Hitachi DT3140 User Manual

14.1” super tft colour lcd monitor
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14.1" Super TFT Colour LCD Monitor



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  • Page 1 DT3140 User Manual 14.1” Super TFT Colour LCD Monitor...
  • Page 2: Energy Star

    ENERGY STAR As an International Energy Star@ Partner,Hitachi has determined that this product meets the International Energy Star@ guidelines for energy efficiency, The International Energy Star@ guidelines is a global programme that promotes energy saving though the use of computers and other office equiment.The progmme backs the development and dissemination of products with functions that effectively reduce energy consumption.It is an open system in which business proprietors can participate voluntarily.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    em -- CONTENTS AFETY RECAUTIONS General Safety Guidelines Warnings Cautions M Warning Labels REFACE Check List Routine Care ONNECTING TO THE OMPUTER Quick-Start Set-up System Set-up PERATION Controls and Connections On Screen Display (OSD) Overview On Screen Display (OSD) Adjustment Other Features ROUBLESHOOTING Problem Checklist...
  • Page 4: Safetyprecautions

    -- - SAFETYPRECAUTIONS GENERAL SAFETY GUIDELINES Before operating the monitor, read the following instructions carefully: Follow all the operating procedures provided in this manual. Pay special attention to and follow all the hazard warnings on the machine and in the manua!.
  • Page 5: Warnings

    WARNINGS A Warning: Should something go wrong with the product during operation, stop using it as soon as possible. Do not leave the product operating if it is producing an odour or smoke. Do not leave the product operating if malfunctioning, eg no picture on the screen, strange noise. Failure to do so could cause a fire or electric shock.
  • Page 6 A Warning: Handle the power cord carefully. Take care not to damage or break the power cord. Do not apply too much heat, pressure or tension to the cord. Avoid bending the cord sharply. Do not attempt to work on the cord. Ignoring this could cause a fire or electric shock. When connecting and disconnecting the power cord, do it with your hand holding the power plug.
  • Page 7 Warning: FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UK THIS PRODUCT IS SUPPLIED WITH A TWO PIN MAINS PLUG FOR USE IN MAINLAND EUROPE AND A THREE PIN PLUG FOR USE IN THE UK. PLEASE REFER TO THE NOTES ON THIS PAGE. IMPORTANT FOR UNITED KINGDOM The mains lead on this equipment is supplied with a moulded plug incorporating a fuse, the value of which is indicated on the pin face of the plug.
  • Page 8: Cautions

    CAUTIONS A Caution: Do not block up the vent holes. The holes are for internal hot air to escape to keep the product from overheating. Keep this area free of anything that hinders ventilation. Neglect can be the cause of internal overheating leading to a fire.
  • Page 9: M Warning Labels

    WARNING LABELS The warning labels are located in the positions shown below. Hazardous voltage. Can cause death or severe injury. Disconnect main power before servicing.
  • Page 10: Preface

    -- - 0 -- PREFACE Thank you for choosing our Super TFI Colour LCD Monitor. This product is a high resolution monitor capable of resolutions up to 1024 x 768 dots. Please read this manual carefully to ensure correct operation. CHECK LIST Before using the product please check the contents of the shipping carton which should include the following:...
  • Page 11: Connectingtothecomputer

    -- -~ CONNECTINGTOTHECOMPUTER QUICK-START SETUP The DT3140’S automatic adjustment feature makes it easy to setup: Before connecting the monitor, check that your computer is set up to use one of the video modes from Mode 4 and above shown in the table on page 33. Connect the video cable to your computer and switch on the monitor, then the computer.
  • Page 12: System Set-Up

    n SYSTEM SET-UP An example system is shown below. Before making connection, make sure the power switch is turned off on each unit. The “0” side of the monitor switch must be pushed. (Refer to page 15.) See your computer manual for details of the system unit power switch. To remove the monitor’s rear cover press both sides of the top edge of the cover and push down, then pull the bottom edge towards you.
  • Page 13 ARNING Do not place the product on an insecure surface. Be sure to remove the rear cover before connecting and disconnecting the power cord to and from the monitor. Insert the power plug until it stops with your hand firmly holding the plug. When connecting and disconnecting the power cord to and from the wall outlet, do it with your hand holding the plug.
  • Page 14: Operation

    -- -- OPERATION W CONTROLS AND CONNECTIONS Power Power connector switch (bottom view) SAVE LED (orange) BACK button A button SELECT button...
  • Page 15: On Screen Display (Osd) Overview

    POWERSWITCH To turn the power on and off, push the ‘7” and “0” sides respectively. The “POWER’ LED lights to indicate the power is on. (It takes 20 to 30 seconds for the display to be stable. The back lights may flicker during this time.) The monitor screen is designed to tilt up to 30 degrees upward and 5 degrees downward.
  • Page 16 -- - SAVE SETTINGS: Saves user settings in the internal non-volatile memory CLEAR SETTINGS: Restores user settings to the factory default values BRIGHTNESS: Adjusts the brightness of the backlight The OSD feature does not operate if no video signal is present. The OSD CONTROL.
  • Page 17: On Screen Display (Osd) Adjustment

    ON SCREEN DISPLAY (OSD) ADJUSTMENT A I N To start adjustment press the MENU button. The OSD window opens up at the centre of the screen and displays the main menu shown below. If you press the MENU button while the window is open the DT3140 will either close the OSD window or ask whether you wish to save your new settings.
  • Page 18 DJUST If you select AUTO-ADJUST from the main menu the following window appears. You can then select whether or not to proceed with automatic adjustment. Select a suitable image for display while auto-adjustment takes place. For example, maximise Program Manager in Windows 3.1, Explorer in Windows 95/NT or Finder on a Macintosh.
  • Page 19 MANUALADJUST Automatic adjustment does not always produce perfect results. Some computers have unusual timing characteristics or other properties that make automatic adjustment difficult. If automatic adjustment is not satisfactory you should proceed to manual adjustment. H-POSITION Adjusts the image position horizontally...
  • Page 20 V-POSITION Adjusts the image position vertically...
  • Page 21 PHASE Fine-tunes the display data sample timing The phase value varies from 0 to 63. Try this adjustment if characters appear blurred or if the screen seems to flicker. Normal Abnormal Normal Abnormal The usefulness of phase adjustment varies according to the system you are using and the screen that you are currently displaying.
  • Page 22 CLOCK Adjusts the sampling clock to the dot timing of the computer video signal The screen shows the number of sampling pulses per horizontal scan. The default value varies according to the display mode. You can adjust by up to 32 units above or below the default.
  • Page 23 CONTRAST Adjusts the contrast The factory default contrast value is 0 on a scale from -50 to +50. COLOR BALANCE Adjusts the colour balance Each colour value can be between -32 and +32.
  • Page 24 -- - OSD CONTROL Sets the time that the OSD feature waits before automatically terminating The OSD closes if no key is pressed within the specified time and the SAVE. SETTINGS screen does not appear. Note that the new settings are not saved if the OSD function closes automatically.
  • Page 25 ETTINGS Saves user settings in the internal non-volatile memory While the settings are being saved “SAVING” is displayed followed by “DONE” when complete. These settings remain effective until you overwrite them with new settings or use the CLEAR SETTINGS function to restore factory defaults. Note that this window automatically appears if you press the MENU button to terminate OSD adjustment.
  • Page 26 Please do not switch off the power while clearing is in progress otherwise the display may not operate correctly the next time you switch on. The factory default values are not applied until the power is switched off and on again. RIGHTNESS Adjusts the brightness of the backlight The factory default brightness is 15 on a scale of 0 to 3 1.
  • Page 27: Other Features

    W OTHER FEATURES OWER AVING EATURE The unit incorporates VESA DPMS (Video Electronic Standard Association’s Display Power Management System) and automatically reduces power consumption when horizontal and/or vertical synchronisation signals are absent. This is indicated by a bright SAVE LED located on the right side of the front panel. Refer to your computer manual for VESA DPMS settings of the computer system unit.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM CHECKLIST If the monitor fails to operate, check the following for problems and their possible causes: 1. No picture Corrective action Possible cause Connect the computer system unit’s Is the computer system unit’s power cord power cord to the mains outlet. connected to the mains outlet? Connect the monitor’s power cord to the Is the monitor’s power cord connected to...
  • Page 29: Hardware Technical Information

    HARDWARE TECHNICAL INFORMATION SPECIFICATIONS 14.1 v (358mm) Dot pitch (mm): 0.279 Drive system: In-Plane Switching TFI Active Matrix System Input signals Video: 0.7Vp-p Sync: Separate, TTL level, non-interlaced Input terminal Direct l/F cable with D-Sub connector Resolutions Horizontal: 1024 dots max. Vertical: 768 dots max.
  • Page 30: H Video Signal Connections

    VIDEO SIGNAL CONNECTIONS S-pin mini D-Sub connector (on the computer system unit) DDC-D* DDC data output HSYNC Horizontal sync signal output VSYNC Vertical sync signal output DDC-C** DDC clock output * Effective only on systems compliant with DDC 1 or DDC 2B ** Effective only on systems compliant with DDC 2B...
  • Page 31: Video Modes

    VIDEO MODES This monitor operates in any of the following video modes and can automatically adjust to modes 4 to 13. Set your computer system to one of the modes listed. See your computer system manual for details of how to set the video mode. 1024 x 768 (Macintosh) 60.2 If the screen image is unclear due to an inconsistent display timing, or for any other...
  • Page 32 Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan International Sales Division THE HITACHI ATAGO BUILDING, No. 15 –12 Nishi Shinbashi, 2 – Chome, Minato – Ku, Tokyo 105-8430, Japan. Tel: 03 35022111 HITACHI EUROPE LTD. HITACHI EUROPE S.A. Dukes Meadow 364, Kifissias Ave. & 1, Delfon Str.