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Date & Time Write - NEC MultiSync V423 Manual

External control.
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9.2 Date & Time Write
This command is used in order to write the setting of the Date & Time.
1) The controller requests the monitor to write Date & Time.
SOH-'0'-Monitor ID-'0'-'A'-'1'-'2'
SOH (01h): Start Of Header
'0' (30h): Reserved
Monitor ID: Specify the Monitor ID of which you want to change the setting.
'0' (30h): Message sender is the controller.
'A' (41h): Message type is "Command".
'1'-'2'(31h, 32h): Message length
STX (02h): Start of Message
'C'-'2'-'1'-'2' (43h, 32h, 31h, 32h): Date & Time write command
'YY'-'MM'-'DD'-'WW'-'HH'-'MN'-'DS': Date & Time data
YY: Year (offset 2000)
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): 2000
'6'-'3'(36h, 33h): 2099 (99 = 63h)
MM: Month
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): January
'0'-'C'(30h, 43h): December
DD: Day
WW: weekdays
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): Sunday
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): Monday
'0'-'2'(30h, 32h): Tuesday
'0'-'3'(30h, 33h): Wednesday
'0'-'4'(30h, 34h): Thursday
'0'-'5'(30h, 35h): Friday
'0'-'6'(30h, 36h): Saturday
HH: Hours
MN: Minutes
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): 0
'3'-'B' (33h, 42h): 59 (=3Bh)
DS: Daylight saving (Summer time)
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): NO
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): YES
ETX (03h): End of Message
Check code
BCC: Block Check Code
Refer to the section 4.5 "Check code" for a BCC calculation.
Ex.) If Monitor ID is '1', specify 'A'.
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): 1
'1'-'E'(31h, 45h): 30(=1Eh)
'1'-'F'(31h, 46h): 31(=1Fh)
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): 0
'1'-'7'(31h, 37h): 23 (=17h)
Check code


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