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Fujitsu Halcyon ASU12CQ Operating Manual page 6

Indoor & outdoor unit heat & cooling model (reverse cycle) wall mounted type
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About Mode Operation
G Depending on the room temperature at the time operation begins, the
operating mode will be switched automatically as shown in the
accompanying table.
Also, depending on the operating mode, the room temperature set-
ting will cause the "standard" temperature to be set as shown.
Actual Room
88 °F or above →
82 °F to 88 °F
78 °F to 82 °F
74 °F to 78 °F
Below 74 °F
The operating mode and standard thermostat settings are selected auto-
matically when operation begins.
G When automatic operation is initiated, the fan will run at very low
speed for about one minute while the unit detects and selects the proper
operating mode.
G Once the operating mode has been set, the mode will not change even
if the room temperature changes.
G If the START/STOP button is pressed to recommence operation within
two hours after stopping automatic operation, the unit will begin op-
erating from the same mode as before.
Cooling: G Use to cool your room.
G Use for gently cooling while dehumidifying your room.
G You cannot heat the room during Dry mode.
G During Dry mode, the unit will operate at low speed; in order to adjust
room humidity, the indoor unit's fan may stop from time to time. Also,
the fan may operate at very low speed when adjusting room humidity.
G The fan speed cannot be changed manually when Dry mode has been
G Use to circulate the air throughout your room.
Operating Mode
Thermostat Setting
(standard setting)
82 °F
80 °F
76 °F
72 °F
68 °F
During Cooling/Dry mode:
Set the thermostat to a temperature set-
ting that is lower than the current room
temperature. The Cooling and Dry modes
will not operate if the thermostat is set
higher than the actual room temperature
(in Cooling mode, the fan alone will oper-
During Fan mode:
You can not use the unit to heat and cool
your room.

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