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Epson ELP-3000 - Data/Video Projector Product Support Bulletin

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PSB #:
Report #02-37
ELP-3000 / 3300 / 3500, PowerLite 5000 / 5000XB / 7000 / 7000XB / 7300
Computer DVD video tearing on Epson Projectors
This bulletin was created to inform you of DVD video tearing on Epson projectors manufactured
prior to June 1998.
Models affected:
Description of artifact:
When playing high image contrast, fast-action DVD movies, a very thin horizontal break can occur
in the image. The line-tear is very difficult to see if the viewing environment is moderately or
brightly lit. Most viewers will not notice it. This line-tear can occur at the top, middle or bottom of
the screen as the movie continues to play. The tearing occurs about every 5 to 8 minutes of play
and can be seen for the duration of the movie. The break can also appear to travel vertically over
time because of timing differences between video frame rates and projector refresh cycles. The
artifact only occurs when playing movies from a Computer DVD player through the VGA port.
There is no video tearing of the same motion picture through the S-Video, Composite or
Component input ports on the projector. The artifact appears only in the video display. The audio
track is unaffected. The issue is not dependent on PC or Mac hardware platforms, operating
system or DVD player software.
Digital video playback through computers was not prevalent until the mass production of
Computer DVD players. With the incorporation of NTSC video frames embedded into RGB
computer video signals, synchronization limitations (frame shift) were encountered. In June 1998,
Epson incorporated frame synchronization circuitry for future projector models to eliminate the
Resolution: Because the introduction of Computer DVD playback occurred after the manufacture
of the mentioned projectors, Epson has no plans to replace or upgrade the models specified.
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  • Page 1 ELP-3000 / 3300 / 3500, PowerLite 5000 / 5000XB / 7000 / 7000XB / 7300 Subject: Computer DVD video tearing on Epson Projectors This bulletin was created to inform you of DVD video tearing on Epson projectors manufactured prior to June 1998. Models affected:...
  • Page 2 Warranty: 30-days whole unit exchange Description: Epson’s ceiling mounts provide the added flexibility of mounting a PowerLite projector on the ceiling. They are designed to be installed easily and include a quick release feature for removal of the projector so it’s easy to change the lamp, or remove the projector for portable use.
  • Page 3 SUSPENSION ADAPTERS: Part Number: ELPMBAST Compatibility: ELPMB31, ELPMB32 and ELPMB33 Dimension: 1 l/2” Pipe Part Number: ELPMBAPS Compatibility: ELPMB32 and ELPMB33 Dimensions: 1” Pipe Warranty: 30-days whole unit exchange Description: Adjustable tubing extensions to increase the distance from the ceiling to the projector—adjustable from 12” to 46”. Page 2 of 2...
  • Page 4 Mac OS 8.1, 8.5 or 8.6 factory installed. Problem: The earlier versions of the iMac’s do not have an external video port to connect an EPSON projector. It is possible to output video signal from the iMacs by using a third party external video adapter.
  • Page 5 Multi-Monitor Support Function of Newer Macintosh Notebook Computers Subject: This bulletin provides configuration procedures for the newer Macintosh notebook computers with the EPSON Multimedia Projectors. Problem description: When the projector is connected to an Apple notebook, part of the Mac OS desktop may not display on either the LCD panel or the projector.
  • Page 6: Items Required

    EPSON RODUCT UPPORT ULLETIN Date: 10/25/1996 PSB No.: PSB.1996.10.003 Reference: ELP-3000, ELP-3300 USER GUIDE Originator: BS Authorization: jJ& Affected Product(s): ELP-3000 & ELP-3300 Subject: USING TEE REMOTE CONTROL UNlT AS A POINTING DEVICE This guide is intended to provide instructions for using the projector’s remote control unit as a painting device to control presentation software running on a computer.
  • Page 7 SETTING THE PROJECTOR FOR A SERIAL CONNECTION Turn the projector ON. Press the MENU button. Go to the OPTIONS MENU and make sure the SERIAL option is checked SELECTIONS, and FUNCTIONS HINT!: Changing MENUS, PRESSING ACTION sync-/+ Changes Menus (Computer, Video, Display, Audio, OPTIONS, Custom).
  • Page 8: Using The Remote Control Unit

    TESTING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT Install two fresh AA batteries in the Remote Control Unit battery compartment. Press one of the five function buttons on the Remote Control Unit. The RED LED on the Remote Control unit should light. function buttons are labeled ‘L“, “R”, DRAG, PREV, and NEXT HINT!: The the Press one of the five function buttons again while watching the POWER LED on the top of the projector, the POWER LED should blink when the button is pressed.
  • Page 9: If You Have Problems

    IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS Even if the RED LED lights on the Remote Control Unit when a function key is pressed, the batteries could be low causing a communication problem between the remote and the computer. Try new batteries. If you tried new batteries and the RED LED does not light when a function button is pressed the Remote Control Unit could be bad.