Craftsman 917.27404 Owner's Manual

21.0 hp, 42" mower electric start automatic transmission
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21.0 HP, 42" Mower
Electric Start
Model No.
This product
has a mowemission
which operates
differentmy from previously
buimt engines.
Before you start the
read and understand
this Owner's
Read and follow aH Safety
Rules and Instructions
operating this equipment.
For answers to your questions
about this product, Call:
Sears Craftsman
Help Line
5 am =5 pm, Men =Sat
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Read and follow aH Safety Rules and Instructions operating this equipment. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A Visit our Craftsman buimt engines. engine this Owner's For answers to your questions about this product, Call: before 1_800°659-5917...
  • Page 2 Foryour convenience, IN HOMEwarrantyservice will still be availableafter the first 30 days of purchase,but a trip charge will apply.This charge will be waived if the Craftsman productis droppedoff at an authorizedSears location.Forthe nearestauthorizedSears location, pleasecall 1-800-4-MY-HOME@.
  • Page 3 mMPORTANT: This cutting machineis capableof amputatinghands andfeet and throw- ing objects.Failureto observethe followingsafety instructionscould resultin serious injury or death. _WARNING: In order to preventac- cidentalstarting when setting up, trans- porting,adjustingor making repairs, always disconnectspark plug wire and placewire where it cannotcontact spark _lb u g"...
  • Page 4 • Mow up and down slopes, Remove obstacles such as rocks, tree limbs, etc. • Watch for holes, ruts, or bumps. even terrain could overturn Taft grass can hide obstacles. • Use slow speed. Choose a low gear so that you will not have to stop or shift while on the slope.
  • Page 5 Be sure the area is clear of other people beforemowing.Stop machineif anyone enters the area. Nevercarry passengersor children evenwith the bladesoff. Do not mow in reverseunlessabso- lutely necessary.Always lookdown and behind beforeandwhile backing. Nevercarry children.They may fall off and be seriously injuredor interferewith safe machine operation.
  • Page 6 32°F Sears service 4.0 Pints section of this manuaJ). REPAIR PROTECTION QC12YC Congratulations chase. Your new Craftsman® designed and manufactured dependable operation. ucts, it may require time. That's when tion Agreement aggravation. Purchase a Repair now and protect hassle and expense.
  • Page 7 Bubble Level Mower Leveling Wrench (1) Oil Drain Tube For Future Use Video Cassette Slope Sheet Keys (2) Keys...
  • Page 8 Your new tractor has been assembled you begin. When right or left hand is mentioned ating position (seated behind TO REMOVE TRACTOR FROM CARTON UNPACK CARTON 1. Cut along dotted lines on all four pan- els of carton. Remove end panels lay side panels flat.
  • Page 9 4. Sit on seat in operatingposition, depress clutch/brakepedal andset the parking brake. 5. Placemotioncontrol leverin neutral (N) position. 6. Press lift leverplungerand raise attachmentlift leverto its highest posi- tion. 7. Start the engine.After engine has started, movethrottle control to idle position.
  • Page 10 v" CHECKMST Before you operate your new tractor, wish to assure that you receive performance and satisfaction quality product. Please review the following checklist: All assembly instructions have been completed. ,/No remaining loose parts in carton. ,/Battery is properly prepared charged.
  • Page 11 These symbols may appear on your tractor Learn and understand their meaning. REVERSE NEUTRAL HIGH ENGINE OFF LIGHTS ON ENGINE ON OVER TEMP FUEL OIL PRESSURE LIGHT ATTACHMENT ATTACHMENT CLUTCH ENGAGED CLUTCH DISENGAGED FREE WHEEL (Automatic Models only) Failure to follow instructions could result in serious injury or death.
  • Page 12 KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READTHINS O WNER'SMANUAL AND SAFETY RULESBEFORE OPERATmNG Y OUR TRACTOR Comparethe illustrations'withyour tractorto familiarizeyourselfwith the locationsof various controlsand adjustments. Savethis manualfor future reference. Hourmeter Choke Control Ammeter Throttle Control Clutch/Brake Pedal Freewheel Control Our tractors conform to the safety standards of the American National Standards AMMETER - Indicates...
  • Page 13 The operation of any tractor eyes, which can result in severe or eye shields while or repairs. We recommend mask worn over spectacles. HOW TO USE YOUR TRACTOR TO SET PARKmNG BRAKE Your tractor is equipped with an operator presence sensing switch.
  • Page 14 The average lawn should be cut to ap- proximately 2-1/2 inches during season and to over 3 inches months. For healthier and better lawns, mow often and after moderate growth. For best cutting performance, 6 inches in height should be mowed twice.
  • Page 15 Transmission Engaged Transmission Disengaged NOTE: To protect hood from damage transporting your tractor on a truck or a trailer, be sure hood is closed to tractor. Use an appropriate tying hood to tractor (rope, cord, etc.). TOWmNG CARTS AND OTHER I_IENTS Tow only the attachments that are recom-...
  • Page 16 WARM WEATHER STARTING above) 7. When engine starts, move the throttle control to the fast position. The attachments and ground now be used. If the engine accept the load, restart the engine allow it to warm up for one minute the choke as described above.
  • Page 17 MOWmNG TraPS Mower should be properly leveled best mowing performance. LEVEL MOWER HOUSING" Service and Adjustments section manual. The left hand side of mower should used for trimming. Drive so that clippings are discharged onto the area that has already Have the cut area to the right of the trac- tor.
  • Page 18 MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE FILL IN DATES AS YOU COMPLETE REGULAR SERVICE Check Brake Operation Check Tire Pressure Check Operator Presence Interlock Systems Check for Loose Fasteners Sharpen/Replace Mower Blades Lubrication Chart Check Battery Level Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Check V-Belts Check...
  • Page 19 TRACTOR Always observe safety rules when forming any maintenance. BRAKE OPERATmON If tractor requires more than six (6) feet stopping distance at high speed gear, then brake must be adjusted. "TO ADJUST BRAKE" in the Service Adjustments section of this manual). TmRES * Maintain proper air pressure...
  • Page 20 TO CLEAN BATTERY AND TERMINALS Corrosion and dirt on the battery and termi- nals can cause the battery to "leak" power. Remove terminal guard. Disconnect BLACK battery then RED battery cable and remove battery from tractor. Rinse the battery with plain water and dry.
  • Page 21 ENGmNE OraL FmLTER Replace the engine oil filter every season or every other oil change if the tractor used more than 100 hours in one year. AmR FmLTER Your engine will not run properly dirty air filter. Clean the foam pre-cleaner after every 25 hours of operation season.
  • Page 22 WARNmNG: TO AVOmD SERmOUS mNJURY, BEFOREPERFORMmNG ANY SER- VmCE OR ADJUSTMENTS: 1. Depressclutch/brakepedal fully andset parking brake. 2. Place motioncontrol leverin neutral (N) position. 3. Place attachmentclutch in "DISENGAGED" position. 4. Turn ignitionkey to "STOP"and removekey. 5. Make sure the bladesand all movingparts havecompletelystopped. 6.
  • Page 23 TO LEVEL MOWER HOUSmNG Adjust the mower while tractor on level ground or driveway. tires are properly inflated (See "PROD- UCT SPECIFICATIONS" section manual). If tires are over or underinflated, you will not properly adjust your mower. SIDE-TO-SIDE ADJUSTMENT BUBBLE LEVEL NOTE: If necessary,...
  • Page 24 BOTH FRONT UNKS MUST BE EQUAL mN LENGTH Front Links TO REPLACE MOWER BLADE BELT The mower blade drive belt may be re- placed without tools. Park the tractor level surface. Engage parking BELT REMOVAL Remove mower from tractor REMOVE MOWER"...
  • Page 25 TO REPLACE MOTION DRmVE BELT Park the tractor on level surface. parking brake. For assistance, belt installation guide decal on bottom of left footrest. BELT REMOVAL Remove mower (See "TO REMOVE MOWER" in this section of manual). NOTE: Observe entire motion and position of all belt guides...
  • Page 26 TO ADJUST STEERmNG WHEEL AUGNMENT If steering wheel crossbars are not horizontal (left to right) when wheels positioned straight forward, remove ing wheel and reassemble with crossbars horizontal. Tighten securely. FRONT WHEEL TOE4NtCAMBER The front wheel toe-in and camber adjustable on your tractor.
  • Page 27 Keps Nut Terminal Guard Negative 't ' (Black) Cable TO REPLACE HEADUGHT Raise hood. Pull bulb holder out of the hole in the backside of the grill. Replace bulb in holder and push bulb holder securely back into the hole in the backside of the grill.
  • Page 28 TO ADJUST CARBURETOR NOTE: The carburetor on this engine low emission. It is equipped with an idle fuel adjusting needle with a limiter cap, which allows some adjustment limits allowed by the cap. Do not attempt to remove the limiter cap. The iimiter cap cannot be removed without...
  • Page 29 Immediately prepare your tractor age at the end of the season tor will not be used for 30 days or more. _,WARNmNG: Never store the tractor with gasoline in the tank inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark.
  • Page 30 TROUBLESHOOTmNG CHART: appropriate section PROBLEM CAUSE Wiii not start 1. Out of fuel. Engine properly. Engine Bad spark plug. Dirty air filter. Dirty fuel filter. Water Loose Carburetor 10. Engine valves out of adjustment. Hard to start Dirty air filter. Bad spark plug.
  • Page 31 TROUBLESHOOTmNG CHART: See appropriate section PROBLEM CAUSE Loss of power Low oil level/dirty (continued) Faulty spark Dirty fuel filter. Stale or dirty fuel. Water in fuel. 10.Spark 11. Dirty engine 12. %rtyiclogged 13. Loose 14. Carburetor 15. Engine valves out of adjustment.
  • Page 32 TROUBLESHOOTmNG CHART: See appropriate section CAUSE Poor grass Engine discharge Travel speed Wet grass. Mower Low/uneven Worn, Buildup trash under mower. Mower Blades 10. Improper 11. Clogged holes from buildup leaves, mandrels. iHeadiight(s) 1. Switch working BuD(s) or lamp(s) burned out. i(if so equipped) Faulty light switch.
  • Page 34 TRACTOR ELECTRmCAL o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040...
  • Page 35 TRACTOR ELECTRmCAL KEY PART NOTE: All component dimensions given in U,S, inches o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 DESCRmPTmON 144927 Battery 74760412 Bolt, Hex 1/4-20 x 3/4 7603J Tray, Battery 145211 Bolt, Btr Front 1/4-20x 7-1/2 150109 Holddown Battery Front Mount 145769 Nut, Push Nylon Battery Front 1/4 176138...
  • Page 36 TRACTOR o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 CHASSmS AND ENCLOSURES 209"_ _. 209 >209 chassis-stealth,stlt...
  • Page 37 TRACTOR CHASSmS AND ENCLOSURES NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 PART DESCRIPTION 174619 Chassis 176554 Drawbar 187934X428 Dash 72140608 Boit RDHD SQNK 3/8-16 x 1 167203 Panel, Dash, LH 188702X010 Panel, Dash, RH 17490608 Screw Thdrol 3/8-16 x 1/2 175260X428...
  • Page 38 GROUNDDR_VF- d_ive-h¥_Jro,stlt-69...
  • Page 39 TRACTOR GROUND DRmVE PART DESCRiPTiON - - - Transaxle, HydroGear, Model Number 314-0510 (See Break down) 165866 Rod Shift Fend. 160889 Clutch Electric 76020416 Pin Cotter 1/8 x 1 10040400 Washer Lock Hvy 1/4 74490544 Bolt Hex FIghd 5/16-18 Gr. 5 73800500 Nut Lock Hex W/Ins.
  • Page 40 TRACTOR STEERmNG ASSEMBLY _=_36 91 ... - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 34 / steering stealth prem...
  • Page 41 TRACTOR STEERmNG ASSEMBLY NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches 1 inch = 25.4 mm o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 PART DESCRiPTiON 159944X428 Wheel Steering 184706 Axle Asm 169840 Spindle Asm LH 169839 Spindle Asm RH 6266H Bearing Race Thrust Harden 121748X Washer 25/32 x 1-5/8 x 16 Ga.
  • Page 42 TRACTOR ENGINE I OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Spark Arrester engine-bs intek-twin39 KEY PART DESCRIPTION 175437X428 Control Throttle 191611 Screw 10 x 3/4 SingIe Lead-Hex Engine, Briggs Modet 407577- 0284-E1 (See Breakdown) 149723 Muffler Asm Twin Lo-Tone 160589 Exhaust Tube RH 159955 Exhaust Tube LH 181877 Bolt 5/16-18 unc x 3/4 w/sems 162797...
  • Page 43 TRACTOR o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 SEAT ASSEMBLY seat Itknob PART DESCRIPTION 192919 Seat 140551 Bracket Pivot Seat STD523710 Bo+t Fin Hex 3/8-16 unc x 1 19131610 Washer 13/32 x 1 x 10 Ga 145006 Clip Push-In STD541437 Nut Hex w/Ins. 3/8-16 unc 124181X Spring Seat Cprsn 17000616...
  • Page 44 TRACTOR DECALS PART DESCRIPTION 187407 Decal, Reflector, LH 138047 DecaI, Battery, Diehard, Sears 192963 Decal, Hood RH 192964 Decal, Hood LH 146046 Decal, V-Belt, Drive Schematic 164096 Decal, Dash 179128 Decal, Deck, Caution 192952 Decal, Replacement Hood 156439 Decal, Fender, Danger 192966 Decal, Panel, Dash 172331...
  • Page 45 TRACTOR o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 LmFT ASSEfvIBLY PART DESCRIPTION 179504 PIunger Assembly 159476 Shaft Assembly, Lift 188822 Pin, Groove 12000002 E-Ring 19211621 Washer 21/32 x 1 x 21 Ga. 120183X Bearing, Ny!on 175830 Grip, Handle, Fluted 139865 Link, Lift, L.H. 139866 Link, Lift, R.H.
  • Page 46 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 MOWER DECK 144 ,.._... 140 - 23 24 , 138 <, D,elec.t-path.adjwl.stlt...
  • Page 47 TRACTOR MOWER DECK PART DESCRiPTiON 182032 Mower Housing STD533107 Bolt 138017 Bracket Assembly, Sway Bar, Front 165460 Bracket Sway Bar 38/42" STD624008 Retainer Spring 178024 Bar Sway Deck 850857 Bolt, Hex 3/8-24 x 1=25 Gr=8 STD551137 Washer, Lock 140296 Washer, Hardened (The following blades are available) 134149...
  • Page 48 122 _, 120- t 0 _ 55 _ _j57 \127 ,,< >,,_ 6® "4...
  • Page 49 TRACTOR HYDRO GEARTRANSAXLE PART DESCRiPTiON 170351 Main Housing, Assembly 170352 Side Housing, Assembly 170353 Center Section, Assembly 170354 Swashplate, Trunion Machined 169898 Block - Assembly 170355 Sealant 10.50z 170356 Hex Flange Screw 1/4-20 X 1=25 170357 Stud, 5/16-24 Hex Double End 170358 Shaft, Input 170359...
  • Page 50 TRACTOR BRmGGS ENGmNE-MODEL NUMBER 407577, TYPE NUMBER 0284oE1 267 '_ 252 [_ _o ___ lO3_ 017 o o o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 _329 REPLACEMENTENGIN_ 1019 LABEL 1°68 °WNER's MANUALI I lo36EMISSION LABELI 24_] 1330 REPAIR MANUAL lo13 _1_!1 20 @ 447A 1027...
  • Page 51 TRACTOR BRmGGS ENGmNE=MODEL NUMBER 407577,TYPE 1j y 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 51A/'_-_ 977 CARBURETOR GASKET ° ° MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 NUMBER 0284=EJ 788'_ 552A 552A 1022 1127...
  • Page 52 TRACTOR ° ° MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 BRIGGS ENGINE=MODEL NUMBER407577,TYPE NUMBER0284=E1 74I_ lO7O _ _ 1005 1119 358 ENGINE GASKET 51B_ 1095 VALVE 51A_ 726_ a68_P 943@ 1022_ GASKET 868 _) 1022 _...
  • Page 53 TRACTOR ° o MODEL NUMBER 917.274040 BRmGGS ENGmNE-MODEL N UMBER407577,TYPE NUMBER0284°E1 PART DESCRmPTmON 699751 Cylinder Assembly 499585 Kit-Bushing/Seal 391086 Seal_Oil (Magneto 699747 Sump_Engine 693998 Head-Cylinder (Cylinder 693999 Head-Cylinder (Cylinder 690962 GaskebCylinder 499601 Breather Assembly 690937 Gasket_Breather 691 !08 Screw (Breather 690942 Tube_Breather 697227...
  • Page 54 TRACTOR BRmGGS ENGmNE=MODEL NUMBER 407577,TYPE PART DESCRiPTiON 19374 Wrench-Spark 691108 Screw (Fuel Pump) 808656 Pump-Fuel 690442 Washer (Governor Crank) 697820 Screw (Back Plate) 499486 Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge 691003 Screw (Air Guide Cover) 447A 691108 Screw (Air Guide Cover) 691008 Knob-Air Cleaner 696458 Alternator 691185...
  • Page 55 SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SIGHTING SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION ONLY RIDE UP AND DOWN HILL, NOT ACROSS HILL 15 DEGREES MAX. down the face of slopes, never across the face. Do not mow WARNING: To avoid serious injury, operate your tractor up and slopes greater than 15 degrees.
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