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Silvercrest DVT-480 User Manual

Portable 8.5“ dvd player


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  • Page 1 DVT-480 User Manual MODE ADJUST SETUP SCAN English...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    1 Introduction Thank you for choosing this portable 8.5“ DVD player SilverCrest DVT-480. In order to be able to use your equipment to its fullest extent, we recommend reading these instructions before using this product for the first time, even if you are familiar with electronic devices. Pay particular attention to the chapter Important Safety Precautions on page 8. Keep this manual for future reference. If you sell or pass the equipment on, also hand over this user manual.
  • Page 4: Manufacturer Information

    4 Manufacturer Information JNC Datum Tech GmbH Benzstraße 33 71083 Herrenberg Germany For more information visit:
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    5 Contents 1 Introduction ................. 3 2 Copyright ................ 3 3 Declaration ................ 3 4 Manufacturer Information ........... 4 5 Contents ................ 5 6 Important Safety Instructions .......... 8 7 Package Contents ...............12 8 Parts ..................14 8.1 DVD player ..............14 8.2 Remote control ............16 9 Power Supply ...............18 9.1 Mains power ..............18 9.2 Car adapter ..............18 10 Installation ................19...
  • Page 6 14 Disc Functions ..............28 14.1 Navigation ..............28 14.2 Disc playback ..............28 14.3 Stop playback ..............29 14.4 Pause ................29 14.5 Forward / Rewind ............29 14.6 Search mode ...............30 14.7 Slow motion ..............30 14.8 Step ................30 14.9 Zoom ................31 14.10 Change angle ..............31 14.11 Numeric buttons ............31 14.12 Go to function ..............32 14.13 Repeat .................33 14.14 Repeat section ............33 14.15 Programm playback ............34 14.16 Display information .
  • Page 7 17.5 Display teletext ............46 17.6 Change TV system ............46 18 Setup Menu in DVB Mode ...........47 18.1 Access setup menu .............47 18.2 Channel guide .............47 18.3 System settings ............50 18.4 Channel search ............51 18.5 Games .................52 19 Care & Maintenance ............53 20 Troubleshooting ..............53 21 Technical Specifications .............55 22 Disposal ................57...
  • Page 8: Important Safety Instructions

    6 Important Safety Instructions Please read and observe the safety precautions. General • The packing materials are not toys. Do not let children play with the plastic packaging materials that come with this product. Danger of suffocation. • Do not allow children to operate electrical devices unsupervised. • CAUTION! LASER RADIATION HAZARD! This DVD player is a class 1 laser product. This equipment works with a bundled laser beam. When the product is disassembled, or with a defective safety mechanism, the laser beam can cause eye damage. Power supply • Connect the power adapter to a 100-240V~50/60Hz wall outlet only. Ensure the wall outlet is in close proximity to the equipment and is accessible at all times. • Route the cables in such a way that nobody can trip over them. • Ensure that you do not route cables over edges; do not kink the cable. • Disconnect from mains power supply during lightning. • When disconnecting, do not pull on the cable, always hold the plug. Operating conditions • Avoid moisture and dripping or splashing water. • To avoid electric shock, do not submerge the product in water or other liquids. • Do not place objects filled with water on or near the unit. •...
  • Page 9 current temperature. • Do not place heavy articles on top of the equipment. • Do not touch the display. Do not press on the surface of the display. Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects. • Do not expose the equipment to excessive heat. Do not place it in close proximity to heat sources such as radiators or ovens. • Pay attention to sufficient ventilation. If you set up the equipment on a shelf, keep a minimum distance of 10 cm between the product and other objects and the shelf walls. • Do not set up the unit in close proximity to devices which are sensitive to disturbances by magnetic sources (e.g. tape decks). • Do not place open sources of fire, e.g. a burning candle, on top or beside the equipment. • Do not expose the equipment to direct sunlight. Operation • Do not move the DVD player during playback; this can damage the inserted disc. • Remove the disc only after the drive has completely stopped. • Remove the disc before moving the equipment. Switch the equipment off and disconnect from the mains power supply.
  • Page 10 Operation in vehicles • CAUTION! In some countries operating a DVD player while driving is prohibited or restricted. • Switch on engine before connecting the equipment to the car adapter. • Please note that temperatures inside vehicles can reach extreme levels in summer and winter. Do not store the DVD player in your vehicle and do not store in places with temperatures below 0°C or higher than 40°C. • When routing the cables inside the vehicle ensure that they do not impair the ability of the driver to safely operate the vehicle. • Connect the 12V car adapter to a well accessible 12V cigarette lighter jack or 12V power supply jack. • During installation, ensure that the cables are not jammed or squeezed. • When attaching the equipment to the head rest ensure that this does not obstruct the driver. Batteries • CAUTION! There is a danger of explosion from inappropriate changing of batteries. Replace the battery only with a battery of the same type. • A swallowed battery can be lethal. Keep battery and remote control out of reach of children. Immediately ask for medical assistance if a battery is swallowed. • The supplied battery may not be disassembled, thrown into the fire, short circuited, or charged in a battery charger which is not approved of or supplied by the manufacturer. • Remove an exhausted battery from the remote control. Remove the battery from the remote control if you will not use it for an extended period of time.
  • Page 11 Headphones • CAUTION! Avoid listening with headphones at a constantly high volume. Danger of permanent hearing damage! • Ensure that children do not turn the volume too high. • The unit may only be used with the supplied headphones. In case of malfunctions • In case of damages to mains cable, power adapter, car adapter, or the unit itself, immediately disconnect from mains power supply. • Do not use the equipment if there are visible damages to casing, power adapter, or mains cable. Repairs to casing, power adapter, and mains cable are only permitted by qualified technical personnel. • Do not insert objects into the equipment. Danger of electric shock. • Immediately disconnect from mains power supply if liquids or foreign objects have entered the device. Have the unit examined by qualified technical personnel before operating it again.
  • Page 12: Package Contents

    7 Package Contents MODE ADJUST SETUP SCAN 1. DVD player (1x) 2. 12V power adapter (input 220V) (1x) 3. 12V car adapter (1x) 4. Head rest holder (1x) 5. Mounting plate (1x) 6. Phillips screw (4x), washer (4x)
  • Page 13 7. Remote control with 8. Active antenna (1x) battery (1x) 9. AV cable (1x) 10. Earphones (1x) 11. User manual (1x)
  • Page 14: Parts

    8 Parts 8.1 DVD player MODE ADJUST SETUP SCAN LCD display DVB-T DVB-T antenna input rubber cover card slot USB port OPEN open disc drive right speaker SCAN channel selection (no function with DVD) SETUP open setup menu 10 confirm; start playback controls for menu navigation; for DVD: forward/rewind, skip forward/skip backward infrared LED’s for IR headphones (optional) power indicator (lights up red during operation) infrared sensor...
  • Page 15 15 ADJUST Press once: image settings; Press and hold: turn off display. 16 MODE select mode stop playback start/pause playback left speaker 20 DC IN 12V 12V power adapter for DVD player (220V input) 21 ON OFF ON/OFF switch 22 AUDIO IN/OUT jack for audio signals OPTICAL OUT output for optical audio signals 23 VIDEO IN/ jack for video signals 24 DC OUT 12 V DC output (max. 500mA) headphones jack 26 VOLUME volume control...
  • Page 16: Remote Control

    8.2 Remote control 28 29 27 SETUP setup menu 28 MODE mode infrared transmitter 30 ADJUST image settings 31 SCAN automatic scan 32 MUTE mute sound 33 AUDIO audio language 34 ZOOM zoom function...
  • Page 17 navigate right 36 STOP stop playback next title slow motion / step search forward 40 EPG electronic program guide 41 ANGLE camera angle 42 TTX teletext 43 A-B repeat section 44 DTV/RADIO selector DTV/Radio 45 SEARCH search function 46 P/N TV system 47 SHIFT toggle function/numeric buttons battery compartment numeric buttons multi-digit number 51 PROGRAM program 52 MENU display menu 53 REPEAT repeat function 54 TITLE...
  • Page 18: Power Supply

    9 Power Supply 9.1 Mains power • Mains power operation: The power adapter of the DVD player is designed for 100-240V~50/60Hz. • Connect the plug of the power adapter to DC IN (20) on the DVD player. • Connect the power adapter to a well accessible wall outlet. 9.2 Car adapter • Vehicle operation: The car adapter allows operating the DVD player in a vehicle. The car adapter is designed for a 12V vehicle system. • Connect the car adapter to DC IN (20) on the DVD player. • Connect the car adapter to a well accessible 12V cigarette lighter jack or 12V vehicle power supply output jack. The car adapter LED lights up red during operation.
  • Page 19: Installation

    Installation 10.1 Set up the player • Place your DVD player on a sturdy, even surface. • Fold out the support on the rear of the unit and adjust for best viewing angle. • Slide the locking mechanism to the UNLOCK position and adjust the support to the desired length. • Slide the locking mechanism to the LOCK position. Note: • For vehicle operation read the chapter Mounting on page 24. 10.2 Connect to power supply For power supply use the power adapter or car adapter (→ Power Supply, page 18). 10.3 Insert battery (remote control) • Open the battery compartment (48) at the bottom of the remote control. Press and hold the locking mechanism on the side and pull out the battery holder at the same time. • Insert the supplied battery, making sure to match the +symbol on the RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE battery with the same symbol in the...
  • Page 20: Insert Disc

    Notes • The average life span of the battery is 1 year. • Replace an exhausted battery with a battery of the same type only (button cell CR2025 3 V). • During long periods of non-use remove the battery from the battery compartment. • Also, observe the safety instructions for handling batteries on page 10. 10.4 Insert disc • Press OPEN (6) in the direction of the arrow to open the disc compartment. • Insert the desired disc with the label up. 8 cm and 12 cm discs can be inserted. • Press the disc down in the center, until it clicks into position. • Close the compartment by pressing the cover down until it locks into place. 10.5 Turn DVD player on Slide the ON/OFF switch (21) to the ON position. The power indicator (13) lights up red. The inserted disc is loaded. READ is shown on the display. The disc starts automatically. Depending on the type of disc, the following actions will take place: Usually an initial scene is played and afterwards the main DVD menu is displayed. Video CD A folder and a track overview are displayed. The following video files can be played: MPEG2, MPEG4 (AVI), VOB, DAT. Audio CD The music is played and, if available, a track overview is displayed.
  • Page 21: Remove Disc And Turn Off Dvd Player

    Picture A folder and a file overview are displayed. Only JPEG files are displayed. 10.6 Remove disc and turn off DVD player • Press STOP (36) twice to stop disc playback. • Press OPEN (6) in the direction of the arrow to open the disc compartment and remove the disc. • Close the compartment by pressing the cover down until it locks in place. • Slide the ON/OFF switch (21) to the OFF position. The power indicator (13) turns off. Note: • If you open the cover during playback by accident, the rotating disc will stop. • Do not remove the disc while it is still rotating.
  • Page 22: Connections

    Connections 11.1 Connect active antenna • Connect the active antenna to the DVB-T antenna input (2). • Set up the active antenna in a way that gets good reception. • Ensure that the reception is not disturbed by any objects. 11.2 Headphones • Press VOLUME (26) to set the unit to the lowest volume. • Connect the headphones connector to the jack (25) on the unit. 11.3 Use external AV device for playback • Connect, for instance, a TV set via the supplied A/V cable. • Connect the video (yellow) and the audio (green) connectors to the VIDEO IN/OUT (23) and AUDIO IN/OUT (22) jacks on the DVD player. • Connect the RCA connector to the corresponding colour-coded jacks on your TV set. • Select an AV channel for playback on your TV set. Read the specifics in the user manual of your TV set.
  • Page 23: Display Signal Of Av Device

    11.4 Display signal of AV device • With the provided A/V cable you can connect A/V equipment, e.g. an external DVD player. • Connect the video (yellow) and the audio (green) connectors to the VIDEO IN/OUT (23) and AUDIO IN/OUT (22) jacks on the DVD player. • Connect the RCA connector to the corresponding colour-coded jacks on your TV set. Press MODE (28) to select AV INPUT. • • Now you will receive the signal of the external DVD player. 11.5 Connect digital amplifier • With an optical digital cable (not supplied) you can connect the DVD player to a digital amplifier. • Connect the digital cable to OPTICAL OUT (22) on the DVD player and to the optical digital input of your amplifier. Note: • Select the setting SPDIF/RAW or SPDIF/PCM in the setup menu under Audio settings (page 42), depending on the connected amplifier.
  • Page 24: Mounting

    Mounting • Mount the DVD player with the head rest holder to the head rest in your vehicle • Fasten the mounting plate with the four Phillips screws and washers on the rear of the DVD player. The arrow on the mounting plate should point upward. • Place the mounting plate with the foam material side against the head rest and place the straps over and under the head rest. • Tighten the straps firmly and close the Velcro fasteners. • Insert the DVD player from above into the mounting plate. Push the unit downward until it locks into place. • Connect the supplied car adapter to DC IN (20) on the DVD player. • Connect the car adapter to a well accessible 12V cigarette lighter jack or 12V vehicle power supply output jack. The car adapter LED lights up red during operation. Note: • Observe the safety instructions for in-car operation on page 10.
  • Page 25: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation 13.1 Use remote control • The key functions depend on the inserted disc (e.g. DVD, Audio CD, MP3/WMA CD, Picture CD). Not all functions are supported by each disc. This is not a malfunction of the device. • The following functions are operated with the remote control, if not indicated differently. • The numeric buttons (49) have dual functions. Press SHIFT (47) to toggle between numeric buttons and the function keys. After pressing SHIFT (47) the display briefly shows SELECT FUNC (function keys) or SELECT NUM (numeric buttons). Note: • Ensure that no objects obstruct the line between the infrared transmitter (29) of the remote control and the infrared sensor (14) on the unit. The remote control can be affected by other infrared devices. 13.2 Turn unit on and off • Slide the ON/OFF switch (21) to the ON position. The power indicator (13) lights up red. • To turn the unit off slide the ON/OFF switch (21) to the OFF position. 13.3 Select mode • Press MODE (28) to access the selection menu. You can select between three operation modes: Digital VIDEO INPUT :SEL :ENT...
  • Page 26: Image Settings

    13.4 Image settings • Press ADJUST (30) in order to open the image settings window. • Navigate with (61) / (35). Press (62) to confirm. :ENT Note: • The window closes automatically if no setting is selected within 10 seconds. Set the brightness level. Select a value for saturation. Select this aspect ratio if the unit is connected to 16:9 a screen with a 16:9 format. Select this aspect ratio if the unit is connected to a screen with a 4:3 format. The display is rotated clockwise by 180 degrees. Choose ON to turn the LED infrared transmitter on. LEDs (12) light up red on the DVD player. Use commercially available infrared headphones to receive the infrared signal from the unit. Have your specialized dealer advise you. The transmission range is within 5 meters. Close the window again.
  • Page 27: Volume Control

    13.5 Volume control • Set the desired volume on the DVD player with the VOLUME (26) knob. 13.6 Mute • Press MUTE (32) to mute the sound. MUTE is displayed. • Press MUTE (32) again to cancel the mute function. 13.7 Turn display off • Press and hold ADJUST (15) on the unit for 2 seconds to turn the display off. • Press ADJUST (15) on the unit again or ADJUST (30) on the remote control to turn the display on again. Note: • You can turn off the display only with ADJUST (15) on the unit.
  • Page 28: Disc Functions

    Disc Functions 14.1 Navigation The display shows the following icons: folder audio files image files video files • Use (61) / (35), (64) / (60) for navigation in folders, files, and menus. • You can only select one folder/file at a time. • Press (62) to open a folder. All files of the folder are displayed. • Press (62) to play or view a file or to confirm your input. Note: • If a file name is longer than can be displayed in the window, only a part of the file name is shown. 14.2 Disc playback This unit can play the following disc formats • Audio: Audio CD, MP3, WMA • Video: DVD Video, MPEG4 (AVI), MPEG2, VOB, DAT • Others: JPEG DVD/Audio • The unit starts playback automatically. disc •...
  • Page 29: Stop Playback

    MP3/WMA/ • After inserting the JPEG disc disc a folder and a file ABBA - SO LONG .MP3 overview are displayed. 0 1 . GREATEST HI 01 - SO LONG 0 2 . BEST OF ABB 02 - S.O.S. 0 3 . I N C O N C E R T 03 - MAMMA M •...
  • Page 30: Search Mode

    14.6 Search mode DVD/Audio/ • Press (57) or (39) to start the fast search MP3/WMA backward or forward (2x, 4x, 8x, and 20x disc speed). • Press (58) to continue normal playback. JPEG disc • Function not available. 14.7 Slow motion DVD Disc • Press STEP/ SLOW (38) to reduce the playback speed. There are 6 speed settings available: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7. • Press (58) to resume normal playback. Audio/MP3/ • Function not available. WMA/JPEG disc 14.8 Step DVD disc • First press (58). • Press STEP/ SLOW (38) to display a freeze image.
  • Page 31: Zoom

    14.9 Zoom DVD/JPEG • Press ZOOM (34) to enlarge or reduce an image (Zoom 2, Zoom 3, Zoom 4, Zoom 1/2, disc Zoom 1/3, Zoom 1/4). • Press ZOOM (34) repeatedly until the desired adjustment is reached. • The value is briefly displayed. • Press ZOOM (34) repeatedly to turn the zoom function off until ZOOM:OFF is displayed. • Use (61) / (35), (64) / (60) to navigate in the screen window. Audio/MP3/ • Function not available. WMA/disc 14.10 Change angle DVD disc • Press ANGLE (41) to select a viewing angle. • Note: This function is not supported by all DVDs.
  • Page 32: Go To Function

    14.12 Go to function • Search for a title, chapter, or certain location. • Press SEARCH (45) during playback. • Navigate with (64) / (60). • Press SEARCH (45) to close the window. DVD disc • A window with input fields is displayed for title (TL), chapter (KA), and time (TIME). TL is the default setting. TIME • Press (62) and enter the desired title with the numeric buttons (49). Press (62) to confirm and start playback. The title is played in the preview window. • You can enter a chapter and a certain time (hours, minutes, seconds) in the same way. Audio/MP3/ • A window with input WMA disc fields for track (TRK) and track duration (TRKTIME) is displayed. • TRK is the default TRKTIME setting. Press (62) and enter the desired track...
  • Page 33: Repeat

    14.13 Repeat • Press REPEAT (53). • To turn the function off, press REPEAT (53) until REP CANCEL is displayed. DVD disc • You can repeat chapters and titles. The display successively displays CHAPTER REP, TITLE REP, and REP OFF. Audio disc • You can repeat individual tracks or the entire CD. The display successively displays REP 1, REP ALL, and REP CANCEL. MP3/WMA/ • You can repeat tracks, folders, or the entire CD. The display successively displays REP 1, JPEG disc REP FOLDER, REP ALL, and REP CANCEL. 14.14 Repeat section DVD/Audio/ • Press A-B (43) during playback to specify the MP3/WMA beginning of a section.
  • Page 34: Programm Playback

    14.15 Programm playback DVD disc • With an inserted DVD PROG you can program up 1 -- : -- 5 -- : -- 9 -- : -- 13 -- : -- to 16 chapters in any 2 -- : -- 6 -- : -- 10 -- : -- 14 -- : -- 3 -- : -- 7 -- : -- 11 -- : -- 15 -- : -- desired order.
  • Page 35: Display Subtitle

    DVD disc • Press OSD (63) once 00:02:09 2 39 to display title, chapter, and elapsed playing time. • Press OSD (63) 1 1ENG D 3 2 1 4 ENG twice to display audio language, subtitles, and angle. Audio/MP3/ • The current track 00 : 00 : 29 WMA disc number, total number of tracks, black loudspeaker (sound on) or gray loudspeaker (sound muted), as well as the elapsed playing time is displayed. JPEG disc • The current image 1 33 number and the total...
  • Page 36: Select Audio Language

    14.18 Select audio language DVD disc • Press AUDIO (33) to select the audio language for the DVD. Note: • This function is only available if the DVD was recorded with several audio languages. Audio/MP3/ • Function not available. WMA/JPEG disc 14.19 Access menu DVD disc • Press RETURN (55) or MENU (52) during playback to open the DVD menu. • Press (58) to resume DVD playback. JPEG disc • Press RETURN (55) during playback to display the title and folder overview. Audio/MP3/ • Function not available. WMA disc 14.20 Rotate image JPEG disc • Press (61) / (35) during image display to rotate it in 90° steps. •...
  • Page 37: Slideshow Effects

    14.21 Slideshow effects JPEG disc • Press PROGRAM (51) during playback to change the image transitions. You can select from 15 effects. • The selected effect is not stored. Select the effect again with each new slideshow. • Press STOP (36) to deactivate this function. DVD/Audio/ • Function not available. MP3/WMA disc...
  • Page 38: Setup Menu In Dvd Mode

    Setup Menu in DVD Mode 15.1 Access setup menu Press SETUP (27) to access the main menu of the DVD player. In the setup menu you can adjust the following settings: system settings language settings audio settings • Use (61) / (35), (64) / (60) to navigate in the setup menu. • Press (62) to confirm a selection or input. • Press SETUP (27) again, or select EXIT SETUP and confirm with (62) to close the setup window. Note: • Some settings are disabled during disc playback. Stop disc playback to enable the corresponding settings. 15.2 System settings • Press SETUP (27) and select SYSTEM SETUP. SYSTEM SETUP TV SYSTEM SCREEN SAVER PASSWOR RATING DEFAULT EXIT SETUP...
  • Page 39 TV SYSTEM This setting concerns the TV output signal and depends on the connected equipment. In Europe mainly PAL is used. NTSC All DVDs are played in NTSC format. To play NTSC DVDs a connected TV set must be set correspondingly. All DVDs are played in PAL format. AUTO The TV system is adjusted automatically, depending on the connected TV set. SCREEN SAVER Activate/deactivate screen saver. The screen saver is activated: • 3 minutes after pressing STOP (36). • After turning the unit on, if no disc is inserted after 3 minutes. During DVD playback the screen saver is not activated. PASSWORD The preset password is 0000. Press (62) and enter a new password with the numeric buttons (49) to change the password and confirm with (62). Note: • If you forget your password, you can deactivate the parental settings with 0000.
  • Page 40 RATING Specify that DVDs may not be played starting from a certain content rating. There are eight different rating options. Select a rating option: • In order to set one of the options, select RATING in the setup menu. • Press (64) / (60) to select a rating option. • Press (62) to confirm. • Select PASSWORD in the setup menu. • Enter your password and press (62) to disable the RATING settings. • This sets the parental function. The DVD player only plays DVDs which correspond with the specified rating options. Note: • A content rating must be stored on the DVD for the parental function to work. If this is missing on the DVD, the parental function cannot work. Disable parental setting: • Select PASSWORD in the setup menu. • Press (62) and enter your password with the numeric buttons (49). • Press (62) to confirm. • Now select the rating option ADULT in RATING. •...
  • Page 41: Language Settings

    6: R Restricted; young people under 17 only in company of adults. 7: NC 17 No children; does not permit young people under the age of 17 to watch. 8: ADULT Only for adults. DEFAULT Reset to factory settings. EXIT SETUP Exit the setup menu. 15.3 Language settings • Press SETUP (27) and select your LANGUAGE SETUP. LANGUAGE SETUP OSD LANGUAGE AUDIO LANG SUB LANG MENU LANG EXIT SETUP Select the language for the DVD menu (default: LANGUAGE English). AUDIO LANG Select the language for the DVD audio (default: English). Available only if the inserted DVD is recorded with several languages. If the selected...
  • Page 42: Audio Settings

    15.4 Audio settings • Press SETUP (27) and select DIGITAL SETUP. DIGITAL SETUP AUDIO OUT SOUND EFFECT DYNAMIC RANGE EXIT SETUP AUDIO SPDIF/OFF Select this setting if no external equipment is connected. No digital signal output. SPDIF/RAW Select this setting to output a digital signal if an audio decoder or amplifier with audio decoder is connected to the DVD player. Also read and observe the user manual of the connected equipment. SPDIF/PCM Select this setting to output a digital signal if a digital 2-channel amplifier is connected to the DVD player. Also read and observe the user manual of the connected equipment. SOUND NORMAL Select this option to play the DVD EFFECT with normal sound. SURROUND Select this option to improve the output sound of the DVD (surround sound).
  • Page 43: Data Storage Device Functions (Usb/Memory Card)

    Data Storage Device Functions (USB/Memory Card) 16.1 Connect data storage device • The unit can play files from a USB data storage device or a memory card. • Open the rubber cover (3) on the equipment. • Connect a USB device via the USB port (5). • The unit supports USB 1.1 up to a capacity of 2 GB. • Insert a memory card into the card slot (4). • The unit supports SD, MS, MS-Pro, and MMC cards up to a capacity of 1 GB. 16.2 Select data storage device • If two data storage devices are U S B m o r y a r d Disc connected at the same time after switching the unit on, then the DVD player displays a selection menu. Press (61) / (35) to...
  • Page 44: File Playback

    16.3 File playback • After connecting the data storage device a folder and file overview, such as with an MP3 CD, are displayed. • The playback functions in USB and card modes are the same as in disc mode. 16.4 Disconnect data storage device • Slide the ON/OFF switch (21) to the OFF position and disconnect the USB device/memory card. DVB-T Functions 17.1 Initial setup • Connect the active antenna to the DVB-T antenna input (2). • Turn the DVD player on. • Use (61) / (35), (64) / (60) for menu navigation. • Press (62) to confirm your inputs. • Press MODE (28) to select DVB mode. • The following window is First Time Install displayed. S t a r t i n s t a l l a t i o n •...
  • Page 45: Access A Channel

    • You will see the progress of the channel search and the channels Channel : Frequency : 474000KHZ Progress 2/49 Radio found in the window. Note: The reception of DVB-T TV and radio depends on the region which you are in. 17.2 Access a channel In order to access a channel you have the following alternatives: • Press (64) / (60). First press SHIFT (47) to activate SELECT NUM mode. Enter • a number with the numeric buttons (49). With (50) you can enter a multi-digit number. 17.3 Display channel information • Press OSD (63) to display P r o g r a m I n f o r m a t i o n - - - - T V detailed information for the Program Name 08:40:05...
  • Page 46: Electronic Program Guide

    17.4 Electronic program guide • The electronic program guide E l e c t r o n i c P r o g r a m G u i d e displays an overview of the programs. It is not transmitted by all TV stations. 0 1 /0 1 /2 0 0 8 0 8 :0 0 0 9 :0 0 N E N •...
  • Page 47: Setup Menu In Dvb Mode

    Setup Menu in DVB Mode 18.1 Access setup menu Press SETUP (27) to access the main menu of the DVD player in the DVB mode. In the setup menu you can change the following settings: channel guide system settings channel search games • Use (61) / (35), (64) / (60) to navigate in the setup menu. • Press (62) to confirm a selection or input. Press SETUP (27) again, or select EXIT SETUP and confirm • with (62) to close the setup menu. 18.2 Channel guide • Press SETUP (27) and select channel guide. Channel Guide TV Channels Radio Channels Channels Favorite Channels Edit Exit Setup TV Channels •...
  • Page 48: Radio Channels

    • Press OSD (63) to sort the Channel Guide TV Channels N r. Al l T V stations. 0 0 0 1 AD B Z D G 0 0 0 2 C a n c e l A ~ Z RT S 0 0 0 3 You can sort the stations: Z ~ A ST 1...
  • Page 49: Exit Setup

    Channels Edit • Change the station name. Channel Guide Channels Edit N r. M o v e D elete • Press (62) to edit the name. 0 001 AD B ZD G 0 002 0 003 • Press (64) / (60) to select a 0 004 N EN 0 005 0 006 character.
  • Page 50: System Settings

    18.3 System settings • Press SETUP (27) and select System Config. System Config TV System Audio Setting OSD Language Parent Control Antenna Power Exit Setup TV System This setting concerns the TV output signal and depends on the connected equipment. In Europe mainly PAL is used. Read System settings on 38. Audio Setting Select between SPDIF/OFF, SPDIF/RAW, or SPDIF/PCM. Read Audio settings on 42. OSD Language Select the menu language of the DVD player (default: English). Parent Control • Change the password. Press (64) / (60) to select Change PIN and press (62) •...
  • Page 51: Channel Search

    • Press (62) to disable a station. Channel Guide Channel Lock N r. Loc k • Press (62) to enable the 0 001 ZD G 0 002 AD B 0 003 station. 0 004 N EN 0 005 0 006 EN TER to lo c k /unlo c k c ha nne l. D TV/R AD IO to s w itc h TV/R AD IO Antenna Power Activate or deactivate the antenna voltage for the external active...
  • Page 52: Games

    Manual Scan • Select the country. Manual Scan Country • Select a search type (single C o u n t r y H o l l a n d Sc a n Ty p e Si n g l e C ha n n e l St a r t C h a n n e l channel, channel range).
  • Page 53: Care & Maintenance

    Care & Maintenance DVD player • Disconnect from mains power supply before cleaning. • Only use a dry, soft cloth for cleaning the device. • Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents. These may damage the surface of the device. Disc • If a Disc has finger marks or dust on it, wipe off carefully from the center to the edge with a soft cloth. • Use no anti-static cleaners or other cleaning agents to clean a disc. Troubleshooting If a problem arises, check the following list before taking the product for servicing. If you cannot solve a problem using the following information, try contacting the Hotline. Under no circumstances should you try to repair the equipment yourself. This will void your warranty. Problem Cause/Solution DVD player • Ensure that the mains plug is properly cannot be connected to the DVD player and the wall switched on. outlet. • Check your power supply.
  • Page 54 DVD player • Check whether the ON/OFF switch (21) is does not start in the ON position. playback. • Insert the disc with the label facing up. • Clean the disc. • The regional code of the DVD player does not correspond with the inserted DVD. • The parental settings prevent the playback of the inserted disc. Disable the parental function. • Condensation in the unit. Turn the DVD player on and wait until the moisture has evaporated. No Sound. No • Check the power supply. picture. • Check the volume setting. • Ensure that MUTE (32) is not activated. • Ensure that the A/V cable between DVD player and external equipment is properly connected and that the A/V cable is not damaged. • Ensure that the cable of the active antenna and the DVB-T antenna input (2) are not damaged. • Ensure that the display is not switched off. •...
  • Page 55: Technical Specifications

    The remote • Always direct the remote control towards control does not the infrared sensor (14) on the front of the work. DVD player. • Ensure that the signal of the remote control is not blocked by any objects. • Check whether the battery is correctly inserted. • Replace the exhausted battery. Technical Specifications General Dimensions 260 x 175 x 26,5 mm (L x W x H) Weight 950 g LCD screen diagonal 8.5” (21,6 cm) Resolution 480 x 234 pixels Speaker output 2 x 1 W Laser class 1 Operating temperature 0° to +40° C Operating humidity 20% to 80% Storage temperature -10° to +60° C DVD player Input DC IN 12 V Power consumption ≤...
  • Page 56 Car adapter (cigarette lighter) Input DC 12 V Output DC 12 V Remote control Type infrared Battery 1 x button cell type CR2025 3 V Headphones Manufacturer / Model DongZang / DY-EP137-B002S Impedance 32 Ω Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20000 Hz Nominal input 3 mW Wide band characteristic voltage 75 mV DVD playback NTSC, PAL Compatible media Video DVD, DVD±R/RW Audio 8/12 cm CD, CD-R, CD-RW Compatible formats MPEG4 (AVI), MPEG2, VOB, DAT, JPEG, MP3,WMA Connectors DVD player Video input / output jack (3,5 mm) Audio input / output jack (3,5 mm) Headphones output jack (3,5 mm) DVB-T DVB-T antenna input...
  • Page 57: Disposal

    Disposal Battery Please dispose of exhausted batteries in an environmentally- friendly manner. Do not dispose of batteries in your normal household trash. Device Please remember that your consumer electronics equipment is subject to the European directive 2002/96/EC to reduce electronic waste. • Therefore, it is prohibited to dispose of your equipment with your household garbage. • Information regarding the disposal of old devices is available through your local municipality, at the garbage disposal administration, and at the shop where you acquired this product. • You can return this device free of charge at local collecting points. • Proper disposal of old equipment prevents environmental damage and does not endanger your health.

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