
  • Page 22 REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD PARA LAS SIERRAS ClRCULARES INAL_.MBRICAS cont. REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD PARA LAS SIERRAS ClRCULARES INALaMBRICAS cont. 8. SOSTENGA LA HERRAIVllENTA por los mangos aislados al realizar operaciones d6nde 23. Bajo condiciones de uso o temperature extrema, se pueden producir perdidas en la la herramienta de corte pueda entrar en contacto con cables escondidos.
  • Page 23: Normas De Seguridad

    NORMAS DE SEGURIDAD PARA EL SOPORTE DE CARGA DE BATERJA cont. Z_ADVERTENCIA: AIgun pelve generado pot el use de herramientas el_ctricas contiene quimicos conocido per el estade de California per causar cancer y defectes 3. No abuse del cable del soporte de carga.
  • Page 24 6. Si hay daho o si falta alguna parte (vea LISTA DE PARTES ABAJO), regresela al cualquier Corte cruzado comercio Sears u otros puntos de venta Craftsman para que le reemplacen la Sierra Circular Inalb,mbrico. Una operaci6n de corte o de formado en sentido contrario a la veta de la pieza de trabajo.
  • Page 25 Escala del Bisel 9. Incluye hoja de acero Craftsman® 24 dientes con punta de carburo de tungsteno inferior de la Hoja de uso combinaci6n para cortes rapidos, y lisos.
  • Page 26 REBOTE... QUE LO OCASIONA Y COMO AYUDAR A PREVENIRLO z_ ADVERTENSIA: Una hoja de 51/2pulgadas es la capacidad maxima de las hojas (Fig. 4, 5 y 5a) cont. para su sierra. Una hoja m_isgrande que 51/2pulgadas entrar_i en contacto con los protectores de la hoja.
  • Page 27 Manoras tm_'a Ayudor a Pmvonlr ol Robo{o (Fig 6} cord PARA CARGAR EL CARTUCHO DE BATER[AS (Figs 8 y So) 3 In_pec_Irano 1,3 pJoz_d_ _f_o p_II_ v_ri(icaf si exi_lo p_s onc_] do iludo_ o ctavo_8ttl_ do SO Onvi_ e( C_dUChO_ b_(Or_S p_t_ l}_h3 hol(ilI_'_lonlB con t_t_acul_diCi_ do Ca(g_ b,3_I col(.w Nu_ca cD(|ou_l nudo o ¢_v_ pnm eviblr p_slbl_ pmb]_m_s, Pot Io tt_nlo, dobm'|r_ cargar o _nr_ noc_...
  • Page 28 / transformador de carga a la tienda Sears u otto punto de venta de Craftsman para su reemplazo gratis. Fig.ll PARA INSTALAR EL CARTUCHO Fig.
  • Page 29 PARA AYUDARLE A MANTENER EL CONTROL cont.: COMENZANDO UN CORTE (Fig. 12) 9. Una vez finalizado el corte, libere el gatillo y deje que la hoja se detenga por completo. NO ADVERTENCIA: Sujete y soporte SIEMPRE la pieza de trabajo de manera retire la sierra de la pieza de trabajo mientras la hoja contint)e en movimiento.
  • Page 30 COMO CONFIGURAR EL ANGULO USO DE UN BORDE RECTO (Fig. 15) DEL BISEL (Fig. 17) 1. Saque el cartuchode baterias de la sierra segura. Mantenga SIEMPRE control adecuado sobre la sierra. No sujetar y soportar Z_ ADVERTENCIA: Sujete y soporte SIEMPRE la pieza de trabajo de manera ADVERTENSIA: NO sacar el pieza de trabajo la perdida de control sobre la sierra podrian resuitar en lesiones graves.
  • Page 31: Mantenimiento

    HACENDO CORTES DE BOLSILLO (Fig. 19) REMOCION DE ASSER{N (Figs. 20 y 20a) • Saque el cartucho de baterias de la sierra• ADVERTENCIA: SIEMPRE ajuste la configuracion del bisel en cero antes de ADVERTENSIA: hacer un corte de bolsillo. Intentar un corte de bolsillo en cualquier otra NO sacar el cartucho de bater{as de la sierra podr{a...
  • Page 32 CAMBIANDO LA HOJA (Fig. 21 y 21a) cont. CAMBIANDO LA HOJA (Fig. 21 y 21a) Fig. 21a 8. La arandela restante es la arandela para buje que encaja alrededor del eje del husillo y no requiere ser retirada. 9. Coloque una gota de aceite sobre la arandela para buje interna y sobre la arandela "D"...
  • Page 33 Sears y otros puntos de venta Craftsman cuenta con una amplia selecci6n de hojas de 51/2 pulgadas Craftsman de acero con dientes con punta de carburo de tungsteno, Consulte su autoridad int]til local para informaci6n en cuanto a opciones disponibles del diseffadas para aplicaciones especfficas de corte.
  • Page 34 51/2 Pulgadas Sierra Circular Inalambrica 51/2 Pulgadas Sierra Circular Inalambrica Modelo No.172.67098 En Equipo 9-11518 Modelo No.172.67098 En Equipo 9-11518 No. del item NtJmero de Parte Descripci6n de Parte Cantidad CSC18GU-22 PINON CSC18GU-23 MOTOR DC CSC18GU-24 PERNO M6 X 901 CSC18GU-25 TUERCA CSC18GU-26...
  • Page 35 Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: www, For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

Table of Contents