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,e, 2002 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 Compact Disc Player Operating Instructions DIGITAL AUDIO TEXT I CDP-CX455 ,e, 2002 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Serial No. For the customers in the United States ENERGY STAR ¢ is a U.S. registered malk. As ENERGY STAR _ Partner, Sony Corpolation detem_ined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR_"guidelines for energy efficiency. This symbol is intended...
  • Page 3 Welcome ! This trait can play the following discs: Type of discs Label on the disc Thank you fbr pmchasing this Sony Compact Disc Player. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for fllture reference.
  • Page 4 *_ ISO 9660 Format The playback order of the MP3 files The most common international standard for the The playbaek order of the folders and files is as logical format of files and folders on a CD ROM. follows: There are several specification levels.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Unpaeking ..........................Hooking Up the System ....................... Connecting Another CD Player ..................Inserting CDs ......................... Playing CDs Playing a CD ........................Using the Display ....................... Locating a Specific Disc ..................... Specif_,/ing the Next Disc to Play ..................Playing Discs (Albuln) in Various Modes (Repeat/Shuffle...
  • Page 6: Unpaeking

    Unpacking Hooking Up the System Check that you received the following items: Overview • Audio cord (1) • Monaural (2P) nfini-plug cord (1) (Connecting cord This section describes how to hook up the CD player to for CONTROL AIII) (supplied tbr Canadian i-nodels an amplifier.
  • Page 7 Hookups "_) If you have a Sony component with the CONTROL AIII (or CONTROLA1)jack When connecting an audio cord, be sure to mateh tile Connect component via the CONTROL color-coded cord to tile appropriate jacks on tile CONTROL A1)jack. You can simplify the operations of...
  • Page 8: Connecting Another Cd Player

    • Monaural (2P) mini plug cord (1) (supplied for Canadian If you have a Sony CD player in which 5, 50, 200, 300, models only) or 400 discs can be inserted and which is equipped with the CONTROL...
  • Page 9: Inserting Cds

    Notes Inserting CDs • Do not connect any player other than tile one tlsed as the second player to the 2ND CD IN jacks of this player. • When connecting a second CD player, do not connect the You can insert up to 400 discs into this player. DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) connector...
  • Page 10 OPEN/CLOSE. Notes • If you drop a disc into the player and/or the CD does not go into the slot correctly, consult yore nearest Sony dealer. • Make stue the rota W table comes to a complete stop before inserting or removing discs.
  • Page 11 Removing CDs After following steps 1 to 3 of "Inserting CDs" on page 9, remove the discs. Then close the front cover. "_) To remove discs easily After fMlowing steps 1 to 3 of "Inserting CDs" on page 9, press _ (DISC EJECT). The disc in the selected slot moves up and you can remove the disc easily.
  • Page 12: Playing A Cd

    "%_ About the ALBUM SELECTbutton Playing a CD While the button is off: The JOG dial selects discs. While the button lights up: The JOG dial selects albums. You can play all the tracks or MP3 files on a disc in the To play audio tracks, skip this step and go to step original order (Continuous Play).
  • Page 13: Using The Display

    Do this Using the Display Press the number button of the track Go to a specific track • directly on the remote. When you directly You can check stored disc information, such as the Disc locate a track numbered over 10, Names (see page 23) or Artist Names (see page 27), by press >10 first, then the...
  • Page 14 Display information of the playing disc Display information while playing a disc While playing a disc, the display shows the current The display shows the disc and track title alternately. disc number, track number, playing time of the track, and the next disc number. The information is displayed as follows (in stop mode):...
  • Page 15: Locating A Specific Disc

    Display information of the playing disc Locating a Specific Disc The display shows the MP3 file name, MP3 file number, playing time of the MP3 file, and current disc number. NAME SEARCH HISTORY +100 MP3 file name _1 gONG-f TUCK [_L_!] ALBUM I--I...
  • Page 16 To cancel Name Search Locating a disc directly using the remote [] Press NAME SEARCH again. Press DISC. Note The Name Search function on the player does not work Press the number button of the disc. during ALL DISCS shuffle play. Example: To enter number Press 3 then 5.
  • Page 17: Specif_,/ing The Next Disc To Play

    Specifying the Next Disc to Playing Discs (Album) in Play Various Modes (Repeat/Shuffle Play) You can specify the next disc to play while playing disc in Continuous or I DISC Shuffle Play mode. You can play discs or tracks (MP3 files) repeatedly (Repeat Play) in any play mode.
  • Page 18 Playing repeatedly (Repeat Play) Playing all tracks (MP3 files) on a specified disc (album) in random order Press REPEAT while playing a disc. "REPEAT" appears in the display. The player repeats Press SHUFFLE repeatedly until "1 DISC" the discs/tracks (MP3 files) as follows: ("ALBUM") and "SHUFFLE"...
  • Page 19: Creating Your Own Program (program Play)

    If the ALBUM SELECT button is off, press ALBUM Creating Your Own Program SELECT. (Program Play) Turn the JOG dial until the desired album number or album name appears in the display. You can arrange the order of the tracks (MP3 files), and/or discs (albums) to create three different...
  • Page 20 To cancel Program Play Changing the programmed order Press CONTINUE. You can change your program before start playing. The programs remain even after Program Play ends You need to When you press E::> in Program Play mode, you can play the same program again.
  • Page 21 Creating a program using the remote [] Press ALBUM -/+ until the desired album number appears in the display. To program a whole album, press ENTER and go to step 7. CDCD_ PROGRAM To program an audio track (MP3 file), first press CD_O >10 then press the number button...
  • Page 22: Using The Timer

    Using the Timer Fading In or Out You can start playing a disc at any given time by You can manually fade the sound in or out to prevent connecting a timer (not supplied). Refer also to the tracks from starting or ending abruptly.
  • Page 23: What You Can Do With Tile Custom Files

    What You Can Do With the Labeling Discs (Disc Name) Custom Files You can label discs using up to 20 characters and have the player display the Disc Name each time you select The player can store two types of ink)rmation called the disc.
  • Page 24 Turn tile JOG dial until tile desired character Changing the Disc Name appears in tile display. Follow steps 1 to 3 in "Labeling discs on tile The cursor disappears and tile first space fi)r tile player" on page 23 to select tile Disc Name you Disc Nalne flashes.
  • Page 25 Labeling discs using the remote [] To input a letter, press the number button corresponding to the desired letter (indicated beside each number button). The cursor disappears and the first space tot the Disc Name flashes. SPACE Each time you press the button, tile letter changes C) O0 cyclically among the ones indicated...
  • Page 26: Storing Custoh1 File Hffbrmation Using A Keyboard

    To change the character type quickly while inputting Storing Custom File characters Press CHAR in step 4 above. The rhararter on the rursor Information Using a Keyboard changes to tile first character of each character type. Each time you press CHAR, tile character type changes as You can store the Disc Name for each disc, one by one, fiAlows: using an IBM-coinpatible...
  • Page 27: Classif_/ing Discs According To Artist Nalne (artist File)

    Push the JOG dial to select the character. Classifying Discs According to Tile selected character lights up, and the flashing cursor appears to indicate tile next space to be Artist Name (Artist File) input. To make a correction You can classify discs by storing Artist Names into the Press CLEAR and begin again by inputting the correct player and assigning...
  • Page 28 Turn the JOG dial until the desired Artist Naine "%1 You can also erase the Artist Name while assigning the Artist Name appears in the display. 1 In step 2 above, turn the JOG dial until the Artist The Artist Names are displayed in alphabetical Name you want to erase appems in tile display,...
  • Page 29: Button (top Artist Play)

    Playing discs assigned the same Artist Playing discsassignedthe Name (Artist Play) same Artist Name with one- You can enjoy Continuous or Shuffle Play within discs touch of a TOPARTISTbutton that are assigned tire same Artist Name. (TopArtist Play) Select the desired play mode before you start playing.
  • Page 30: Controlling Another Cd Player (advaneed Mega Control)

    Controlling Another CD Player _COMMAND MODE (Advanced Mega Control) selector _CDO CD CD CD This unit can control a second CD player (see CD CD CD "Connecting another CD player" on page 8). Even when a second CD player is connected, the controls on both of the units will f\mction.
  • Page 31: Playing Alternately (no-delay Play/x-fade Play)

    Loading the Disc Names of the second CD Playing Alternately (No-Delay player Play/X-Fade Play) CD player has the [)is(" Name t_mction If"the second (see page 23), you can load tile Disc Names of tile When you connect a second player, you can play tracks second CD player into this player's memory...
  • Page 32: Controlling Tile Player By Another Unit

    Another Unit track in the second player is selected. To cancel No-Delay/X-Fade Play When you connect tile player to a Sony MD deck Press the corresponding button repeatedly until "NO compatible with the Mega Control f\mction, or operate DELAY"...
  • Page 33: Using Tile Control Aiii Control System

    Automatic function selection Note When you connect CONTROL AIII compatible Sony The CONTROL AIII control system is designed to maintain components using CONTROL AIlI cables (not supplied), the upward compatibility as the control system is upgraded to function selector on the amplifier (or receiver) automatically handle new functions.
  • Page 34: Precautions

    • When transporting the player, open the fi'ont cover then remove all the discs flora the player and turn the power off- If you have any questions or prohlems concerning your player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. 34 us...
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Multi Session. you remedy tile prohlem. ShouM any problem persist, a disc to which data can be added (non- consult your nearest Sony dealer. finalized disc). There's no sound. About ID3 tag version 2 "_'Check that the player is connected securely.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications Compact disc player Laser Semiconductor laser (£ : 780 nm) Emission dtlration: coiltiiltlOtlS Laser output Max 44.6 pW* * This output is tile value measured a distance of 200 mm fl'om tile objective lens surface oil the Optical Pick tip hlock with 7 mm aperture.
  • Page 37: Index

    Names of controls Index MP3 file Buttons N, O ALBUM SELECT A, B Name Search ALBUM +/ ARTIST MODE Advanced Mega Control No-Delay Play CHAR CHECK Artist name P, Q CLEAR Automatic Music Sensor. See Playback CONTINUE Artist Name Play [)EL Continuous Play...
  • Page 38 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia

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