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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC Omnivision VHS PV-M2046

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    Thank you for choosing Panasonic IvlISI Combination MODEL PV-M2046 Operating Instructions Belore attempting to connect, operate or adjust this product save this manual, p_ease read these instructions completely. Spanish Quick Use Guide is included. Gufa para rapida consulta en espa_hol esta includo.

  • Page 2

    Things You Should Know Congratulations Date of Purchase Dealer Purchased From on your purchase of one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. Used properly, Dealer Address we're sure it will bring you and your family years of Dealer Phone No.

  • Page 3

    Important Safeguards andPrecautions I INTRODUCTION IOUTSIDE ANTENNA, EQUIPMENT, AND POWERLINE EXPOSURE Careful attention has been given to this Video product to INSURE SAFE ANTENNA assure a quality standard devoted to your safety and NEC- N ATIONAL AND CABLE CONNECTIONS ELECTRICAL CODE ANTENNA enjoyment.

  • Page 4

    Unpacking Your Combination VCR and Features Unpacking Your Combination The accessories shown below are provided help you use or set up your Combination VCR. Optional accessories are also listed. Load the batteries in the Remote Control Accessories Lift off the lid after pressing in and up on the latch with your thumb nail or other...

  • Page 5

    Basic and Cable Connections Back of Combination Unhook the antenna from your previouu or VCR and connect it to the back of the from ..Combination VCR as shown in the diagram. Antenna If your antenna system has separate and VHF lead-ins, you need a UHFNHF Band Mixer (not supplied).

  • Page 6

    One Time Setup To Set Language, Channel and Clock _['Check list before you begin. When the Combination VCR power is first turned on, the channel auto set and set clock screens appear automatically. Your Combination VCR is connected to an Antenna, or Cable system (see page 5).

  • Page 7

    Manual Clock Set ..Push MENU to display the set ..MENU clock screen. USI :ON (_ C:E::l..I BY RO'ATING wHEEL Rotate and push : PUSH WHEEL-_ I END PUSH MENU CLP_AH_ -- CH UP/ • "DST:ON" a utomatically the WHEEL to select and enter DOWN...

  • Page 8

    On Screen Displays (OSD) Warning and Instruction Displays Channel & Function Display These displays will alert youto a missed operationo_ provide further instructions. Whenever the channel is changed, the Channel If no active channels number will appear for a few seconds on-screen.

  • Page 9

    Push POWER to turn the Combination VCR on. [_'Check list before you begin All connections are made. (See page 5.) Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Select a channel using CHANNEL UP/DOWN NUMBERED keys. Push VOLUME UP/ DOWN to adjust the volume level.

  • Page 10

    Picture Adjustment Push MENU to MAIN MENU display the menu I-_Check list before you begin screen. MENU All connections are made. CLOCK EX I T (see page 5.) SELECT : ROTATE WHEEL : PUSH WHEEL Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Rotate and push the [ ..

  • Page 11

    I TV Timer Features ]111 Set the On Timer The Combination VCR can be set for autu #uwur u_. [_'Check list before you begin. All connections are made (see page 5). ONTIMER Push ON TIMER to Your Combination VCR is plugged in. display the ON TIMER.

  • Page 12

    System Closed Caption Push to select the desired [_/'Check list before begin C,C. caption mode (see below). All connections are made. Selected mode is displayed (See page 5.) as an overlay on the screen. Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Each push of the CC button will change the caption...

  • Page 13

    Playback a Tape Insert a cassette. [--_Check list before you begin • Combination VCR powe_ conies u_ automatically. All connections are made. (See page 5.) Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Push PLAY to start playback. • Playback begins if cassette has no record tab.

  • Page 14

    Tape Operation Your Combination VCR is equipped with Repeat Play several time saving features as well as You can set your Combination VCR up to play a recording ove_ and ovei. convenient automatic functions which make tape operation easier than ever. Push MENU to MAIN MENU...

  • Page 15

    Record On a Tape .Insert a cassette with record tab. _Check list before begin. The Combination VCR power All connections are made (see page 5). comes on automatically. Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Push CH UP or DOWN or NUMBERED keys to select a channel.

  • Page 16

    Timer Recording Push PROG to display Your Combination VCH can be set up to do a recording while you are away or the program screen. otherwise occupied. Up to 8 programs can • If a program is already in PROG be placed in memory.

  • Page 17

    Timer Recording Using Unit Buttons Cancel a Timer Recording: Recording is in progress • A timer recording can be set up using the buttons ol_ the • Combination VCR. If necessary, the clock can also be set. " Hold down the STOP button for a few seconds to cancel the Timer Recording.

  • Page 18

    Special VCR Features VCR Lock Feature [--_Check list before you begin When activated, this feature prohibits all operations except tot timel All connections are made (see page 5). recording, and tape eject. This is useful to prevent misoperation and Your Combination VCR is plugged in. protect your Combination VCR from curious children.

  • Page 19

    I ll l MTS Broadcast/TV Stereo System Receivable Broadcast Types [_Check list before begin The following are possible broadcast types with their accompanying on-screen All connections are made (see page 5). displays. The signal is indicated with an "II(" mark while the selected audio Your Combination VCR is plugged in.

  • Page 20

    V CR Plus+ Set Up _'"_ timer programming only. In order for your Combinatiorl VCH to do a VCH Plus+ leculding (see top o| page 21 for explal_atiol_ o| VCR Plus+), o_ a timer recording of cable stations, some setup is required. First, find the antenna or cable connection that matches yours. Then, follow the instructions below for your connection.

  • Page 21

    VCR Plus+ proglamnling allows you to set most items of a timer recording by simply entennga special code lound in I V GUIDE magazineas well as the TV listings in selected newspapers. In order for the CombinationVCR to read this special code, some set up bs required.A Guide (VCR Plus+)channel number is assigned to each local broadcastand cable station.

  • Page 22

    VCR Plus+ Programming Push VCR Plus+ Before you begin, make sure... Plus+ to display the VCR The clock is set. Plus+ screen. VCR Plus+ Set Up is complete (See pages 20, 21). LN I LR PLUSCODE EXIT PUSH CLEAR Push NUMBERED ENTER PLUSCODE...

  • Page 23

    Copying Your Tapes (Dubbing) Recording (Editing) Combination Connections you'll need to make. Playing (Source) Video In_) Insert a pre-recorded tape into the Playing (source) VCR. Unauthorized exchanging and/ or copying of copyrighted aution: recordings may be copyright infringement. Insert a blank tape with record tab into the Recording (editing) Combination...

  • Page 24

    Please contact your Dimensions: 21-1/8" (W) X 21-3/16" (H) nearest Panasonic Service Center. An alternate X 19-1/16" (D) solution is to obtain a head cleaning cassette. Be sure 536 (W) X 538 (H) X 484 (D) mm to follow the cleaning instructions carefully.

  • Page 25

    Before Requesting Service Check the iollowing points once again if you ale having some trouble with youJ Cotllbination VCH. • Check that the Power Hug is completely inselied tu a_ AL; outlet. • Check that the POWER button is set to on. •...

  • Page 26

    Index of Controls SLEEP ON TIMER ..See page 11. See page 11. MUTE POWER See page 9. See pages 6, 9, 22. PLAY _--- FAST FORWARD/SEARCH See page 13. See page 13. ._-- STOP REWIND/SEARCH See pages 13, 15-17. See page 13.

  • Page 27

    VOLUME UP/DOWN Cassette See page 9. Compartment See pages 13, 15. ;HANNEL UP/DOWN Phones TRACKING UP/DOWN Jack See page 9. See pages 6, 9, 13, 15. POWER Built In See pages 6, 9. Speaker Remote Sensor In Jacks See pages 20, 23. STOP/ RECORD/ PLAY/...

  • Page 28

    Spanish Quick Use Guide/Guia para r@ida consulta Parte trasera de la combinacion de VCR/TV Desenganche la antena del televiso_ o ° ® IIIII..registrador de video que tuviera anteriorn_eJ _te ® o t i[!![ii[!!! 11111111111!1! y conectela a la parte trasera del Registrador desde la ..

  • Page 29

    • Si ud. esta usando una caja de TV por cable y tiene muchos canales PBS, sintonice la caja de TV por cable a un canal PBS diferente e intente la fijaci6n autom_tica otravez. AI encender la combinaci0n de VCHIIV poi pnmela vez, apai ucuran las pantallas para fijar automaticamente los canales y el reloj.

  • Page 30

    Spanish Quick Use Guide/Guia para nipida consulta Oprimir el bot0n ON ]IMER ON TIMER para fijar la funcion encendedor automatico. Oprimir POWER para Esta pantalla aparecera. encender la combinacion cerca de 5 segundos. de VCRfTV. • El indicador de ON ENCENDIDO AUTOMATICO TIMER (encendedor...

  • Page 31

    , ,4 _lntroducir una cinta de PROG I iii! ..II /video que tenga la lengQeta para evitar el PROG borrado. i G,_A,oo LA RUEDA aparezca :PULSE LARUEDA-_ • La combinaciSn de VCR/TV se la pantalla L PARA TE,M,,AR PULSE PROGJ enciende automaticamente.

  • Page 32

    Division of Matsushita Electric of Company, Division of Matsushita Puerto Rico, Inc. ("PSC") Electric Corporation of America Ave. 65 de Infanteria.Km. 9.5 One Panasonic Way Secaucus, San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, New Jersey 07094 Puerto Rico 00985 Printed in U.S.A. VQTS3194...

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