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Epson P3000-P5000 User Manual

Epson P3000-P5000 User Manual

Epson digital camera parts list


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Viewer Parts
SD card slot
Memory card
access light
Liquid Crystal
Display (LCD)
Activity light
Flashes blue during
power on, printing,
file transfer, and
computer connection
CompactFlash card slot
CF card slot
eject button
Power switch
with Hold function
Strap hook
Charge light
Green for battery
charging; orange
for problems
Menu button
Press to display a
pop-up menu.
Host USB connector
(for camera, flash drive, etc.)
Device USB
(for computer)
Battery cover
4-way ring
Press to select a photo
or navigate the menus
Display button
Press to change the display
or view photo information
Press to select a file or rate
a photo from 1 to 5 stars
Epson P-3000/P-5000
A/V Out connector
AC adapter
Reset button
Zoom buttons
Press to zoom in or out,
or adjust the volume for
music or video
OK button
Press to select an option,
open a folder or photo, or
play music or video
Back button
Press to cancel your selection
or return to the previous display
or menu item
Epson P-3000/P-5000


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Epson P3000-P5000

  • Page 1 Press to select a file or rate a photo from 1 to 5 stars 9/06 Epson P-3000/P-5000 Host USB connector (for camera, flash drive, etc.) Device USB connector A/V Out connector (for computer)
  • Page 2: Specifications

    If you need a replacement battery, order the lithium ion battery (D111A), product code B32B818262, from an authorized Epson reseller. To find the nearest reseller, call 800-GO-EPSON (800 463-7766). Or you can purchase online at (U.S. sales) or
  • Page 3: Installing/Replacing The Battery

    Battery is fully charged. Battery power is about half full. Battery power is low. Battery power is running out. The viewer will shut down automatically. Charge the battery using the AC adapter. Battery is charging. 9/06 Epson P-3000/P-5000 Epson P-3000/P-5000...
  • Page 4: Locking The Buttons

    Epson P-3000/P-5000 Note: The battery may become hot when the viewer is operated during charging. Charging will stop until the battery cools down. Conserving Battery Power To conserve battery power and protect the LCD screen, the viewer has three power-saving features.
  • Page 5: Using The Cf Card Slot

    Caution: Make sure you insert memory cards in the correct orientation. Otherwise, the card and viewer may be damaged. 9/06 Epson P-3000/P-5000 slot. CF Card slot, first make sure the CF Card Epson P-3000/P-5000...
  • Page 6: Copying Files From A Memory Card

    Epson P-3000/P-5000 To remove a card from the slot, first make sure SD Card the memory card access light is off. Then press the top of the card to make it pop up. Pull the card out of the slot.
  • Page 7: Viewing Photos

    (12 per screen) Rated file Mini-thumbnails (64 per screen) Music file Details (file name, date modified, and file size) 9/06 Epson P-3000/P-5000 Folder is set as screen saver My Photos 01002000 2006.1217 2006.1205 2006.1201 ) or ) respectively (not shown in mini- Display My Photos/2006.1205...
  • Page 8: Using The Popup Menu

    Epson P-3000/P-5000 Using the Pop-up Menu Press the button at any time to display a menu of the Menu options currently available. These options vary, depending on what you are doing with the viewer. The following table summarizes the menu functions:...
  • Page 9: Viewing Videos

    .mp4 .m4v .wmv Back .mpg .mpeg .vob .mod .asf Note: DVD-Video, DivX menu, and WMV DRM are not supported. 9/06 Epson P-3000/P-5000 Video codec Audio codec Detail MPEG-4 AAC, 30 fps: 720 (Advanced Simple G.711, 25 fps: 720 Profile) PCM,...
  • Page 10: Playing Videos

    TV or projector. Playing Music You can transfer audio files from your computer and play them on the viewer. You can create playlists using the Epson , then Play Settings Link2 software on your computer, or using the viewer itself.
  • Page 11: Supported Audio Formats

    My Music you want to copy from your computer. Caution: Epson Link2 uses ID3 tags to organize your music files. If the ID3 tag information is missing, these items will appear as “unknown.” The viewer will rename your files to make them playable.
  • Page 12: Backing Up Files To Your Computer

    1. Double-click the open the program. 00001/00568 2. If you see a message that Epson Link2 has found files in your viewer’s Backup Files folder, click Yes to back up the files automatically. Note: Only files that haven’t already been copied will be transferred.
  • Page 13: Copying Files From Your Computer To The Viewer

    ❏ External hard drives ❏ Epson multimedia storage viewers Note: USB hubs are not supported, and some USB devices may not work without a power connection. Epson cannot guarantee the compatibility of any device. Connecting a USB Device Before you connect a USB device, connect the AC adapter to the viewer and plug it in if possible.
  • Page 14: Copying Files To The Usb Device

    Down the Black Beaches EPV0013.TXT EPV2619.JPG EPV2620.JPG EPV0480.MP3 , then press , then press to select it. The selected items are check marks. . Your files button Reset Epson P-3000/P-5000 Basics Epson P-3000 or P-5000 User’s Guide installed with the viewer software...

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