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Movable Shelves; Positioning The Door Shelves; Bottle Holder; Air Recycling - Electrolux 2223 429-31 User Manual

Electrolux fridge user manual
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Movable shelves

The walls of the refrigerator have runners so that the
shelves can be positioned as desired .
For better use of space, the front half-shelves can lie
over the rear ones.

Positioning the door shelves

To permit storage of food packages of various sizes,
the door shelves can be adjusted in height.To make
these adjustments proceed as follows:
Gradually pull the shelf in the direction of the arrows
until it comes off, then reposition as required.

Bottle holder

Place the bottles (with the opening facing front) in
the pre-positioned shelf.
If the shelf is positioned horizontally, place only
closed bottles.
This bottle holder shelf can be tilted in order to store
previously opened bottles.
To obtain this result, pull the shelf up so it can rotate
upwards and be placed on the next higher level.

Air recycling

The refrigerator compartment is equipped with a
special D.A.C.(Dynamic Air Cooling) fan which can
be turned on with the switch A ( see fig. 1). The
green light, when on, means that the fan is working.
It is suggested that the fan (D.A.C.) be used when
the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C.



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