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Electrolux home products front load washer instruction booklet ew 880f.
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6 "Spin reduction" button
By depressing this button you can reduce the max.
spin speed proposed by the machine. The relevant
light illuminates.
The maximum speeds are:
for cotton, synthetics, hand wash and wool: 800
for delicate fabrics: 700 r.p.m.
7 Programme display
When you select the programme, the light
corresponding to the maximum spin speed provided
or the various phases making up the programme
comes on. At the same time the light of the
Start/Pause button starts blinking.
Spin speed lights: are on during the washing
programme and remain alight at the end of the cycle.
Function: when this light comes on this means that
the machine is performing the washing programme.
End: when the programme has finished, the "End"
pilot light comes on. If the Rinse Hold option has
been selected, the "End" and the "Door" pilot lights
remain lit.
The "End" light flashes in the event of operating
problems :
4 flashes: door open
2 flashes: problem with water draining
1 flash: problem with water supply
For more information see paragraph "Trouble-
shooting guide".
Door: the "Door" pilot light indicates if the door can
be opened:
- light on: the door cannot be opened
- light off: the door can be opened
It stays on during the whole programme indicating
that the door is locked.
When the light goes out, the door can be opened
(see page 13)
8 Programme selector dial
The selector is divided into 5 sections:
• Cotton
• Synthetic
• Hand wash
/ Delicate
• Wool
• Special programmes
O Reset programme/OFF
The selector dial can be turned either clockwise or
Position 60E corresponds to the ENERGY SAVING
programme and position
At the end of the programme the selector dial
must be turned to position "O" to switch the
machine off.
If during a washing programme the selector dial is
turned to another programme, the pilot lights of the
programme progress display start to flash. The
machine will not perform the new selected
to "cold wash".


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