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New functions in version 2.0
Pan OFF added to the insertion effect output section
In P7, Insertion Effect of Program Play mode, Combination Play mode,
and Sequencer mode, a setting of OFF can now be selected for the Pan
parameter of the output section. The available Pan settings will now be
OFF, L000–C064–R127.
When Pan is OFF, the sound from the insertion effect will only be sent to
the master effect inputs by the Send 1 and Send 2 parameters. The signal
from the Insert Effects will not be sent to outputs 1 and 2. An OFF setting
can prevent unwanted signals from appearing at OUT 1 and 2.
When Pan is OFF, the sound from the insertion effect will not be output
to Pan L and Pan R. (The sound from the insertion effect will be output
only to the master effect inputs.)
MIDI track Solo function in Sequencer mode
Mute Except Selected Track, Mute All Tracks
and Play All Tracks functions have been
added to the tab 1 and 2 pages (Track 1–8/9–
16) of P1 in Sequencer mode.
These page menu commands rewrite the Track
PLAY/MUTE/REC parameters of all tracks as
Mute Except Selected Track (Mute All Tracks)
When you select MIDI tracks and choose Mute Except Selected Track,
the Track PLAY/MUTE/REC parameter for the selected tracks will be
set to PLAY and all others will be switched to MUTE. This acts to solo
the currently selected track(s). A track is considered selected if any of its
parameters are currently highlighted. If no tracks are selected, this
command will appear as Mute All Tracks. Selecting Mute All Tracks
will turn off every track.
Play All Tracks
When Play All Tracks is selected, the Track PLAY/MUTE/REC
parameter of all MIDI tracks will be set to PLAY. This restores full
playback after you have soloed a track or muted all tracks to check your
audio tracks.
Specification change for the Delete function
If you had attempted to Delete a directory using the page menu's Delete
command in the Disk mode "P1-3 Utility", the operation could not be
completed. Now, the directory and all the files it contains will be deleted.


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