Alpine CDE-9845 Owner's Manual

Alpine mp3 cd receiver owner's manual.
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1-1-8 Nishi Gotanda,
Tokyo 141-0031, Japan
Phone 03-5496-8231
19145 Gramercy Place, Torrance,
California 90501, U.S.A.
Phone 1-800-ALPINE-1 (1-800-257-4631)
7300 Warden Ave., Suite 203, Markham,
Ontario L3R 9Z6, Canada
Phone 1-800-ALPINE-1 (1-800-257-4631)
Meiyi Printing Factory, Dalian, China
No. 28 Chang Qing Street, Xi Gang District, Dalian, China
MP3/WMA CD Receiver
MP3 CD Receiver
FM/AM CD Receiver
Please read before using this equipment.
Veuillez lire avant d'utiliser cet appareil.
Léalo antes de utilizar este equipo.
6-8 Fiveways Boulevarde Keysborough,
Victoria 3173, Australia
Phone 03-9769-0000
Frankfurter Ring 117
80807 München, Germany
Phone 089-32 42 640
Alpine House
Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry CV4 9TW, U.K.
Phone 0870-33 33 763
(RCS PONTOISE B 338 101 280)
98, Rue de la Belle Etoile, Z.I. Paris Nord Il,
B.P. 50016, 95945 Roissy Charles de Gaulle
Cedex, France
Phone 01-48638989
Viale C. Colombo 8, 20090 Trezzano
Sul Naviglio (MI), Italy
Phone 02-484781
Portal de Gamarra 36, Pabellón, 32
01013 Vitoria (Alava)-APDO 133, Spain
Phone 945-283588
Designed by ALPINE Japan
Printed in China (Y)

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  • Page 1

    No. 28 Chang Qing Street, Xi Gang District, Dalian, China CDE-9845 MP3 CD Receiver CDE-9843 FM/AM CD Receiver CDE-9841 ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 6-8 Fiveways Boulevarde Keysborough, Victoria 3173, Australia Phone 03-9769-0000 ALPINE ELECTRONICS GmbH Frankfurter Ring 117 80807 München, Germany...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Right)/Fader (Between Front and Rear)/ Defeat ... 12 Setting the Bass Control ... 12 ENGLISH Setting the Treble Control ... 13 Setting the BBE Mode (CDE-9845 only) ... 13 Turning Loudness On/Off (CDE-9843/CDE-9841 only) ... 13 Other Functions Displaying the Title/Text ... 14 Titling Discs/Radio Stations ...

  • Page 3: Warning, Caution, Precautions

    HALT USE IMMEDIATELY IF A PROBLEM APPEARS. Failure to do so may cause personal injury or damage to the product. Return it to your authorized Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Centre for repairing. PRECAUTIONS Product Cleaning Use a soft dry cloth for periodic cleaning of the product.

  • Page 4

    Use of special shape discs may cause damage to the mechanism. Installation Location Make sure the CDE-9845/CDE-9843/CDE-9841 will not be installed in a location subjected to: • Direct sun and heat • High humidity and water •...

  • Page 5

    CDE-9843 CDE-9841 Use only compact discs with the label side showing the CD logo marks below. (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) If you use unspecified compact discs, correct performance cannot be guaranteed. You can play CD-Rs (CD-Recordable)/CD-RWs (CD- ReWritable) which have been recorded only on audio devices.

  • Page 6: Turning Power On And Off, Detaching And Attaching The Front Panel, Initial System Start-up

    Press RESET with a ballpoint pen or similar pointed object. RESET switch Adjusting Volume Turn the Rotary encoder (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) or press 4 4 4 4 4 and 3 3 3 3 3 (CDE-9841 only) until the desired sound is obtained. Lowering Volume Quickly Activating the Audio Mute function will instantly lower the volume level by 20 dB.

  • Page 7: Changing The Radio Frequencies For Each Country (cde-9845/cde-9843 Only), Listening To Radio

    A.ME Preset buttons (1 through 6) Changing the Radio Frequencies for each Country (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) For customers not living in North America, change the radio frequencies as follows. Press and hold MUTE/SETUP for at least 2 seconds to select the SETUP mode.

  • Page 8: Automatic Memory Of Station Presets, Tuning To Preset Stations

    The display shows the band, preset number and frequency of the station selected. Station Title Search Function (CDE-9845 only) If the title of a radio station is entered, you can search for that radio station by its title while listening to the currently received radio station.

  • Page 9: Playback

    A malfunction may result from doing either. • If the CD does not eject, press and hold c for at least 2 seconds. CDE-9845 (compatible with MP3/WMA)/ CDE-9843 (compatible with MP3): • The CD-player can play discs containing audio data, MP3 data and WMA data.

  • Page 10: Repeat Play, M.i.x. (random Play), Scanning Programmes

    To stop scanning, press 6 ( ) and deactivate the Scan mode. Searching CD Text (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) Tracks can be searched and played using the CD text on the disc. In the case of discs that do not support text, searches can be made using the track numbers.

  • Page 11: File/folder Name Search (concerning Mp3 Wma) (cde-9845/cde-9843 Only), Quick Search (cde-9845/cde-9843 Only)

    (up to 30 for ID3 tags and up to 15 for WMA tags) and the underscore. For non-supported characters, “NO SUPPORT” (CDE-9845 only) or “NO SUPRT” (CDE-9843/CDE- 9841 only) is displayed. The tag information may not be correctly displayed, depending on the contents.

  • Page 12

    Corresponding File Systems This device supports discs formatted with ISO9660 Level 1 or Level 2. Under the ISO9660 standard, there are some restrictions to remember. The maximum nested folder depth is 8 (including the root directory). The number of file/folder name characters is limited.

  • Page 13: And Right)/fader (between Front And Rear Defeat, Setting The Bass Control

    * CDE-9845 only Setting the Bass Control You can change the bass frequency emphasis to create your own tonal preference. Press BASS C. (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) or press CENTER f. (CDE-9841 only) to select the Bass (bass center frequency) Control mode. CDE-9845/CDE-9843: BASS ↔...

  • Page 14: Setting The Treble Control, Setting The Bbe Mode (cde-9845 Only)

    Setting the Treble Control You can change the Treble Frequency emphasis to create your own tonal preference. Press TREBLE C. (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) or press CENTER f. (CDE-9841 only) to select the Treble (treble center frequency) Control mode. CDE-9845/CDE-9843: TREBLE ↔ normal mode CDE-9841: BASS →...

  • Page 15: Displaying The Title/text

    About the indicator display When displaying Title/Text, the following indicators are lit according to the mode. TITLE Bass Level is usually displayed. When BBE is set, the display changes according to the BBE setting (CDE-9845 only). Indicator/ CD Mode Mode While displaying Title —...

  • Page 16: Titling Discs/radio Stations, Erasing Disc Title/radio Station Title, Displaying Time, Setting Time

    • Some characters may not be displayed correctly with this device, depending on the character type. • When the Scroll Setting (page 17) is set to “SCROLL MANU” for CDE-9845 and “SCR MANU” for CDE-9843, press and hold TITLE for at least 2 seconds to scroll the Text information only once (TEXT DISPLAY, FOLDER NAME DISPLAY, FILE NAME DISPLAY or TAG DISPLAY mode).

  • Page 17: Subwoofer On And Off

    MODE (CDE-9841 only) repeatedly to select the SUBW mode. BASS → TREBLE → SUBWOOFER → BALANCE → FADER → DEFEAT → VOLUME → BASS 2 To adjust the level, turn the Rotary encoder (CDE-9845/ CDE-9843 only) or press 4 and 3 (CDE-9841 only). →...

  • Page 18: Scroll Setting (cde-9845/cde-9843 Only), Demonstration (cde-9845 Only), Setting The Aux Mode (cde-9845 Only)

    Visual Customizing (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) Setting the Multicolor Illumination (CDE-9845 only) ILLUMI BLUE (Initial setting) / ILLUMI GREEN / ILLUMI AMBER / ILLUMI RED You can change the lighting color of the following four buttons: SOURCE/POWER, BAND, g and f. BLUE → GREEN → AMBER → RED → BLUE •...

  • Page 19: In Case Of Difficulty

    - Make sure the CD has been written in a supported format. Refer to “About MP3/WMA” (pages 10-11), then rewrite in the format supported by this device. * CDE-9845 is compatible with MP3/WMA. CDE-9843 is compatible with MP3. Audio The sound is not output from the speakers.

  • Page 20: Specifications

    - Remove the disc by following these steps: Press the c button again for at least 2 seconds. If the disc still does not eject, consult your Alpine dealer. ERROR • Mechanism error.

  • Page 21: Caution, Warning, Precautions

    (e.g. amplifier) having RCA connectors. You may need an adaptor to connect other units. If so, please contact your authorized ALPINE dealer for assistance. • Be sure to connect the speaker (–) leads to the speaker (–) terminal.

  • Page 22: Installation

    Connect each input lead coming from an amplifier or equalizer to the corresponding output lead coming from the left rear of the CDE-9845/CDE- 9843/CDE-9841. Connect all other leads of the CDE- 9845/CDE-9843/CDE-9841 according to details described in the CONNECTlONS section.

  • Page 23: Connections

    Orange (CDE-9845/CDE-9843 only) Yellow Black (), -: CDE-9845 only) (CDE-9845 only) When Subwoofer is set to OFF: Output is from Rear speakers. When Subwoofer is set to ON: Output is from Subwoofer. When Subwoofer is set to OFF: Output is from Front speakers.

  • Page 24

    • Connect the ground lead securely to a bare metal spot (remove any paint, dirt or grease if necessary) of the car chassis. • If you add an optional noise suppressor, connect it as far away from the unit as possible. Your Alpine dealer carries various Alpine noise suppressors, contact them for further information.

  • Page 25: Limited Warranty

    LIMITED WARRANTY ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF AMERICA, INC. AND ALPINE OF CANADA INC. ("Alpine"), are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and are pleased to offer this Warranty. We suggest that you read it thoroughly. Should you have any questions, please contact your Dealer or Alpine at one of the telephone numbers listed below.

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