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Navigating The Whole List Of Channels; Deleting Unwanted Channel; Renaming Channels; Adding Locks To Channels - Hitachi HDB72 ARGOS Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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In the channel table
moves the cursor to select the previous or next channel. RED and GREEN buttons
select page up and down.
To watch a specific channel, highlight it using the
buttons or the Red/Green buttons, then press SELECT,
if the SELECT box is highlighted. The name and number of the selected channel will be displayed in the top-right
corner of the screen.
If the selected channel is password protected, a pop up menu will be displayed. If the correct code is entered the
selected channel can be watched. After the Password box has disappeared you can use the
buttons to
navigate to other channels. The scroll bar in the middle of the screen shows the relative position of the current
channel with respect to the whole list. DELETING UNWANTED CHANNEL

To delete a channel highlight it using "5/6" RED/GREEN, then highlight the "Delete" button using "3/4"and press
SELECT. A message is displayed to confirm your decision, if you still want to delete press SELECT once more and
the channel will be deleted, the operation will be cancelled if you select "NO". RENAMING CHANNELS

To rename a specific channel, the channel must be highlighted. Select "Edit Name" button and press SELECT. The
name appears on the right side of the menu with the first character highlighted. By means of "3/4/5/6" keys the
characters can be changed.Pressing MENU cancels the editing and SELECT saves the new name. ADDING LOCKS TO CHANNELS

Channel Locking provides a password-protected access to channels selected by parents. In order to lock a channel
you should know the parental Lock password (set to 0000 in the factory and can only be changed from the
Configuration Menu), highlight the channel to be locked and select the "Lock" button, when SELECT is pressed a
password dialog is displayed. Enter the parental Lock code and the Lock icon will be displayed in front of the
selected channel. Repeat the same operation to cancel the Lock. SETTING FAVOURITES

There will be some channels that you tend to watch more
often and some only occasionally. The favourite mode
allows the most-watched channels to accessed more
easily, leaving the less-watched channels accessible but
out of the way. Any channel can be a favourite channel
and the Channel List menu is used to label those
channels you want as favourites. Display the Channel List
menu screen by highlighting Channel List on the Main
Menu and pressing [SELECT].
Use the "3" or "4" keys to highlight the FAVOURITE
button at the base of the screen and then, in turn,
highlight each channel that is required to be a favourite
channel, using the "5" and "6" keys and press
[SELECT]. A channel selected as a favourite appears in
the main channel list with a favourites icon against the channel name.
A channel can have its favourites status removed by repeating this procedure, to remove the icon. Leave the
Channel List menu by pressing [MENU].Once the required channels have been marked as favourite channels, the
favourite mode can be activated to allow easy access to them. Press the [MENU] key to display the Main Menu, the
"6" key twice to highlight Configuration, and press [SELECT] to display the Configuration screen. Press the "6"
key four times to highlight the Favourite Mode line and using the "3" or "4" keys change the setting from Off to



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