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Operation; Before Use; Control Panel; Display - Electrolux 2223 429-31 User Manual

Electrolux fridge user manual
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Before using
Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the
appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of
soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).

Control panel

A - Applince button ON/OFF
B - Temperature and function indicator


Door open alarm indicator
Positive or negative Temperature indicator
Temperature indicator
If on the shopping function is on
After plugging the plug into the power outlet, if the
display is not illuminated, press key (A), appliance on.
As soon as the appliance is turned on, the following
signals will appear on the control panel:
symbol (2) will be positive, indicating that the
temperature is positive.
Place the refrigerator adjustment knobs (D) in a
middle position, and the appliance will be set up to
provide the following temperature:
roughly +5°C in the refrigerator.
Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may
linger. Dry thoroughly.
C - Function button
D - Fridge Thermostat knob

Activation of functions

Each time key C is pressed, the following functions are
activated in a clockwise direction:
Symbol 4 : shopping function
No Symbol: Normal operation

Switching off

The appliance is shut off by holding down key (A) for
more than 1 second. After this, a countdown of the
temperature from -3 -2 -1 will be shown.
When the appliance is shut off, display (B) also goes



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