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Features; Use Of Controls; Connections; Placement Of Speakers - Altec Lansing 2100 User Manual

2.1 50 watts speaker system.
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Thank you for purchasing this Altec Lansing product. As the leader
in Powered Audio products, Altec Lansing designs, manufactures and
markets a wide range of Powered Audio systems featuring built-in
amplifiers that can transform just about any audio source into a powerful
sound system. Simply plug our speakers into your CD, MP3 and DVD
player, or your PC, TV or video gaming system—and listen
to the future of audio.
• 3 piece multimedia speaker system.
• 2 small-footprint Satellites each with 2 state of the art 1" (28 mm)
Neodymium micro drivers.
• A Subwoofer designed with two 4" (102 mm) drivers for extended low
frequency response.
• Separate Subwoofer volume control for fine-tuning system balance and
overall system low volume/high volume performance.
• Separate wired System Controller unit allows optimum speaker
placement without worrying about control access.
• A patented control circuit automatically boosts bass at low volume to
maintain musical sound "realism".
• AAC1 Y-adapter included for easy connection to gaming consoles.
The Subwoofer is not magnetically shielded and should not be placed in
close proximity to a computer monitor, television, or computer hard drive.
If you experience any difficulties with your speaker system, check the
Troubleshooting section of this Guide. The answers to most setup and
performance questions can be found there. If you cannot find the
information you need, please call our customer service team for assistance
before returning the speakers to your retailer under their return policy.
We're available 7 days a week for your convenience:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1-800-ALTEC-88 (1-800-258-3288)


Do not insert the power plug into an AC outlet until all connections are made.
COLOR CODING: Notice that the Input jacks on the subwoofer are color
coded to prevent errors. The plugs that are inserted into these jacks have
matching colors. As an example, the Left Satellite has a brown
connecting plug. The plug is inserted into the Left jack with the brown
color marking located at the rear of the Subwoofer. All other connections
are made in the same way.
To insure first-time operation as expected, please follow the setup
sequence below carefully in the order indicated:
1. Connect the orange plug from the 2100 RIGHT Satellite to the jack
marked RIGHT at the rear of the Subwoofer.
2. Connect the brown plug from the 2100 LEFT Satellite to the jack
marked LEFT at the rear of the right Satellite.
3. Connect the gray DIN plug from the System Controller into the gray
DIN jack marked CONTROLLER on the Subwoofer. Note that the DIN
plug has an arrow. The arrow should be face up for correct insertion
into the DIN jack on the Subwoofer.
4. Turn off the audio source device (computer, portable music system,
etc.). Shut computer systems down using the manufacturer's
recommended procedures.
5. Connect the 6.5 ft. (5m) cable with lime green 3.5 mm stereo plugs on
each end into the jack labeled FRONT on the Subwoofer and the other
to the 3.5 mm output jack on your audio source.
NOTE: Console gaming systems have dual RCA outputs. Systems in
this group are the Sony® PlayStation®, Sega® Dreamcast™, and
Nintendo (64) gaming systems.
a. Locate the AAC1 Y-adapter cable included with your 2100 speaker
system. It has a lime green, a red and a white 3.5 mm (RCA) jack on
the ends of the "Y" cable.
b. Locate the 6.5 ft (5 m) cable with lime green 3.5 mm (RCA) stereo
plugs on each end.
c. Connect the lime green plugs to the input labeled MAIN on the
back of the Subwoofer. Connect the lime green plug on the other
end of this cable to the lime green jack on one end of the AAC1 Y-
adapter cable.
d. Locate the red and white 3.5 mm RCA plugs from your powered-off
console gaming system gaming system. Connect them to the
matching red and white jacks of the AAC1 Y-adapter cable.
6. Connect the power cord (at back of Subwoofer) to an AC Wall socket.
7. The unit is now ready to operate. Turn on the audio source device.
NOTE: Always turn on your audio source device before turning on
your Altec Lansing 2100 Speaker System. If you turn on the speaker
system before turning on the audio source, you will hear a loud POP
sound when the audio device is turned on.
8. Turn on the Altec Lansing 2100 Speaker System. See USE OF


The Power On/Off button is located on the System Controller. Press the
Power button to turn on the speaker system. Push it again to turn the
unit off. A green LED power indicator near the power on/off button will
glow to show power is on.
Press the Volume Up button on the System Controller to increase volume.
Press the Volume Down button to decrease volume. Repeated pressing
of the buttons changes the volume setting by increments.
With the Subwoofer in the desired location, the Subwoofer Volume
control is used to mix the level of the Subwoofer with the Satellite
speakers. Mixing is usually done by playing a wide variety of music and
speech and adjusting the control until a natural sound is obtained.


All stereo information is heard from the Satellite speakers. The
Subwoofer contains no stereo information and sound is non-directional.
As a result, the Subwoofer does not necessarily have to be placed in any
particular relationship to the Satellites. Placing the Subwoofer on the
floor close to the wall provides maximum bass efficiency.
WARNING: The Subwoofer is not magnetically shielded. The Subwoofer
should NOT be placed near video display devices such as a TV or
computer monitor. The Subwoofer should NOT be placed near computer
hard drives. Position the Subwoofer at least 2' (.6 m) away from computer
hard drives, or any other media that uses magnetic encoding.
The Satellite speakers can be placed close to a video display (TV,
computer monitor) without distorting the video image. Usually best
stereo effect is obtained by placing speakers as far apart as their wiring
allows. Sound effects may vary depending on how the recordings are
made. Therefore, it is not unusual to rearrange the speakers from time to
time until the listener finds which arrangement gives the best results.


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