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Owner's Manual
16.0 HP, 42" Mower
Electric Start
6 Speed Transaxle
Model No.
This product has a low emission
engine which operates
from previously
built engines. Before you start the
engine, read and understand
this Owner's Manual,
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Instructions before
operating this equipment,
For answers to your questions
this product, Call:
Sears Craftsman
Help Line
5 am - 5 prn, Mon- Sat
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
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    Read and follow all Safety this product, Call: Rules and Instructions before 1-800-659-5917 operating this equipment, Sears Craftsman Help Line 5 am - 5 prn, Mon- Sat Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman

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    For your conve- nience, IN HOME warranty service will still be available after the first 30 days of pur- chase, but a trip charge will apply. This charge will be waived if the Craftsman product is dropped off at an authorized Sears location.

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    IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throw° !ng objects. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death. • Never direct discharged material toward _WARNING: In order to prevent ac- anyone.

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    • Never carry children, even with the II. SLOPE OPERATION blades shut off. They may fall off and Slopes are a major factor related to loss of be seriously injured or interfere with control and tip-over accidents, which can safe machine operation. Children who result in severe injury or death.

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    • Keep machine free of grass, leaves, or • Remove gas-powered equipment from other debris build-up. Clean oil or fuel the truck or trailer and refuel it on the spillage and remove any fuel-soaked ground. If this is not possible, then debris.

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    In the state of California the above is re- PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS quired by law (Section 4442 of the Califor- 1.25 Unleaded Gasoline Capacity nia Public Resources Code). Other states and Type: Regular may have similar laws. Federal laws apply SAE 30 (above 32°F) Oil Type on federal lands.

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    Steering Wheel Steering (1) Large Flat Washer Wheel Insert © mummmn (1) 5/16 Lock Washer (1) Hex Bolt 5/16-18 x 4 Steering Extension Steedng Wheel Adapter Shaft Steering Boot Seat (1) Washer 17/32 x 1-3/16 x 12 Gauge b(1) Knob Drain Tu_ For Future Usa Slope Sheet...

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    Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely. Use the correct tools as necessary to insure proper tightness.

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    7. Slide seat until a comfortable position NOTE: You may now roll or drive your is reached which allows you to press tractor off the skid. Follow the appropriate instruction below to remove the tractor clutch/brake pedal all the way down. from the skid.

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    CHECKTIRE PRESSURE ,,/CHECKL IS T The tires on your tractor were overin- Before you operate and enjoy your new tractor, we wish to assure that you receive flated at the factory for shipping purposes. Correct tire pressure is important for best the best performance and satisfaction cutting performance.

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    KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. ROS "ON" Position Attachment IgnitionSwitch Clutch Lever -4.

  • Page 13

    The operation of any tractor can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your tractor or performing any adjustments or repairs. We recommend a wide vision safety mask over spectacles or standard safety glasses.

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    USING THE REVERSE OPERATION • The average lawn should be cut to ap- SYSTEM - proximately 2-1/2 inches during the cool season and to over 3 inches during hot 1. Depress clutch/brake pedal all the way months. For healthier and better looking down and hold.

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    TOWING CARTS AND OTHER ATrACH- CAUTION: Alcohol blended fuels (called MENTS gasohol or using ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to separa- Tow only the attachments that are recom- tion and formation of acids during storage. mended by and comply with specifications Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of the manufacturer of your tractor.

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    6. When engine starts, leave throttle control in choke position until engine warms up and begins to run roughly. Once rough running begins, imme- diately move the throttle control to the fast position. Engine warm-up take from several seconds to several minutes (the colder the temperature, the longer the warm-up).

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    FILL IN DATES Check Brake OperaUon Check Tire Pressure Check Operator Presence and ROS Systems check for Loose Fasteners Lubrication Chart I# / Sharpen/Replace Mower Blades CheckBatteryLeval Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Check V-Baits Check Engine Oil Level tk#w Change Engine Oil (with oil filter) I_1.=...

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    CHECK REVERSE OPERATION (ROS) TRACTOR SYSTEM Always observe safety rules when per- • When the engine is running with the ig- forming any maintenance. nition switch in the engine "ON" position BRAKE OPERATION and the attachment clutch is engaged, If tractor requires more than five (5) feet to any attempt by the operator to go into stop at highest speed in highest gear on a reverse should shut off the engine.

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    V-BELTS • The blade can be sharpened with a file or on a grinding wheel. Do not attempt Check V-belts for deterioration and wear to sharpen while on the mower. after 100 hours of operation and replace • To check blade balance, you will need a if necessary.

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    NOTE: If very dirty or damaged, replace 3. Unlock drain valve by pushing inward cartridge. slightly and turning counterclockwise. 5. Place new pre-cleaner and cartridge 4. To open, pull out on the drain valve. 5. After oil has drained completely, close firmly in base.

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    1. With engine cool, remove filter and CLEANING plug fuel line sections. • Clean engine, battery, seat, finish, etc. Place new fuel filter in position in fuel of all foreign matter. line with arrow pointing towards carbu- • Keep finished surfaces and wheels free retor.

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    FRONT-TO-BACK ADJUSTMENT 9. Raise lift lever to raise suspension IMPORTANT: Deck must be level side-to arms. Slide mower out from under trac- tor. side. If the following front-to-back adjust- IMPORTANT" If an attachment other than ment is necessary, be sure to adjust both the mower deck is to be mounted on the front links equally so mower will stay level side-to-side.

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    TO REPLACE MOWER BLADE DRIVE Measure distance between brake oper- BELT ating arm and nut "A" on brake rod. If distance is other than 1-1/2", loosen The mower blade drive belt may be re- jam nut and turn nut ,A" until distance placed without tools.

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    FRONT WHEELTOE-IN/CAMBER Make sure belt is in all pulley grooves The front wheel toe-in and camber are not and inside all belt guides and keepers. 6. Install mower (See "TO INSTALL adjustable on your tractor. If damage has MOWER" in this section of manual). occurred to affect the front wheel toe-in or camber, contact a Sears or other qualified Eng'...

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    2. Connect Terminal one end of the BLACK cable Cover . Keps to the NEGATIVE (-) terminal (C) of fully charged battery. "- 3. Connect the other end of the BLACK Bolt cable (D) to good chassis ground, away from fuel tank and battery. TO REMOVE CABLES, REVERSE (Red)

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    ENGINE IMPORTANT: Damage to the needle valve and the seat in carburetor may result Maintenance, repair, or replacement of the if screw is turned in too tight. emission control devices and systems, which are being done at the customers expense, PRELIMINARY SETTING may be performed by any non-road engine...

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    blended fuels (called gasohol or using Immediately prepare your tractor for stor- ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture age at the end of the season or if the trac- tor will not be used for 30 days or more. which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center CAUSE 3ORRECTION PROBLEM 1. Out of fuel. 1. Fill fuel tank. Will not start 2. See "TO START ENGINE" Engine not "CHOKED" in Operation section. properly. 3. Wait several minutes Engine flooded.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center PROBLEM CORRECTION CAUSE Loss of power 1. Raise cutting height/reduce 1. Cutting too much grass/too fast. speed. 2. Throttle in "CHOKE" position. 2. Adjust throttle control. Clean underside of mower Build-up of grass, leaves and trash under mower.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION 1. Obstruction in clutch 1. Remove obstruction. Mower blades will not rotate mechanism. 2. Worn/damaged mower drive 2. Replace mower drive belt. belt. 3. Replace idler pulley. 3.

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    Fuse 20 AMP 73510400 Nut, Keps Hex 1/4-20 une 4207J Cable Ground6 Ga. 12"black 192749 SwitchSeat 193350 Switch Ign 140403 Key Ign Molded Craftsman 110712X Switch Light 193374 Harness Ign 71110408 BoltBIk. Fin Hex 1/4-20 uncx 1/2 131563 CoverTerminalRed 178861...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES KEY PART DESCRIPTION 174619 Chassis Stamping 176554 Drawbar 155272 Bumper Hood/Dash 193510X012 Dash STD533710 Bolt, Carriage 3/8-16xl 174996 Panel, Dash, L.H. 172105X010 Panel, Dash, R.H. 17490608 ScrewThdrol 3/8-16 x 1/2 185682X613 Hood AssemblyLaser 184921 BumperHood Large 1,75 STD523710 BoltFin Hex 3/6-16 unc x 1 Gr.

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 GROUND DRIVE 26 27 drlve-fender.stlL41...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 GROUND DRIVE KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION ..Transaxle Peerless 206-545C 175410 Pulley, Engine 173937 BoltHex 7116-20x 4 Gr. 5-1.5 (See Breakdown) STD551143 Washer 146682 Spring Brake Return 123666X Pulley Transaxle 154778 Keeper Belt Engine Hydro 142432 Screw Hex Wsh Hi-Lo 1/4 x 1/2 uric 12000028...

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    TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 STEERING ASSEMBLY steedng 64...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 STEERING ASSEMBLY KEY PART DESCRIPTION 186780 SteeringWheel 175131 Axle Assembly 169840 SpindleAssembly,L.H. 169839 SpindleAssembly,R.H. 6266H Beadng,Race, Thrust, Hardened 121748X Washer 25132x 1-5/8 x 16 Ga. 173966 Washer25/32 x 1-1/2 x 14 Ga. 12000029 Ring, Klip 3366R BearingCol.

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917,274352 ENGINE 78 _ OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Spark Arrester englne-bs. 1cy1_49...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 ENGINE KEY PART DESCRIPTION 170545 Control,Throttle/Choke 17720408 Screw, Hex Head, Thread Cutting 1/4-20 x 1/2 Engine,Bdggs Model No. 283H07-0399-E1 (See Breakdown) Muffler 137352 Gasket 165291 148456 Tube Drain Oil Easy Shield Brn/DbrGuard 169837 137180 Arrestor,Spark 187750 Tank,Fuel...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 SEAT ASSEMBLY seaLIt.knob_9 KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 188716 Seat 121248X Bushing, Snap 180166 Bracket,Pivot,Seat 72050412 Bolt, Carriage 1/4-20 x 1-1/2 71110616 Bolt 134300 Spacer, Split.28 x .88 19131610 Washer 13132x I x lOGa. 121250X Spring 145006...

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    Decal, BatteryDngr/PsnEng 138311 133644 Decal, CustomerMaintenance Decal, Lift Handle Decal, Hood Side 179768X428 193545 Pad, FootrestLH 179769X428 163204 Decal, Fender Craftsman Pad, FootrestRH 196968 156439 Decal, Fender Danger Owner'sManual,English Decal, Deck "B" 42" 196969 179128 Owner's Manual, Spanish KEY PART WHEELS &...

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    TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 LIFT ASSEMBLY lift-rh. 1piece 3...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 LIFT ASSEMBLY KEY PART DESCRIPTION 159460 LiftLever Inner Wire Assembly 159471 ShaftAssembly,Lift 105767X Pin, Groove 12000002 E-Ring 19211621 Washer 21/32x 1 x21Ga. 120183X Bearing, Nylon 125631X Grip, Handle, Fluted 122365X Button,Plunger,Red 139865 Link,Lift, L.H. 139866 Link,Uft, R.H.

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 MOWER DECK _""" .146 42_deck_man-t -path._3...

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    TRACTOR -- MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 MOWER DECK KEY PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION BoltCam Sh. 3/8-16 x 1-1/2 Gr. 5 165892 72110612 Mower Deck Assembly, 4 2" Bolt STD533107 131494 Pulley,Idler, Flat 138017 73900600 BracketAssembly, Sway Bar, Front Nut Lock Fig. 3/8-16 unc 140088 Guard, Mandrel, L.H.

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    TRACTOR o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 PEERLESS TRANSAXLE - - MODEL NUMBER 206-545C O _71B 7O 6A Model et S&rlel Chiffralcl...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 PEERLESS TRANSAXLE - - MODEL NUMBER 206-545C PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Brake Lever 772147 Transaxle Cover 790079 Screw 1/4 - 20 x 1-1/4" 780086A Needle Bearing 5/8" 792073A Screw 1/4 - 20 x 2 114" 770128 Traneaxle Case 792085A...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 BRIGGS ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 283H07,TYPE NUMBER 0399-E1 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 943O 127o • 524_ 8420 1266 0 [ 1019 LABEL KIT] 1105,8OWNER'S MANUALJ I 10_6 EMI_N LABEL I 11330 OPERATOR MANUALI J1329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE I 2380 1022 5240...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 BRIGGS ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 283H07,TYPE NUMBER 0399-E1 1°° 0 1270 1070 4311 1266A O 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL KiT 104 _ 987_105 1270 231" 276_) 141A 977 CARBURETOR GASKET SET _1_13, 0,_...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 BRIGGS ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 283H07,TYPE NUMBER 0399-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Valve-Choke(Manual Choke) 697132 Cylinder Assembly 690484 Valve-Choke (Choke A Matic) 399265 Kit-Bushing/Seal (Magneto Side) 108A 692344 O Jet-Main (Standard) 391086 • Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 694352 Jet-Main (High Altitude) 697106...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274352 BRIGGS ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 283H07,TYPE NUMBER 0399-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION •+ Seal-Valve 491055 Plug-Spark 690968 Wire-ConeactodAIternator 697151 Gasket Set-Engine 393456 Screw (Rocker Cover) 19203 Flywheel Puller 690960 Solenoid-Fuel 89838 Wrench-Spark Plug 694393 Screw (Float Bowl) 691691 Washer (Governor Crank) 691657...

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    SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SIGHTING SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION 1. Fold this page along dotted line indicated above. 2. Hold page before you so that its left edge Is vertically parallel to a tree trunk or other upright structure. 3, Sight across the fold in the direction of hill slope you want to measure, 4.

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    Your Home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.

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