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Owner's Manual
5.0 HP
Model No.
• Safety
• Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Espahol
• Repair Parts
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Instructions before
operating this equipment.
For answers to your questions
about this product, Call:
Sears Craftsman Help Line
5 am - 5 pm, Mon- Sat
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, II 60179
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    For answers to your questions about this product, Call: Read and follow all Safety 1-800-659-5917 Rules and Instructions before Sears Craftsman Help Line operating this equipment. 5 am - 5 pm, Mon- Sat Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, II 60179 Visit our Craftsman...

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    • If this Craftsman Tiller is used for commercial or rental purposes, this Warranty applies for only thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

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    • Never attempt to make any adjust- Never operate the tiller without good ments while the engine (motor) is visibility or light. Be careful when tilling in hard ground. running (except where specifically recommended by manufacturer). The tines may catch in the ground and propel the tiller forward.

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    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT GASOLINE 3 QTS A Sears Maintenance Agreement is 3APACITY: UNLEADED available on this product. Contact your nearest Sears store for details. REGULAR CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES SAE 30 DIL(API-SF/SG/SH): CAPACITY: 20 OZ.) (ABOVE 32°F) • Read and observe the safety rules, SAE 5W-30 •...

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    Your new tiller has been assembled at the factory with exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tiller all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely. Use the correct tools as necessary to insure proper tightness.

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    UNPACK CARTON & INSTALL INSTALL DEPTH STAKE HANDLE ASSEMBLY • Loosen nut "A'. ACAUTION: Be careful of exposed staples when handling or disposing of • Insert stake support between engine cartoning matedal. bracket halves with stake spring down. IMPORTANT: When unpacking and •...

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    These symbols may appear on your "1311er or in literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meeting. KNOW YOUR TILLER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUALAND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TILLER. Compare the illustrations with your tiller to familiarize with the location of various controls...

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    The operation of any tiller can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before starting your tiller and while tilling.We recommend a wide vision safety mask over spectacles or standard safety glasses. HOW TO USE YOUR TILLER WHEELS Know how to operate all controls before...

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    TO START ENGINE • With engine level, refill to point of overflowing if necessary. Replace oil ACAUTION: Keep tine control in "OFF-" filler plug, position when starting engine. • For cold weather operation you should When starting engine for the first time or if change oil for easier starting (See =OIL engine has run out of fuel, it will take extra VISCOSITY...

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    BREAKING IN YOUR TILLER You will find tilling much easier if you leave a row untilled between passes. Break-in your belt(s), pulleys and tine Then go back between tilled rows. control before you actually begin tilling. There are two reasons for doing this. •...

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    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE ,/_//_,_/_/_/ AS YOU COMPLETE SERVICE DATES Check Engine Oil Level Chenge EngineOil 1_1,2 Oil Pivot Points I I_ Inspect Spark Arrester/Muffler InspectAir Screen Clean or Replace Air Cleaner Cartridge 1_2 I Clean Engine CylinderFins Replace Spark Plug t - Change more often "M_enoperaUng under a heavy load o_In high ambient temperatures, 2 - Service more often when opera(Jng In dirty or dusty c_",diflons.

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    _CAUTION: Disconnect spark plug wire before performing any maintenance (except carburetor adjustment) to prevent accidental starting of engine. Drain Prevent fires! Keep the engine free of Rug_ grass, leaves, spilled oil, or fuel. Remove fuel from tank before tipping unit for maintenance.

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    SPARK PLUG Mufller_ Cylinder Fins Replace spark plugs at the beginning of Blower each tilling season or after every 50 hours of use, whichever comes first. Spark plug type and gap setting are shown in =PRODUCT S PECIFICATIONS". TRANSMISSION Your transmission is sealed and will not ___i _ ""...

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    NARROW TILLING/CULTIVATING. NOTE: If ON posltloncheckrequlred 12-314" PATH adjustment, recheck "OFP position • Remove outer tines. adjustment to insure tines do not rotate when control is =OFF" (up). Tine Control "OFP Position I°o oo] NOTE: When reassembling outer tines, be sure right tine assembly (marked "R') Cabl and left tine assembly (marked "L") are mounted to correct side of tine shaft.

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    BELT REPLACEMENT ACCELERATION TEST • Move throttle control lever from "SLOW" • Install new V-belt to engine pulley first then to transmission pulley. Be sure to "FAST" position. If engine hesitates or dies, turn idle needle valve out belt is positioned on inside groove of both pulleys, inside all belt guides and (counterclockwise) 1/8 turn.

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    Immediately prepare your tiller for storage NOTE: Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable at the end of the season or if the unit will alternative in minimizing the formation of not be used for 30 days or more. fuel gum deposits during storage. Add _CAUTION: Never store the tillerwith stabilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or storage...

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    CAUSE CORRECTION PROBLEM 1. Out of fuel. 1. Fill fuel tank. Will not start 2. See "TO START ENGINE" in 2. Engine not "CHOKED" the Operation section. 3. Wait several minutes before 3. Engine flooded. attempting to start. 4. Dirty air cleaner. 4.

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    PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION 11. Dirty/clogged muffler. Loss of power 11. Clean/replace muffler. 12. Carburetor out of 12. Make necessary adjust- ments. adjustment. 13, Poor compression, 13, Contact an authorized Sears Service Center/ Department. Engine overheats 1. Low oil level/dirty oil. 1.

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 HANDLES KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTI_. DESCRIPTION 137118 Panel, Control 21 12000027 Ring, Clip 9266R Grip, Handle 12000059 Retainer, Ring 12 98000129 Nut, Flange 35 72010520 Bolt 5/16-18 x 2-1/2 .13 STD533107 Bolt, Can'iage 5/16-18x3/4 36 73970500 Locknut,Flange 5/16-18 UNC 14 110514X...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 BELTGUARDAND PULLEYASSEMBLY KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 23230506 Screw Set 5/16-18 x 3/8 Patch 13 12000028 Ring, Retainer 130812 151223 Shaave, Transmisison Sheave, Engine 17211006 Screw, Tap Hex Head 165504 Nut J Clip #8 74610812 Bolt, Hex Head 1/2-20 x 3/4 12000036...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 WHEEL AND DEPTH STAKE ASSEMBLY KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 9194R Pin, Clevis 13 19513 Support, Depth S_ake,L.H. 74760520 Bolt, Hex Head 5/16-18 x1-1/4 15 5388J Spring, Stake STD523107 Bolt, HexHeadS/16-18x3/4 16 121117X Bolt, Shoutder Wheel STD541031...

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    TILLER -- MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 TINE ASSEMBLY KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 156926 Tine, Outa_ R.H. 156925 Tine, Outer, L.H. 3146R Retainer, SpdngZinc 4929H Pin, Clevis 156924 Tine, lnner, R.H. NOTE: All component dimensionsgiven in U.S. 156923 Tine, lnner, LH. inches.

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 TRANSMISSION KEY PART KEY PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION _7605_ 12 151222 Transmission Bolt, Hex 5/16-18 x 1-1/2 14 9173R Spacer, Split Grade 2 15 STD541431 Nut, Hex, Keps STO523732 Bo_t,F_n,Hex 3/8.16 x 3-1/4 5/16-18 UNC STD551037 Washer 13/32 x 13/16 x 11 16 19091412...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 DECALS KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 166214 Decal, Logo 166215 Decal, Belt Guard Tine Shield HP 137539 Decal, Cntrl Pnl Inst. 120431 Dscal, Hand Placement 110719X Decal, Oper./Lub 120075X Decal, Warning, RotatingTines 171803 Decal, Engine 10 171915 Decal, 5.5 HP 11 162215...

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    TILLER -- MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON - MODEL NUMBER 137202, TYPE NO. 1124-E1 36 35 d_527 613 _1/_...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 .,_IGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON - MODEL NUMBER 137202, TYPE NO. 1124-E1 KEY PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Guard, Flywheel 497144 Cylinder Assembly 222443 Retainer,Intake Valve and 399268 93312 Bushing,Cylinder Exhaust Spdng Seal, Oil 299819 Tappet,Valve 214040 Head, Cylinder 260642...

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    TILLER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.292392 ENGINE, BRIGGS & STRATTON - MODEL NUMBER 137202, TYPE NO. 1124-E1 KEY PART KEY PART NO. NO, DESCRIP'TION NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 280720 Bell Crank 231079 Bushing, Governor Crank 231520 Screw, Shoulder 94907 Bolt, Governor Lever 262279 Rod, Speed Control 231978...

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    For in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hoursa day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-MY-HOME s" (1-800-469-4663) Para pedir servicio de reparaci6n a domicilio 1-800-676-5811 In Canada for all your service and parts needs call Au Canada pour tout le service ou les pi_ces 1-800-665-4455 For the repair or replacement parts you need:...

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