Electrolux EW 880F Instruction Booklet: Water Drainage; Electrical Connection

Electrolux home products front load washer instruction booklet ew 880f.
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The inlet hose must not be lengthened. If it is too
short and you do not wish to move the tap, you will
have to purchase a new, longer hose specially
designed for this type of use.
Before connecting up the machine to new pipework
or to pipework that has not been used for some time,
run off a reasonable amount of water to flush out any
debris that may have been collected in the pipes.

Water drainage

The end of the drain hose can be positioned in four
Hooked over the edge of a sink using the plastic
hose guide supplied with the machine. In this
case, make sure the end cannot come unhooked
when the machine is emptying.
This could be done by tying it to the tap with a piece
of string or attaching it to the wall.
In a sink drain pipe branch. This branch must be
above the tap so that the bend is at least 60 cm
above the ground.
Directly into a drain pipe at a height of not less
than 60 cm and not more than 90 cm.
The end of the drain hose must always be
ventilated, i.e. the inside diameter of the drain pipe
must be larger than the outside diameter of the drain
Floor drain: the washing machine should be
installed where a floor drain or hole is located
(depending on plumbing regulations). A floor drain is
required to drain away water which may overflow
from the washing machine due to a hose leak or
The drain hose must not be kinked.
The drain hose may be extended to a maximum of 4
metres. An additional drain hose and joining piece
is available from your local Service Centre.
For correct functioning of the machine the drain
hose must remain hooked on the proper support
piece situated on the top part of the back side of
the appliance.
Electrical connection
Plug the washing machine into a properly earthed 3
pin power point.
If the appliance is supplied from a cord extension
set or an electrical portable outlet device, the
cord extension set or electrical portable outlet
device must be positioned so that it is not
subject to splashing or ingress of moisture.
The manufacturer declines any responsibility
for damage or injury through failure to comply
with the above safety precaution.
If the electrical cord of this appliance is
damaged, it must be replaced by the
Manufacturer, Authorised Service Agent or
similarly qualified person in order to avoid a


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