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Craftsman 315.22283A Operator's Manual page 2

Mobile base with caster set fits most craftsman radial arm and table saws leg stands


r The purpose of safety symbols is to attract your attention to possible dangem. The safety symbols, and the
explanations withthem, deserve yourcareful attention and understanding.The safety warningsdo not bythemselves
eliminate any danger. The instructions or warnings they give am not substitutes for prober a_dent
DANGER: Indicates an imminentlyhazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or
sedous injury,
WARNING: Indicates a potentiallyhazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could resultin death or
serious injury.
CAUTION: Indicates a potentially hazardous situation,which, if not avoided, may result in minor or
moderateinjury. It may also be used to alert against uns_e practicesthef may cause propertydamage,
Important: Advises you of importantinformationor instructions vital to the operationor maintenanceof
the equipment.
Note: Advisesyou ofadditional information senceming the operationor maintenanceofthe equipment.
WARNING: Read and understand all Instructions.
Failure to follow all instructionslisted below, may
resultin alectdc shock,fire andlor serious personal
Knowyour power tool, Read the operator's manualfor
your Table Saw or Radial Arm Saw carefully.Learn the
saw's applicationsand limitationsas well as the specific
potential hazards related to this tool.
Safety Instructions
For Mobile Base,=
Never installmobile bass with sew mounted to leg
• Be careful when moving to avoid any finger pinch
Remove the dust bag before moving the tool or whan
placingthe leg stand on the mobile base.
Place bass on a level surface and adjust levelingfeet
beforeplacing your sew in position.This shouldkeep
saw from rocking,while testing it for stability,
Testfor stabilityin both the UP(on the caster) and the
down positions. Exercise caution when testingthe
stabilityof top heavy machines such as your saw.
• Never liftthe saw onto the leg stand without help.
• Unplug your sew before moving or rapositioning your
• Always test your setup for stabilityand safety after
reposifioning and before pluggingthe saw intoan outlet.
Care shouldbe taken when planningthe orientationof
yoursaw ontothe mobile base. Transfer of weight off of
the leveling feet to the caster will result in the saw tilting
lY2 in.toward the fixed wheels, When repositlening top
heavy tools such as yoursaw, take advantage of the
center of gravity,and positionso that it will remain
stable while on caster.
Never use your sew while it Is suspendedon the swivel
caster. Always lower saw ontothe nonskidleveling feet
before operating,
• When moving,always pushthe leg stand, nat the saw.
Think Safety. Safety is a combin=ion of operator
awareness, commonsense and alertness at all times.
Save these instructions.Refer to them frequently and
usethem to instructotherswho may use this tool, Ifyou
loansomeonethistool, loanthem these instructions a lso.
WARNING: Secure leg stand to mobile base before
movingthe tool. Failureto secure the leg stand could
cause the saw to fall resulting in sedous personal
Measure the leg stand from the leveling foot holesat
one side to the levelingfoot holeson the otherside.
This measurementis needed to determine whichholes
in the lower supportbracket and wheel supportbracket
are to be used when assemblingthe mobilebase, The
holes must align propodyfor the leg stand and mobile
base to be secured.
Do nat engage or disengagethe
release lever while the supportbrace is stillattached
to the leg stand and never useyour handto operate
the release lever. Failure to heed this warning could
result in serious pemonal injury.
Unpack and identifyall componentsand hardware
beforeattemptingto assemble this unit.