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   Summary of Contents for Epson Twinax C82315

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    Errata to C82315* EPSON User’s Guide for Software Revision 4.1 For all emulations Host download is now supported on the parallel port as well as the IBM twinax port. 3812 emulation X Point Forms XRess is now supported. Escape character substituted when “logic&not E” ( E) is received. Example: PCL command for underline = ESC &...

  • Page 3: Copyright Notice

    Seiko Epson Corporation. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, Seiko Epson Corporation assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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    See your printer’s user’s manual for details. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Seiko Epson Corporation. could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. WARNING...

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  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    T w i n a x EPSON User’s Guide Contents: Introduction ..........

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    Specifications ..........C82315* interface specifications ......

  • Page 8: Introduction

    DLQ-2000 SQ-870/1 170 Action Printer 5000/5500 You may be able to use this interface on other Epson printers as well. For a list of optional interfaces that can be used with your printer, see your printer’s user’s manual. LQ570/1070...

  • Page 9: Setting Up The Interface Card

    SETTING UP THE INTERFACE CARD Follow the instructions in this section to install this interface in your Epson printer. UNPACKING THE INTERFACE Check that in addition to this user’s guide, your interface kit includes all the items listed below, and that none has been damaged during shipping.

  • Page 10: Preparing To Install The Interface Card

    4214. The 4214 emulation adds control of the following features: lines per inch, pitch, graphics, print quality, and single-sheet handling. If your printer supports Epson Job Language (EJL) commands, do not change the printer mode using the EJL commands or the command-pass-thru feature while the interface is installed.

  • Page 11: Setting The Jumpers

    All jumpers are connected when shipped from the factory. The C82315* interface card has three jumpers, labeled as J2, J5, and J6. The settings for J5 and J6 are different for the different emulations. After deciding on an emulation, set the jumpers according to the tables below.

  • Page 12: Installing The Interface Card

    Follow these steps carefully. SETTING THE SWITCHES The C82315* Twinax Interface Card comes with eight switches that are used to determine many of the default settings of the interface card. Details on these settings are listed in the following section.

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    Change the switch settings with a pointed object, such as a ball-point pen. A switch is on when in the upper position (if the interface is Installed horizontally) or in the right position (if the interface is installed vertically), as shown below. A c t i v e ’...

  • Page 14: Switch Settings

    SETTlNGS SWITCH You can select the features listed below by changing the switches to the settings indicated. Settings for switches 6 and 7 are different if HP LaserJet II (IBM 3812) emulation is selected (switch 4 is on and jumper J5 is disconnected). Switch (ask the system manager for the correct address) Switch...

  • Page 15: Performing A Self Test

    HP Lase Jet II mode Switch Sets orientation automatically during Computer Output Reduction Sets orientation automatically during Computer Output Reduction Switch Selects the C823W interface card PERFORMING A SELF TEST To verify the interface is installed and the settings are correct, perform an interface self test according to the following steps.

  • Page 16: Making Additional Settings

    MAKING ADDITIONAL SETTINGS In addition to setting the switches and jumpers described in Setting Up, you can make interface or printer settings with the C82315* interface in four more ways: command-pass-thru, interface setup commands, display station setup mode, and memory setup mode.

  • Page 17: User-defined Command-pass-thru Strings

    Example: To print the word ‘scalable” in the following sentence in bold using Epson ESC/P commands, you could use command-pass-thru as follows (the bold on/bold off commands are ESC E and ESC F): Epson ESC/P 2 offers advanced &% 1B 45&%scalable&%1B46&% fonts for laser-like printing at dot-matrix prices.

  • Page 18: Interface Setup Commands

    could For example, you turn on bold printing, as used in the example in the previous section. Then, instead of inserting the &% 1B 45&% command in your text, you would insert only &%U1. INTERFACE SETUP COMMANDS You send these commands in a similar manner to command-pass-thru, but the commands are used to make interface settings instead of being sent on to the printer.

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    Command Number Parameters Name/Description Control the setup memory, Resets or saves settings in the interface’s setup memory Reset to factory settings Store the current-setting in permanent memory Select the default international character set Selects the international character set used. See your printer’s user’s guide for a list of characters affected by international character set selection.

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    Command Parameters Name/Description Number Control paper size selection (laser printers only) Makes paper size settings Feeds paper size selected by the host computer Feeds any paper size Feeds A4 size paper Select alternate command-pass-thru delimeter Selects the characters that both begin and end the command-pass-thru feature.

  • Page 21: Display Station Setup Mode

    Command Number Parameters Name/Description Examples (HH..HH) Defines the string of hexadecimal values that are sent to the printer as HH..HH Define User Custom command-pass-thru strings for details. Defines up to eight strings (0-7) of commands (up to 25 characters can be included in the string).

  • Page 22: Memory Setup Mode

    When you finish changing settings, press the Enter key to save the new settings in the interface memory. Turn off the printer and return switch 8 to the on position to resume using the twinax interface. MEMORY SETUP MODE You can have the printer print out various interface settings one at a time and then change them by responding to printed questions using the YES and NO buttons on the interface.

  • Page 23: Printersharing

    Control paper size selection Select print-complete handling PRINTER SHARING If the C82315* is connected to a PC with the Parallel Sharing Cable, the PC must be turned on. The C62315* Interface is equipped with two interface connectors: a serial connec- tor for connecting the twinax V-connector and a parallel connector.

  • Page 24: Emulation Details

    PAPER BINS A 4214 printer can select from three paper bins; an Epson printer can select from two. If you select bin 3, the Epson loads paper from bin 2. GRAPHICS PRINTING You can create graphics on the 4214 printer by sending the Load Alternate Character (LAC) command.

  • Page 25: 5219 Emulation

    See your printer’s user’s guide for details on using SelecType. COMPUTER OUTPUT REDUCTION Epson laser printers cannot print on 13.2 x 11 inch paper, so you may need to reduce or rotate the image to fit data processing reports onto the paper available.

  • Page 26

    Computer Output Reduction (COR) LANDSCAPE mode REDUCED Verical spacing is 8LPI 0.5’ Margins top end lelt 10 pitch fonts lo 13 pitch 12 pitch fonts lo IS pitch IS pitch fonts to 19 pinch (I) Yield Paper size is less than or equal to 1 1/2' x 14' (2) Portrait Orientation (lasted at COR ) can be Selected by: Size OCI: Text -YES or Notate-0...

  • Page 27: Font Id

    INTERFACE TEST MODES In addition to the self-test described in the section on installing the interface, the C82315* has four other tests you can perform: hex print, communications test, interface diagnostics, and the interface diagnostic loopback. 8.5 x 11 inches 8.5 x 14 inches...

  • Page 28: Hex Print

    The second printer should then print the buffer diagnostic test header, print out any errors encountered in communications, and then print the EBCDIC character set. 5. After completing the test, turn off the Epson printer and return switch 5 to the off position. INTERFACE DIAGNOSTICS During interface diagnostics, the interface transmits data to itself and then analyzes how that data is processed.

  • Page 29: Interface Diagnostics Error Messages

    1. Make sure the printer is turned off. 2. Disconnect the V-connector from any twin-axial cables to the interface). Since the interface transmits data to itself during this test, leaving it connected to the twin-axial cable could disrupt the twin-axial system. 3.

  • Page 30

    ERROR IN POLL ADDRESS X A poll test was sent to the indicated address but was not received properly. This could be caused by a terminated cable not being properly installed, a circuit that is non-functioning, or intermittent connections. INCORRECT DATA ON POLL TO ADDRESS X A poll was sent to the indicated address and was detected as a poll;...

  • Page 31: Interface Diagnostic Loopback

    INPUT NOT INDICATING BUSY This is an ASIC internal test during a transmission, and indicates an ASIC failure. TWO BYTE DATA CHECKS BAD This test verifies multi-byte data transmissions for proper data. A failure could be caused by a -5-volt supply problem, a transmitter circuit failure, a receiver circuit failure, or an ASIC failure.

  • Page 32: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS The C82315* interface specifications and the C82315*‘s parallel interface specifications are listed below C82315* INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS input Protocol: Output Protocol: Receive Data Rate: Data Buffering: Language Support: Supported printer character sets: Connectors: Indicators: IBM 5250 twin-axial protocol, parallel input data...

  • Page 33: Parallel Interface Specifications

    Switches: Selection Jumpers: Twin-axial Connection: Requirements: Power Processor: Memory: PARALLEL INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS Return Signal STROBE Line Sync between host and interface. 8 SIP piano switches for device address, emulation mode, buffer print, print quality, and interface enable Push Button for TEST/YES Push Button for CANCEL/NO 3 hardware configuration shorting jumpers Both cable-thru and automatic termination available...

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    HIGH when the printer is out of paper. Pulled up to +5v through a 3.3K ohm resistance. THIS SIGNAL IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE C82315* INTERFACE. (De- fined by many print- ers to add LF to each CR. The IBM...

  • Page 35

    The parallel connector is a DDK type DHA-36 or equivalent. The column heading ‘DIRECTION’ refers to the direction of signal flow as viewed from the C82315* interface. ‘RETURN’ denotes the twisted-pair return, to be connected at signal ground level. For the interface wiring. be sure to use twisted-pair cable for each signal and to complete the connection on the return side.

  • Page 36: Ebcdic Character Tables

    Data transfer is carried out by observing the ACKNLG transfer to the printer occurs only after receipt of the ACKNLG signal or when the BUSY signal is LOW. TIMING DATA IIN STROBE- BUSY ACKNLG Data must be present a minimum of 0.5 u sec before and after a minimun 0.5 µ...

  • Page 37: Appendix

    Sample printouts - Self Test Druckmuster - Selbsttest Exemples d’impression - Autotest Ejemplos de impresión - Auto-test Esempi di stampa - Test automatico EPSON CS2315. TWIN-Ax INTERFACE COPYRIGHT (C)1991 SHERWOOD DIGITAL ELECTRONICS REV 3.4 SOFTWARE INSTALLED IN EPL-4000 Switch Jumper Device Address .

  • Page 38: Display Station Setup Mode

    Mode de configuration de poste d’affichage Modo de configuración desde un terminal de pantalla Modalità impostazione Epson ESC/P2 Setup Screen Printer Sharing Timeout (seconds) ..:08 Language...:00MULTI Alternate Delimiters (EBCDIC)...: Parallel port Initialization (ASCII): User Defined String (ASSCII): Character Set Option: Code Page 650 Print Complete: Early .

  • Page 39: Font Ids

    ID de police ldentificaciòn de fonts ldentificativi di font Typaface Resident Courier Courier Bold Line Printer Line Printer Line Printer Line Printer Epson 5410 Time Time Time Bold Time Italic Helvetica Bold 5411 Courier Bold Courier Italic 5412 Prestige Prestige...

  • Page 40

    Typeface Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold Tax Line Draw Letter Gothic Letter Gothic OCR-A OCR-E Code 3-9 4.6N Code 3-9 9.3N EAN/UPC Bold Bar Code UPC EAN/UPC Bar Code cartridges Procollection Line Printer Courier Bold Courier Italic Courier...

  • Page 41

    Typeface Times Roman Italic Times Roman Times Roman Bold Times Roman Italic Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Bold Helvetica Italic Helvetica Helvetica Bold Helvetica Italic Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold WordPerfect --------- CG Times CG Times CG Times Bold CG Times Italic CG Times CG Times Bold CG Times Italic CG Times...

  • Page 42

    Typeface Polished Worksheets - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Bold Prestige Elite Italic R-8 Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Bold Prestige Elite Italic...

  • Page 43

    Typeface Dar Codes & More _--------------- Letter Gothic Letter Gothic Letter Gothic OCR-A OCR-B Code 3 of 9 Code 3 of 9 EAN/UPC 10 Mil BAN/UPC Bold USPS Zip Line Draw Text Equations -------------- Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Prestige Elite Bold Prestige Elite Italic R-8...

  • Page 44: Sample Printouts - Hex Print

    APPENDIX Anhang A-4 / Appendice A-4 / Apéndice A-4 / Appendice A-4 Sample printouts - Hex Print Oruckmuster - Sedezimaldruck Exemples d’impression - Impression Hexodécimale Ejemplos de impresión - Impresión hexadecimal Esampl di stampa - Stampa esadacimale 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F 2B C6 02 OC 2B D2 04 29 00 OA 2B D1 03 81 00 2B C1 02, 04 2B C2 D2 42 2B CB 03 40 01...

  • Page 45: Sample Printouts - Pc850 Character Set

    APPENDIX A-5 Anhang A-5 / Appendice A-5 / Apédice A-5 / Appendice A-S Sample printouts - PC850 character set Druckmuster - Zeichentabelle PC850 Examples d’impression - Table de caractères PC 850 Ejemplos de impresion - Tabla de caracteres PC 850 Esempi di stampa - Tabella dei caratteri PC 850 t o A S C I I T r a n s l a t e T a b l e E B C D I C...

  • Page 46: Sample Printouts - Hp Roman 8 Character Set

    APPENDIX A-6 Anhang A-6 / Appendice A-6 / Apéndice A-6 / Appendice A-6 Sample printouts - HP Roman 8 character set Druckmuster - Zeichentabeile HP Roman 8 Exemples d’impression - Table de caractéres HP Roman 8 Ejemplos de impresión - Tabla de caracteres HP Roman 8 Esempi di stampa - Tabella dei caratteri HP Roman 8 EBCDIC to ASCII Translate Table 40 50 60 70 80 90 A0 BO CO DO EO FO...

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    EPSON OVERSEAS MARKETING LOCATIONS EPSON AMERICA, INC. 20770 Madrona Avenue Torrance CA 90503, U.S.A. Phone: (310) 782-0770 Fax: (310) 762-5246 EPSON UK LTD. Campus 100. Maylands Avenue. Hemel Hempstead. Herts. HP2 7EZ. U.K. Phone: 442-61144 Telex: 5162467 EPSON AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.

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